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KI Live: Wizard101 Contest Winners and Pirate101 News

We talked about Wizard101's Spring Update from last month, showcased the winners of the game's spell card contest, and revealed more of our plans for Pirate101!

Also throughout the show we answered your questions, gave away multiple in-game items (see below!), and much more. It's always a fun time hanging out with the community, and so we hope you enjoyed the show!

Missed KI Live? No worries! As of this video going live, we've included 1000 additional giveaway codes for BOTH of the codes below. Once they are gone though, they are gone!

To redeem, type into the website's 'Redeem Card or Code' page: (MOTORTRAINPACKS) to get the following items:

- Wizard101: Marleybone Motorist Pack & Great Sky Train Robbery Pack
- Pirate101: Tribal Crew Pack & Ashes of the Armada Pack

The other two codes were for the livestream period ONLY! If you want to redeem these other codes, you have to watch the livestream.

Thanks community for hanging out with us!