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      2021 Creative Writing Contest

      Greetings wizards!

      After summoning minions and casting spells for many months, it is time to summon your creativity and put together a short story!

      This contest will run from 8/22/21 through 8/29/21 ending at 11:59pm Central time.

      Contest Rules
      • 1 entry per member.
      • Entries should be submitted within this thread.
      • Do not copy other submissions.
      • Entries must be between 500 - 800 words long.
      • Entries must tell a story about summertime fun throughout the spiral.
        • Maybe you spend the summer fishing or battling bosses. Perhaps you and your pet go on a wild adventure some place cold like Polaris. Where ever your creativity takes you, share a fantastic story about it with us!

      • 1st Place - 20,000 Crowns + 1 Wizard City Art Book + Chromaticat Mount
      • 2nd Place - 10,000 Crowns + 1 Krokotopian Art Book
      • 3rd Place - 5,000 Crowns + Marleybone Motorist Pack + Great Sky Train Robbery Pack
      • 4th Place - 2, 500 Crowns
      • 5th Place - 2,500 Crowns

      Questions? Please send me a private message or a visitor message. I will respond as quickly as possible.


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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      Well, I figured I would give this a shot for a change. For some reason when I think of summer, I can't help but make it feel whimsical and rhyme, so I hope that's ok (Also I hope this is the entry thread...lol)

      My ADHD Summer

      Where to start? Where to start? Summer is just around the corner! Contests, summer vacations, housing galore! Dungeons, farming, pet collecting and more, the fun never ends and the updates have more in store! Should I go (Crown) window shopping? Or rate more castles? Hey, how about that new fish over there! Ok Saffron, let’s get this organized first.

      Let's start with some farming! Whew, it’s too hot outside. Let’s go to the beach where a micro fish may lurk, or take some time off on the Floating Land’s turf! At night we’ll go to Darkmoor and try to get that amulet one more time. Or maybe pay Aphrodite another visit and try? Wait! Shouldn’t we prepare for the Devourer and get what we need? Let’s do some trial runs first and we’ll see. Ok, so that piece of gear isn’t working, and those spells aren’t either. Time to farm for the right pieces, change the deck to be better. Time to farm that Gladiator, wow what a throw-back. Olympus is still hard as ever, even as a solo wizard! One drop, two drop, three, four, and five…time to go again, that amulet isn’t going to drop first try! Then finally -on a random run- the amulet I need shows, freedom once more! Let’s go!

      Finally the Devourer, to team-up I go. First wipe, second wipe… ok let’s maybe find other teammates. New strategy, new tank, new buffs and heals, new mechanics at stake…whew let’s keep going, we’re so close! Almost there, just keep hitting! I support the best I can, and our team is winning! That old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again” set ablaze our new win. The Devourer has been devoured himself!

      From the beaches of Celestia, swimming through summer-time dungeons, and finally all the way to the edge of the spiral, I ask “Where should I go next?”

      “Hey, it’s my turn!” my wizards vexed. “Ok, ok, SilverSong is up first then. But we’ll need to take turns when -!”

      “Yes!” Silver says, as she performs a fist-pump. “It’s been so long since I’ve had my shot!” Silver dusts off her staff, and to Mirage she trots! Questing, questing, questing, until Silver’s had her fill of sand. Now it’s SpiritSong’s turn to explore some land!

      “Woot!” Spirit cries, and away, away, away she flies! To Khrysalis to learn the new yet old story, Spirit quests until she is satisfied with her newfound glory.

      SummerSong, SoulSong, and more characters run through, their own stories to be found, old but yet made new. The days grow longer, adventures become tougher, and the friends list becomes crowded!

      Saffron asks herself, “should I go fish for those last remaining stragglers abound?” “Why yes I should,” and another moon passes around. The fireworks go off and the Commons is looking pretty festive! So many people mingle as the Scroll of Fortune progresses. Pets, monstrology, fish, and housing -let’s see where we get with making monsters into house guests browsing! And as Saffron continues to make new lists and posts, she knows some birthdays are on the coast. Fall is a favorite season of hers, but she can’t help reminisce of the summertime blur.

      Where did the long days go, what even happened to June? No one can say but in this summer-filled, ADHD strewn -wait is that PvP? Wait I forgot to add my PvP adven-

      ~The End~

      Avatar & Sig Credit: Expelliarmus (Blue Nouveau Designs)
      ~Forest of Dungeons Event Closed~

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      Here are my summer adventures. Thank you for the greart contest and good luck everyone!!

      Oh wow, I can’t believe the summer is already coming to an end! It feels like it was just yesterday when I journeyed to Krokotopia following Malistaire after the chaos he wreaked in Wizard city. Of course, it didn’t really take me that long to complete my wizardly duties there, but as I was about to travel to Marleybone, I looked at the place I was about to leave, probably forever, and I knew that I couldn’t do it yet. Why, you might ask. Well, the dogs had left their things everywhere. I’m talking construction site tools, scaffoldings, tea bags, packets from tea biscuits. Pollution everywhere – in tombs, sacred places, pyramids etc. It was horrible!!!

      So, I took it upon myself to organize a small but effective task force consisting of me, Hetch Al’Dim, Tinu Bhak’Mal, Zan’Ne, Rami, Ako and the Order of the Fang. We started with the Pyramid of the Sun where most damage had been done. We insisted that the Marleybonians remove their equipment and clean after themselves. They were a bit stubborn at first, but a few sandstorms during their tea breaks quickly changed their minds. It made them a little bitter about our protests but after we helped them build a temporary camp in the Oasis with the materials from the scaffoldings and some pricey Krokotopian fabrics (gotta support the local economy, right?) they felt somewhat better.

      After that we organized classes on topics such as “why it’s important to clean up after yourself”,
      “Exporting artifacts? Hmmm, how about you buy souvenirs instead?” and “Just because there’s a hieroglyph of a squirrel, it doesn’t mean you can lick and bite the wall”. We had an amazing turnout and some of the Marleybonians even joined us in our projects on restoring the Great Sphynx to its original state. Furthermore, we stopped all plans about excavating in the Tomb of Storms.

      Now as I am about to leave Krokotopia and continue my adventure in the world of Marleybone, I have just one final task ahead of me when it comes to restoring Krokotopia to the way it was before all the archeological discoveries and excavation – arrange for the return of the artifacts. Hopefully when I catch up to Malistaire and stop him, they will do it to repay all my hard work! Wish me luck!!!

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      figured out something from the plot points of the one that I made that was way too long for this. It's about two months adjacent from the event, but I'd still ping it as summer fun- a sort of retrospective.

      Point of view from my Fire wizard, Alex GhostForge (they/them)
      It happened. It finally happened.

      Years after I began flying the pride flag, I saw someone else doing it. The poor person got expelled almost immediately, but I continued to fly the flag- both for them, and for me.

      Nobody I knew flew the flag with me. Mostly, I got praise from some people, who called me "brave" for putting myself out there like that. It's not brave to express who I am, it's incredibly risky. The danger from the others I didn't interact with, and the danger from those who rejected my willingness to put myself out there. From words, to violence.

      But last year, something changed.

      I didn't get nearly as much flak for flying the flag last year, so I took a chance. I became a bit more open with my identity. Instead of Alexis, I was now Alex. I changed the armor that I wore, and people now called me "sir", not knowing that I was neither a boy or a girl. I gotta say, it was better than being called "ma'am".

      And then, this year, I finally walked out into the commons and flew two flags. The first one, the one I'd always waved, a pride flag; six stripes, starting with the red at the top, and ending with the purple. The second one, my own trans pride flag; five stripes and three colors- The top and bottom were baby blue, one single white stripe in the middle, and between those were two pastel pink stripes.

      I stood with the flags in my hands, in silence as a few people walked by. Then, someone walked up, holding their own flag. It had not only both the six-striped rainbow, but it had the three stripes of divergence, and two black and brown stripes as well. Progress.

      Soon, others joined in. Some had painted their faces just below their eyes with other flags. Others went to the dye shop, and came out with their clothes newly colored with other flags. Some came out with individual identities, others with broader identities, and they all gathered around the pond, waving their flags, cheering, conversing, and having a good time.

      Soon came a single guard. This was the one who fought to expel the one other person who did it years before. I couldn't remember his name, but I remembered his face. Bald head with a blond mustache. When he saw the crowd, he shook his head and went back to his post. Those who noticed cheered.

      As the sun went down, and the evening began, everyone celebrated harder. There was singing and dancing around the pond now, everyone was living their best life now, unafraid of what others thought of their identity. Arthur Wethersfield came out of the tunnel to Ravenwood, and watched the spectacle from afar. As the sun went down, he drew a hand of spectral blasts, and cast them into the air- a fireworks display for the celebration.

      I never thought this day would come. So many people, so many identities, so open in the Spiral. Maybe this could spread to other worlds. Maybe it could stray out of the Marleybonian underground, maybe the W.I.T.C.H.es could push for less performative-but-meaningless change from Nana's. Maybe the Pirates could get Gortez to celebrate, encourage the Monquistans to have some fun. Celebrations could even happen in other worlds I can't think of right now.

      It's been seven years since I've started flying this flag. I'm so happy that others can safely as well.

      Happy pride.
      Mark DeathMask/Rachel "Midori" StormSword//Elijah RedThistle//Gracie DarkSlinger//Andrew SpiritStrider//Alexis GhostForge//Hannah BattleThief
      They/them. Always knew I was, never had the words for it.

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      Exactly 799 words later and I present to you...

      Gone Fishin'

      Fallon Frogfriend frowned as she glanced at the empty spot in the fabric of her sash, responsible for holding all of her wizardly badges. The sash itself was a lovely, light green; forged from a silky material that glistened whenever she stepped into the sunlight. Fallon had worked tirelessly to obtain each of the adorning patches; a few, colorful badges from saving the Spiral time and time again, another one for merely shopping in an exclusive boutique, and yet… the badge she needed to complete the sash, still to be awarded to her.
      It had been three summers of trying, but the badge, Gone Fishin’, had always eluded her. All she needed to do was catch one puny, meaningless fish! Somehow, she had enough talent to defeat the most menacing of bosses amidst the world she lived in, but was useless when it came to a fishing rod. Perhaps her lack of fish hadn’t all been her fault; she reasoned that people running through the Commons’ lake, and effectively scaring off the fish, was the difference between her and the missing badge. Yet, deep down inside, she regretfully acknowledged that the lack of fish was due to her own lack of ability. Fallon never quite knew how to position herself, nor did she ever really think of using enchanted lures in order to appeal to the pesky fish. Fallon also had never been much of a fisherman -- no, a fisherwoman -- but she had always been a perfectionist. The badge was to be hers this summer. She wanted to return to her final year at Ravenwood with a completed sash.
      Fallon regretfully trudged over to Lucky Hookline, who gawked unfavorably at her. Lucky knew of her misfortune, annoyingly offering Fallon tips that she had been too prideful to listen to. She could have sworn that the yellow-blue fish hanging from Lucky’s fishing rod was just a prize that he kept around in order to mock her failures. Fallon’s penguin companion, a loyal friend named Pepper, looked longingly at the dangling meal that Lucky held hostage.
      “I’m here to pick up some enchanted lures..” Fallon muttered, refusing to meet Lucky’s obnoxious, pelican eyes.
      “It’s about time you made the investment!” He squeaked in reply.
      He cheerfully handed Fallon the lures, who exchanged the appropriate tenders with Lucky. Fallon sighed as she turned on her heel and made her way to sit on the dock -- fishing rod at the ready. Pepper followed, hoping that -- soon -- he no longer had to eat Gummy Humongofrogs as sustenance.
      The summer heat of Wizard City beat down on Fallon’s face as she loaded up her fishing rod, this time using a lesser frost lure to increase her success at catching a fish. All she needed was one, then she could get out of here and return to playing Skull Riders at the Fairegrounds.
      She cast her enchanted line into the unforgiving waters of the Commons’ lake. And she waited.
      Time dragged on... painfully. Fallon’s eyes narrowed and she glared - first at the fishing line, then to Lucky Hookline across the lake, and then back to the line. Pepper’s head tilted up to his owner and friend. He could sense the familiar frustration that had been shared between him and his owner’s lack of ability to catch a fish. Pepper waddled closer to take a peek at the water, just to gauge the whereabouts of potential fish friends, when he spotted a sparkling, light blue fish. There, sitting peacefully amongst the smelly kelp, was an Icecuda. Fallon had failed to notice it, but right then Pepper knew what he had to do. The penguin shook off the silly top hat that usually rested upon his tiny head, and nodded frantically towards his owner as if to say “I’ll be right back!”
      Fallon began to form the word ‘NO’ at her lips when Pepper slid into the cool water. Confused and afraid, Fallon searched the top of the water with her eyes for any sign of her penguin pal. She knew penguins could swim, but Pepper had never been one to run off. Unsure of what to do, but not wanting to risk hurting Pepper, Fallon slowly reeled in her fishing line. She felt a heavy tug on the line as she did, and she reeled in faster.
      When the line finally broke through the water, her eyes were met with the sight of an Icecuda and, gnawing at its tail, was Pepper the proper penguin, barely holding on. Fallon gaped at her pet with disbelief, of the realization that she could finally obtain her final badge, holding her hostage.
      “P-p-pepper!” Fallon managed to get out. As she collected her pet and fish, Fallon felt the sparkling sensation of a new badge, magically sewing itself onto her sash.

      Last edited by Astraes; 8-28-21 at 5:31:02 PM. Reason: Added a pic for the story~

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      - Heating Up -

      I awoke from my bed in a panting manner. Disheveled, I got up and glanced at my cracked mirror. Sweat was pouring down my face just like a leaky faucet. I wiped the sweat off my brow and seconds later a message appeared from Falmea. It said, “Come down to my office, it's urgent!” I did as I was told. Before I left my dorm I grabbed my snowball pet to cool down and headed to her office. On my way there I noticed something very strange. The sun in the sky was acting a bit weird. It was quivering and the movements were causing a rainbow burst of solar flare entities to invade Wizard City.

      I rushed to the fire school and Falmea explained that these solar flares were not normal. They were seemingly harmless at first glance. A mere low-level wizard should be able to destroy one with a basic wand hit, except for the fact that nothing was destroying them. Higher-level wizards began to gather trying to deal with these solar flares, but their hits weren't even penetrating them. Every hit that was directed towards the flares was being reflected right back at the wizards. Even the damage over time effects from cards was proving to be useless.

      Falmea proceeded to tell me that she had never seen anything like this. She needed to investigate more and told me to visit Professor Greyrose and ask her about the school of refraction. I thought it was odd that she requested me to visit Greyrose since this seemed to be more of Falmea’s expertise, but I didn't have time to question it. I leave the Fire school and am bombarded by solar flares. Falmea rushes and pushes me out of harm's way, trapping herself in an inevitable battle of defeat. She cries out to keep moving forward.

      I get to ice school and look back at Falmea and she gives me a worried look. She begins to lose her composure and shrieks at me. Something isn’t right. I need to get out of here now. I open the door to the ice school and Professor Greyrose pulls me in and urges me to help start barricading the door. As I’m swiftly moving student desks to the door I tell Greyrose, “Falmea told me to ask you about refraction.” Greyrose freezes and can’t make direct eye contact with me. I ask “What does that mean?” Greyrose. After an eternity of dead silence, Greyrose says she isn't supposed to talk about it, but due to the circumstances she’ll have to make an exception.

      Greyrose goes on and utters, “Refraction is a lost forbidden art of magic. Most don’t know the circumstances in how it works, but it is a powerful magic that can protect a creature or wizard from almost any injury. Refraction used to have its own school, but it was destroyed when the Headmaster came into office.”

      Greyrose continues ”Just like how each school has its own gem, refraction has its own as well; the golden opal. The golden opal is the key to unlocking the potential of these powers”. My eyes widened. The Ice professor motions to her desk, and takes a torn old photo out of a binder. A moment later her desk scurries across the floor revealing a hidden passageway underneath. Greyrose explains that the photo is of her son Norbert and that he dabbled with refraction magic in the past and trapped himself within the photograph. She then says, “I need you to head to Polaris to find the Golden Opal. This hidden passage will lead you there. Once the opal is in your grasp it should activate and release Nowbert from his paper prison. The photo will react with the golden opal, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it. The golden opal is frozen into the depths of the tundra. You will have to have a solar flare follow you there to thaw it out. The world is in your hand's wizard, good luck.”

      I venture to Polaris just like Greyrose said and the photo immediately starts reacting. I look down and see the golden opal glowing beneath my feet. No solar flares insight. Wait, I see Falmea. How on earth did she get to Polaris? Did she defeat the Solar flares? No, she's been corrupted by the flare. The ground begins to quake, sending tremors throughout the land. I hear a deadly screech and look up at Falmea. This is just what I need. Falmea charges toward me and the golden opal is released from the. It floats in the air and violently reacts with the photo causing Norbert to be released, sending a shockwave through the sky shattering the Solar flare curse on Wizard city.

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      Red face Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      Here's my Summery short story, inspired by real life. Writing from the heart always seems more authentic, though I of course had to add a few magical twists to this story. Enjoy!

      (It is exactly 800 words, not counting the title and tildes)

      Our Last Summer

      The landscape of Kishbe Village from the top of the waterfall was stunning, but Rohan looked on with a heavy sense of melancholy. For the past year the Plague Oni had been spreading it’s pestilence throughout the region, and his family had only escaped the plague by enforcing a tight regimen of staying indoors and doing nothing. But a few days ago the Emerald Champion who hailed from Wizard City had come through and done the unthinkable- they slayed the Plague Oni, and have since saved all of Mooshu! Hearing of their exploits had in fact inspired him to attend Wizard City in the fall, alongside a few friends.

      And today was the day that they’d finally be able to get together and reconnect! But it’d be a bittersweet reunion, since today was the last day of Summer. Tomorrow everyone will be packing their bags to attend the various colleges of magical arts throughout the Spiral, so they’d have to make the most of today.

      “Hey, punk!”

      A sudden voice pierced the roaring silence of the waterfall, reeling Rohan up from his internal contemplation.

      “Jesper, you made it!” Rohan elated as he went to embrace his childhood friend. Rohan had known Jesper for practically his entire life. He was always getting himself into trouble, and Rohan, his “rock,” would always pull him out. “How have you been? Still carrying around your brother’s extra Treasure Cards?”

      “Heh, he wishes I would! Strange how dumping them in the river would deter him from asking again.” Jesper pulled away and sat down on a nearby boulder, and let out a heavy sigh. “But how have I been doing? Suffice to say this meeting will be the highlight of my year.”

      Rohan pulled up a stone and sat down next to Jesper, picked up a pebble, and chucked it over the cliff. “Well I’m glad to hear we still have some things in common. Oh, which reminds me- which school of magic do you think you’ll be in at Ravenwood?”

      Jesper paused, looking off into the crimson sunset. That was one thing Rohan had always loved about his home, the sunsets. Most people never stopped to look, but how could they through all that bamboo? That’s what led him to unearth this epic view on top of the waterfall.

      “..Ooh man, I don’t know. The Storm school seems a bit appealing?”

      “You don’t sound totally sold on that, maybe you should have done a bit more research on the topic beforehand, hmm?”

      “Don’t judge me! I’m not like you, being a natural prodigy who could cast Fire Cats from the time you were five. Any magic I’ve tried to cast has always landed me with burnt eyebrows or a hoard of angry villagers chasing me!”

      “I’m sure you’ll master something eventually,” Rohan replied with a knowing smirk. Before Jesper could parry with a friendly insult, Rohan stood up and raised his hands. “Watch this.”

      The water pooled calmly a few yards before the waterfall, which Rohan turned to face. Closing his eyes, he began muttering a few words of power and moving his hands in a somatic manner. A Sunbird suddenly appeared in a burst of heat that likely seared Jesper’s eyebrows, cawed once, and blasted the water with a wave of flames that definitely scorched Jesper’s eyebrows! Then the beast vanished in a puff of smoke.

      Clearly drained, Rohan turned to his thoroughly impressed friend. “So, what’d you think?”

      “Well aside from the fact that you’re a total showoff, I think that I’ll be the one that impresses you at Ravenwood.” Jesper retorted, clearly jealous.

      Rohan sat back down on his stone, and with a look of determination said “Bet.”

      The two chuckled, and gazed out into the horizon, letting a silence fill the air that spoke volumes.

      “So.. Everything will change after today, won’t it?” Rohan said, eyes still distant.

      “Yeah, I guess it will. No more quaint village life in the outskirts of Mooshu or playing Potion Motion all day.. It’s strange, I’ve always wanted something more but I’ll still miss this.” Jesper replied, waving his hand over the landscape.

      “It’s not strange at all, if anything we’re the strange ones!” They both laughed, and tossed a few more stones off the cliff.

      “You know, I had so much planned for us this Summer.. From fishing in the Cave of Solitude, to camping in the bamboo forests, and maybe even a vacation to Marleybone. I wonder if we’ll be able to do that now..” Rohan trailed off.

      “Who knows what the future may hold,” Jesper contemplated, “But so long as we’re both in it, I know it’ll be worth fighting for.”

      And with the sun setting on this chapter of their lives, the two friends sat side by side with contentment.


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      "Yet like a bad case of athlete's foot you just kept coming back." -Cosmos
      “. . . with Persistence, Victory is assured.”

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      Thank for the contest, this is 596 words.

      Travels with Jasmine, to Find Joy, Now

      For Jasmine, summertime is about enjoying the sun and having fun, relaxing and sharing good times, despite the covid pandemic, while still staying safe. Jasmine is a character, on many levels. She likes to say, “Hello, how are you” to random folks as she walks through the spiral. On a few occasions, she dressed as the Polaris bear transformation and asked people to dance with her, while wearing the “Revolutionary Dancer” badge. Most people disregarded her, but then several dapper-dressed wizards did join in, making Jasmine smile!

      Jasmine absolutely loves to tell a random joke of the day during battles. She will ask, “Does anyone have a joke of the day?” Hearing no response, she adds, “Okay, I will start. What did one frog say to the other frog while hanging out around the pond?” Hearing again no response, she then informs her fellow battlers, “The frog said, ‘Time sure is fun while having flies.’” (She often gets groans but know there are smiles behind them.)

      Jasmine had a very kind and wondrous (though ponderous) thing happen in the summer too. A sweet young man, who had been a friend and questing buddy for months, asked if she would come visit his castle. Jasmine guessed the young man was about 16, and she did inform him that she was “old enough to be his granny.” They arrived on the beach of his Island Getaway and she followed him up the path to look back at the sand. Low and behold, spelled out on the sand, in red balls of yarn, were the words “I Love You.” Jasmine really didn’t know what to say. After a long and awkward pause, she finally said, “You are a very great and sweet person and will make some nice girl very happy one day!” The young man said, Um thanks, it’s you I wanted to say that to, so you know that no matter the age, people who make you happy should be told that.” Did I mention Jasmine’s eyes brimmed?

      Jasmine also likes to get others in a good mood if she can. Once during the dark hours of a bleak and difficult Darkmoor battle, Jasmine felt the group needed a little humor, so she told one of her silly jokes to lighten the moment. “What happened to a ship carrying red paint when it collided with a ship carrying blue paint? They were all marooned.” Groans, but then when a team member asked our hitter if he was going to hit that round, he announced, “for two bucks.”

      The moral of the story: Wizard101 can be anything you want it to be. You might be surprised at the kind and generous acts of random strangers, floored by the need to disregard the not-so-kind folks, but still be amazed at the seemingly haphazard goofiness around every corner. Where else can you ride around on top of a witch’s house or vulpine wolf? Teleport instantly to far-away lands? Own castles that you can decorate pretty much however you wish? Battle all kinds of monster, from worms to aliens, from ghosts to insects, and lions and tigers and bears oh my, all in order to save the world? Best of all, Jasmine has met people from all around the world!

      It’s all about attitude and perspective. Jasmine prefers to embrace the mysteries the Wizard 101 brings and to share joy with those she meets in the spiral. The nice thing is that there are many in the spiral who think along similar lines.
      Last edited by jasminejadeheart; 8-29-21 at 4:31:05 PM. Reason: ADD WORD COUNT and thanks
      Happy trails!

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      I'm submitting this on my girlfriend's behalf since she wanted to take a stab at the prompt. Please enjoy, and best of luck to everyone!

      "In light of recent events, summers have been terribly hard to plan out in the Spiral. Mark could recall spending them in different worlds and regions, all brimming with different cultures and varying so differently, that he couldn’t wait until he’d be called off on official business there! Being a wizard was tough work – and he had long since realized that.

      He had spent years cultivating and practicing his magic, sleepless nights often taking over holiday spirit and countless hours spent dedicated towards his own advancement. There was no time to waste – for there was always something that needed his attention. The wizard could hardly catch a break; it seemed like questing upon questing was the only thing on his agenda.

      …That was, until – it wasn’t.

      It was the strangest feeling at first. Karamelle was a blast and allowed him to hone in on his skills, and he learned so much from the more than unique experience. The first few days after his quests were cleared were spent tying up loose ends. Always the perfectionist, he could still hear his teacher’s taunting in his head, one side quest left undone would be enough to drive you mad.

      But now, he found himself in a strange world.

      No, no – nothing like Celestia or Khrysalis.

      More like… a ‘have nothing better to do’ world. It was his own personal quest that he embarked on – despite being unwarranted and catching him off-guard. This world wasn’t filled with adventure or exploration, but instead was filled with…

      “Wow. You really have nothing to do, huh?”

      …his partner taunting him relentlessly.

      Mark watched as she sauntered up to him, staff in hand and green whisps trailing behind her. His own magic reached out to her outside of his own accord, green against green becoming a pleasant sight – if he didn’t stare too long and didn’t dizzy himself out. A small scowl made its way onto his lips after he huffed in mock exasperation.

      “Come on – big, ole’ adventure-loving, thrill-seeking Mark Lifeshield! What happened?” She slung an arm around him in greeting, to which he responded with a quick hip bump. “I’m surprised you’re not off to… Where was that place called again? Kandyland or-…?”

      “Karamelle, Alexandra.” He groaned, silently welcoming his partner, but not the foolishness that came along with her. If he had adventure and questing under his belt, Alexandra had a mouth full of words and obsessive reagent hoarding under hers. While not quite as impressive as his own resume, he supposed that it kept her busy. Must be nice.

      The pair fell into comfortable silence, leaning on the stone guard rail of a bridge. Wizard City didn’t have much to give past a certain point in questing, but it still remained a place near and dear to their hearts. Over the years, the Spiral had done well to this part of town – flowers blossoming and grass greener than they both remembered it to be, years ago.

      Her voice broke him away from his thoughts once again, a chuckle leaving her lips. “What do you think Eloise Merryweather is saying right now?” She nodded over at the seamstress, who looked almost too happy to be making a deal.

      Summers always brought about barter and trade, which definitely put this season on a whole different pedestal for her.

      “’I have just the outfit for you!’” Mark mimicked, voice straining to rise an octave higher. He held in a snicker as she pulled out what looked like the ugliest robe he’d ever seen. “’Deary, this would look great on you!’

      ’In that case, I will take it!’” She followed suit, waving her hands around to mimic the wizard in front of the seamstress. “’I’ll give you 500,000 gold for that tunic!’

      He guffawed, “’That’s too low, dear! I’ll trade it for 525,000!’”

      They trailed off in laughter, clutching their stomachs as the small ache began to settle in. Alexandra had to set her staff aside while Mark held onto the bridge’s railing for dear life.

      Perhaps they looked crazy – foolish, even – standing in the middle of Wizard City and laughing on a bridge over a pond. Their laughter seemed to draw heads on their way, stares from all kinds of wizards directed over to them.

      Summer didn’t really mean much for Mark nowadays. Old and weary as a wizard just starting their quest may call him. He had done his dues and fulfilled his duties, but never quite got to experience what everybody else did.

      Though, as he stood on the bridge with his dear partner, eyes tearing up and cheeks straining from laughter, he could only think of one thing:

      Summer isn’t tied to a simple, fun event or spent doing extravagant activities –

      Nor is it having an agenda to follow or questing under different circumstances –

      Summer could be harmlessly laughing at a seamstress on top of a bridge with a partner held near and dear to one’s heart.

      Summer was right here."


      A very familiar place.

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      Re: 2021 Creative Writing Contest

      The Dance of a Lioness

      Even as the sun struggled to remain defiantly above the horizon, the land below baked under the pressure of a thick humid blanket. For outsiders not accustomed to the oppressive heat of the Savannah it must have been a strange sight: as shadows began to peek out from beneath the craggy mountain of Nemean, the various lion tribes of the plains gathered atop their most sacred site. It was here at this place that the most anticipated of events was to be held. For it was only after the turning of the second solstice, when the sun shone at its highest peak, that a challenge could be issued—a challenge of honor, rights, and glory to be laid bare amongst the noble spirits of prides past.

      Whispers hid themselves behind secretive paws as two tribes massed in the center of the peak leaving the others to look on. More whispers, yet, not from observers but from participants. And not gossip either but debate. A champion had to be chosen. And, after a second more, two sallied forth.

      The Thornpaw eyed her Ghostmane opponent as her kin pulled from the ring leaving the two combatants standing alone amidst the chants that bubbled up from the gathered crowds and shook the stage such that the souls of the afterlife themselves seemed ready to break free.

      It was an unspoken assumption within the whole of Zafaria that Tribe Ghostmane exercised suzerainty over the lion tribes, and although this rule remained uncontested for many years, to even issue a challenge to the Ghostmanes was itself an event of some note—if not an outright scandal. As the Thornpaw lioness wiggled the pebbles between her toes she knew that the actions in the next few moments would mean something beyond the guarded walls of the Savannah. And it was with a kind of uneasy delight that she let the weight of her clan sit atop her shoulders, as she grasped her spear in a resolute vise.

      Together they crossed spears before their fellow lions acknowledging that the challenge issued had been accepted, and that this duel among the solstice sun was to be the only honorable satisfaction. A stolen kill? A grievous insult? The reasons for the issuance did not matter. To reject such a challenge was not the way of the lion.

      Then suddenly the time was upon them. The Ghostmane moved quickly, lunging forward with the obsidian spear tip. Yet it was with a fluid grace that the lioness spun away from the thrust and delivered a swift retaliatory wallop with the shaft of her spear. The aggressor stumbled away in a daze as crazed hoots rang out from beyond the no-man's-land.

      Yet the lioness advanced slowly toward her wounded foe, cautious that the previous attack was merely the first release of the pressure that was now building before her. And, as predicted, it was then that the rage broke forth and the Ghostmane trashed forward with a frenzied anger, swinging his weapon with a deadly determination. Blow after blow he threw and yet the deft feet of the Thornpaw allowed the lioness to dodge or parry the offensive.

      But though she moved elegantly about the stadium with her combatant in pursuit, she was unaware that the real anger born within the blood of the Ghostmane tribe had yet to be unleashed. As it was, her opponent leapt forward with a newfound speed and swept his spear before him with a frenetic precision. Although attempting to shield herself, the Thornpaw was brushed to the side—the shattered remains of her weapon being tossed to the ground with her.

      For a moment the land froze as she collected herself. In the far distance she could hear the whooping and jeers of the crowd and the pants of a hunter ready to pounce. Yet the mind of the Thornpaw was elsewhere. Instead she listened to the sounds of claws scratching against worn rocks and wood scraping against wood. The cacophony she let fill her even as the final strike prepared to arrive. It was there within that darkness she heard it: her spear’s obsidian arrowhead clattering as she fumbled backward.

      Then the quietness of resolution returned as the present snapped back into focus—the lion already mid leap, about to fall upon her with an unrestrained brutality.

      The lioness had time for one final breath, and then she struck!

      Thanks for the contest! Haven't written anything in a while. Was fun.
      Come back alive. It'd be an awfully empty galaxy without you. - Garrus Vakarian // I also write my own stuff ~

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