I been thinking. Mana burn is so strong due to the amount of damage and the pip removed from a target. Being low pip 5 or less make it one of balances more functional spells in it rotation over many other. It would be nice if every school had a pip effective version to do the same. That way it punishes high pip strategies across all schools and forces the use of more low utility spells to do damage.

School such as myth has utility but it require much greater pips then a school like balance or even fire. Spellements that could be a healthy utility adder is impractal due to the mean of aquiring them. Just like all schools got pixie with the exception of life who got fairy each school should have certain abilities that is universal across all schools similiar to minions yet myth got the only 0 pip minion.Every school has a dot but fire is only school with 2 pip version.

Here a few thing i think the devs should add for all schools:

1.Increased healing spell for self only upgraded pixie
2. 4 or 5 pip dot spell
3. Mana burn type pip control spell
4. Stun spell

Here the explanation for each:

1.Wizards have more Hp so pixie no longer cuts it and will make soloing easier as it would make sense to heal without sacrificing stats that way wizards can critical there own heals. Since there not universal life retains it status as the primary healer and only school with a 0 pip heal no matter how effective it really is.

2. 4 or 5 pip dot spell. For the pvp community hiting while having dot on is something make the top schools in pvp the top. leveling this playing field will definitely help storm and life deal with shields. This will also give myth more lower pip utility options. All schools have a dot but it not always practical for use due to many being 8+ pips. Fire still has the most and the most powerful and the only 2 pip dots!

3. Being able to remove or steal pip help control the flow of battle instead of one school litterally impacting the way pvp works as it the only school that can punish high pip usage schools. If each school had a version it will mix up strats as all wizards can impact your pips and not just balance.

4. Stuning is ability all the elemental schools can do and Myth. Life and death lack these options but i think knowing each school can stun effectively affects what cards you may prioritize as currently unless your facing the above schools myth banshee is not always carried by the above schools.