I am starting a new thread for Feedback, and not bugs or anything like that. I didn't think my feedback fit the intent of Vanessa's post about bugs, and issues.

To the KI developers and @Sparck and @Ratbeard!

Good job on the update!
Thank you!
Many things updated will benefit the game and the players and me:
  • First time users experience and the dialog going along with it
  • Hiring Vanessa Mythdust is genius on your part. Another player turned pro. This is like a fan from a football team joining the front office of the Buccaneers.
  • New rewards for events
  • PVP improvements with free to play for now.

Take a bow.
Make a sandwich.
Drink a Dr. Pepper on me.

I will need to start a new wizzy to hear the dialog. I find the writing really funny, and subtle.

My only reproach is the Balance spell.
As you should be aware, and if not, I shall tell you. The best spells in the game for PVP are the ones which provide an affect after the damage. That is why Ice, Balance are top Tier. They have the best spells which provide affects after the damage.

The Ob Colossus with two (2) weakness is a game changer. Three (3) hits in one turn all over again is insanely OP. Remove a shield, then reduce the offensive effectiveness of your opponent by 75% for the next two (2) hits. Stack another weakness, and Storm spells do less than Death Damage, or Storm loses two (2) turns trying to overcome the three (3) hits in one turn. This three (3) hit spell in one turn is way OP, and is a true game changer.

If this was Pokémon, then Loremaster has evolved into Ob Colossus. Providing Balance, already a top tier PVP school with this spell may fill your Christmas stocking with Loremaster-esq love letters.

To end on a good note, the game has changed for the better again. There is SOOOO much to do, and this will become part of my retirement entertainment. I’ve been logging time since 2008, and I see Wizards being around a long while because it caters to so many age groups, helps make connections and relationships, and is the only place in the universe where repetition is always fresh. Nothing is ever the ‘same old, same old’ even when you Farm over and over and over. Keep up the good work!