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      Thread for Wizard101's Alternate Storyline + Gameplay Mechanics

      I'm Lord Boxman and this is my first post in years. A few years back I made posts detailing proposals on altering Wizard101's storyline and difficulty curve in the third arc. Looking back at those old posts they were poorly structured and drawn out, and the grammar could have been higher quality. Since then I've been trying to experience different branches of fiction to learn about writing, which will hopefully benefit my own work in progress. This is going to be a post that details how I would personally execute Wizard’s gameplay mechanics and magic system, provided I had the opportunity to spearhead Wiz’s development. I also propose ideas that would apply to the combat system we're all familiar with. I hope you like them.

      Alternative Gameplay Mechanics

      • Wizard101’s combat system would take inspiration from Fire Emblem and Pirate101. In my opinion this would put greater emphasis on tactics, help prevent the pure damage aesthetic from eventually applying to schools such as Fire, emphasize each Magic School’s in-story usage of creatures, and support in-story feats. That, and I prefer Pirate101’s combat system over Wizard’s.
      • Casting a spell requires Mana and Pips. Mana is magical energy, while Pips is simply terminology that refers to the casting time required for a spell. The higher a spell’s “Pip” cost, the more casting time is required. Shadow Pips on the other hand are small orbs of darkness required to cast Umbramancy
      • In the event the player fights someone who's not supposed to use magic, such as Marleybone's population, the enemies use a combat system similar to Pirate101's system. With Buccaneers, Privateers, Musketeers etc...
      • But if Wizard’s combat system stays the same, then the same principles apply. With a few changes.

        • Life has a handful of AOEs, which more or less culminate in Wings of Fate - an 800 damage AOE with a 785 health group heal.
        • Remember that spell audit that came out in Summer 2020? Throw it in the trash, lock the memory in the abyss, and balance Shadow by adjusting the values for Shadow Enhanced spells, making pure Shadow Magic viable in PVE, and creating different versions of spells for PVE and PVP(aka skill splitting).
        • Shadow also becomes balanced in the form of maintaining the difficulty curve present in un-nerfed Wizard City-Khrysalis. I’ll go into more detail in another reply.

      Tweaked Magic System for Wizard101

      • Pyromancy (Fire Magic)
        • Along with Thaumaturges, Pyromancers are considered the best Wizards in a battle of attrition. They utilize fire to gradually break through an opponent’s defenses and deal damage. This manifests in the form of damage-over-time spells.

      • Thaumaturgy (Ice Magic)
        • Thaumaturges specialize in taking the brunt of the enemy’s attacks, drawing attention away from their allies, and creating an advantage for themselves and allies. They possess the highest degree of endurance(HP) among all Wizards, have the ability to draw attacks towards themselves, pacify malicious intent, steal the enemy’s shields, paralyze the enemy in a variety of ways, and even nullify Pyromancy’s damage-over-time niche.

      • Divination (Storm Magic)
        • Diviners are the “glass cannons” among Wizards. They deal the highest among of damage among any School, and have the occasional ability to neutralize the enemy’s Charms. But in exchange for these skills, Diviners possess the lowest degree of endurance among all Wizards, so it’s extremely important they end the fight ASAP.

      • Conjuration (Myth Magic)
        • My idea for Conjurers represents a major deviation from the basis of Wiz combat. First of all, Myth is the only main school that summons creatures to attack enemies. The other schools either use the environment, the elements, or the dead for their attacks.
        • Conjurers are infamous for specializing in crowd control and destroying enemy defenses. They summon Minions as powerful as their masters, bolster Minions via trading effects, have a myriad of ways to neutralize Wards, and even surpass Thaumaturges at paralysis.

      • Theurgy (Life Magic)
        • Theurgists are a support class in the form of healers, but they still have a handful of attack spells. They have more AOE attacks compared to the game we’re familiar with, for example Wings of Fate is an AOE but still has the group heal.

      • Necromancy (Death Magic)
        • Necromancers are Wizards who mainly benefit themselves or cast curses. They specialize in draining endurance or life force from their opponents, and transferring it to themselves for healing purposes. Several of Death’s spells neuter the supportive role of Theurgists or lower the power of attacks.

      • Sorcery (Balance Magic)
        • Sorcery is a complicated class to explain. Sorcerers are best described as “the jack of all trades.” They utilize the other 6 schools to a certain extent, control sand and pure energy, and dabble in healing.

      • Shadow Magic is called Umbramancy, and practicers of the art are called Umbramancers
        • The lore and mechanics of Shadow don't change. It is still the form of magic created and controlled by Grandfather Spider, worlds like Khrysalis and Darkmoor have Shadow users even before the surge, and spells fueled by Shadow grant advantages not found in the other schools.

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