Now that I've done the Team Up Volunteer for the morning, I have to say it's one of my favorite features of the update. I selected Karamelle for volunteering, and about every five minutes or so, I'd get invited to a Team Up, and I could decline if I was busy with something else. I spent the between-time opening chests in Candy Corn Farm looking for Toffee Beans, so it's been working pretty well. Except for not getting any Karamelle Chunks -- the drop rate for those is still way, way too low.

One thing did confuse me, though. I was invited to join one other wizard for a 3 person minimum team-up for the Witches Tunnel, and while waiting to find that third wizard - before we actually started that instance - I was invited to an almost full Uwe run. I jumped into the Uwe run, and when it finished, it showed me as still in the queue for the Witches Tunnel run, but just me, not the other wizard who started it, so I canceled the Team Up.
@Sparck? I thought we couldn't be in two team-ups at once, so what happened there?