With how much of a Gold sink the Gardening and MOnsotrology Spells can be I feel they should be Account wide to allow all of our Wizards have access to them, Assuming the Wizard is the proper Rank to be able to use them. I would also like to see the Fishing and the Photomancy Quests be account wide. Trying to get the fish for the quests can take FORVER to get and I feel would be benefical if the questline itself was affective account wide and Benefit those who may be into questing who may need certain fish to craft stuff like the Teleport Tapestries. AS for Photoamcy quest line I feel its suppose to give us the basics of the Photmancy system that it would just be make sense if all we had to do is just do the quest line on a single Wizard to get it done and not see the quests on out alt wizards.