It seems that those who find themselves in the Spiral are drawn to being kind to others.

Last night I traveled to the Mangrove Marsh in Azteca to work on some side quests. There I met a super friendly myth wizard, who helped me finish my side quests.

This morning I walked over to the Bazaar in Olde Town to buy some steel. There wasn't any steel, but a fire wizard at the Bazaar was willing to sell some steel to the Bazaar just for me!

Later in the afternoon, I took a trip to Mooshu to collect the Blue Oyster Cults to buy a training point from Zeke. I came across a life wizard who helped me find them all!

What are the chances that during three of the three excursions that I had planned throughout the last few hours were catalyzed by other helpful and friendly wizards? Now that I'm writing this down, and acknowledging what has happened, I'm starting to realize that it's very common for me to be helped by strangers at various places. Almost every day I come across a new friend, without even trying to. It makes me think that there's something special of those wizards in the Spiral.

It's almost as if, as wizards, we are programmed or genetically inclined to help each other and put others' needs before our own. Now obviously there will always be outliers; we've all encountered some people who are rather rude. But to me, it does feel like it is rare to come across a rude person. I actually can't even remember the last "rude" person that I've come across.

This makes me feel so grateful to be living in the Spiral. I'm overwhelmed with love right now! Just thinking about everyone that I've met in the last twenty-four hours and how they've helped shape my mood and provide me with abundant amounts of positivity throughout my day.

Now, I want to go out of my way more to help others. I always have taken every friendly gesture from those around me for granted. I need to start reciprocating it.

Is this the same for other places? Is this normal for any sort of community? Or, is this community unique in its tendencies to have nice people?