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        Orzee is offline Apprentice Wizard

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        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Bradley IronFlame
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        •  110
        •  World:
        •  Polaris
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Fire
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Maximus
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  White Winter Owl
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      Aug 2011
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      Re: List of problems not addressed in Spring Update 2021 you would like to see.

      • Item card previews on amulets and wands do not show up on hover when dropped (i.e. when drops appear on the left-hand side of the screen)
      • On spell cards (of any type), the white pip icon (in a spell like Ice's King Art or Pip Boon) has transparency that goes through the card itself, so you can see behind the card. This is also the case with the AOE icon in the square box and critical symbol in spells like Vengeance or Sound of Musicology. There are instances of it in other weirds spots, such as the Triangle with the spell's rank or school symbol or damage icon.
      • Visually differentiate sharpened blades / potent traps much like indemnity and aegis (golden border perhaps?)
      • Visually differentiate card previews to show what type the card is (item, spell, enchanted, or tc)*

      *When your teammates select a spell, you have to hover over the spell preview to determine whether it's form (this is especially problematic with blades/traps). Perhaps the outer border could be blue (item), brown (regular spell), golden brown (enchanted), and golden (tc) so you don't have to hover over cards all time. You could also stack them (to differentiate item card potent feint vs regular potent feint).
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      Tanner Hex's Avatar
        Tanner Hex is offline Journeyman Wizard

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        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Tanner Hex
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        •  75
        •  World:
        •  Zafaria
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Death
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Rex
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Onyx Shenlong Dragon
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      Jul 2012
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      Re: List of problems not addressed in Spring Update 2021 you would like to see.

      Major Issue:

      Polymorph forms in the Judge Veg encounter still appear to have no base stats whatsoever besides HP. I believe this is unintentional because they have all shadow-enhanced attack spells in their deck despite being unable to gain shadow pips at all - they don't even have a shadow gauge. They also appear to have 0% power pip chance, 0 critical block, no outgoing damage, no resistance, and no critical. It's probably safe to say they lack any other stats like accuracy or incoming/outgoing healing. Enemies seems to be getting criticals more properly on the test realm, and as a result this fight is even harder now solo since you're in a polymorph with 0 critical taking x2 damage from Judge Veg and his minion.

      Also, I've heard (but have not yet personally experienced) that a player getting hit with a shadow-enhanced attack while polymorphed will automatically cancel the player's polymorph. So far I've heard of this happening in the Monstrodome, but do not yet know if it happens anywhere else. this may indicate the cheat Judge Veg uses to cancel a player's polymorph "spilled out" into the rest of the game. No one really uses polymorphs but it's something they should look into first if they ever plan to introduce more fights with polymorph mechanics.

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        sparkfiredust is offline Apprentice Wizard

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        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Steven DragonFlame
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        •  69
        •  World:
        •  Celestia
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Life
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Kitty
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Wintry Elf
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      Sep 2010
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      Re: List of problems not addressed in Spring Update 2021 you would like to see.

      Quote Originally Posted by Dylan Windwalker View Post
      1. The majority of the pets that players want to hatch with through the Pet Kiosk are Mega since Mega pets show off more manifested talents that the player is looking for and there's more inherent trust in hatching with a pet the player knows more about. There's a incredible stigma (that is reasonable nonetheless) against hatching with pets that are anything less than Mega because it is often the case that those pets do not have as clean of a talent pool as what the player is looking for.

      2. The Gold problem within the Pet Kiosk is not at all addressing players that have quested enough to unlock Halfang in Vestrilund in Wintertusk. Players that strong have delved beyond the first arc and you're right that they should be able to collect incredible amounts of gold through farming (albeit this is still an issue as it's still in inconvenience to constantly gold farm just to get multiple hatches). Finding a farming partner is actually very difficult as well.This is mainly a problem for players from the beginning of the game to the end of Dragonspyre, where there is NO way of collecting as much gold to hatch pets within the Kiosk even once and certainly not multiple times because the gear prices for selling are minimal and they don't have access to places like Vestrilund. We need to make it so that they could get the pets they want with the talents they want earlier in the game so they will struggle less with questing.

      3. The problem with the Rat Spin Spell Craft Recipe isn't that it's impossible to do, it's rather that it should have to be the case that we need to do those things in order to get that spell in the very first place. You do realize that buying enough empowers from a TC Broker is incredible difficult right? A single Rat Spin Tc is somewhere around 80 Empowers which in itself is an incredible amount of gold that the average player (non-max) cannot afford to spend and the drop rates currently for both the spell, it's tc, and sufficient amount of spellements (Test Realm) are incredibly low. Buying the Rat Spin TC from a TC Broker is trying to edge out an excuse of a solution for a problem that should have been fixed by the actual company and players should not have to resort to such means in order to get to these means. Also trying to get a sufficient amount of Agave Nectar is incredibly difficult and players shouldn't have to spend an entire day Realm Jumping in Mangrove Marsh (which in itself is a problem since this requires the player to have access to this area meaning they cannot actually try to get the spell until Azteca). That's another excuse for a problem that Kingsisle shouldn't have created in the first place. I'm not gonna harp too much on Amber since it is required of all Spell Crafts anyways.

      Maybe you didn't struggle too much crafting Rat Spin, but certainly the majority of Life wizards in the Spiral would say otherwise.

      1. "there's more inherent trust in hatching with a pet the player knows more about." When cheating bosses were introduced, players had to adapt their playstyles to increase their chances of victory. If one pet hatching method (hatching with mega pet 2-4 times to create two "bases" then self hatching adults) is better than sinking 100k gold tens of times into mega hatches, then the only reason to not pick up new strategies is stagnance. Players only come up with new pet hatching strategies over a long course of experimentation. If you don't adapt to changes nor take advantage of new optimizations, of course you're gonna have a hard time beating newly introduced cheating bosses. If a new player is unwilling to learn or try adult+adult hatching, then they might as well be too lazy to farm for couch potatoes. They might as well farm waterworks endlessly for mega snacks, but I guess the newer strategy of gardening for mega snacks was more efficient and replaced the weaker method of farming waterworks.

      There's so many pet hatching details, that people don't know, which slows down their pet making process.

      It's common for people to use a blood bat or piggle as a base. When in reality, if you did 100 hatches of a blood bat with a crowns pet, you'd probably get 80 blood bats and 20 of the crowns pet.

      Shop pets like blood bats are statistically stickier. It's undesirable to have a sticky bases as it's harder to acquire the pet body you want. Yet still many experienced players use blood bats and piggles as bases, though I've heard some players discuss piggles being too sticky.

      "There's an incredible stigma (that is reasonable nonetheless) against hatching with pets that are anything less than Mega because it is often the case that those pets do not have as clean of a talent pool as what the player is looking for." If you're making a triple double storm pet, and the pet has storm assailant in its unmanifested pool. The talent is not clean. Bad talents like crit and accuracy will always be present in the pool of a mega pet. Ward talents will be present in the pool of a triple double. There's no difference between mana gift and assailant and ward on a triple double.

      The process I didn't explain was to create a pet base with all 5 desired talents (unmanifested and manifested). This could be done by hatching twice with a mega. Once you have this adult "base", you're guaranteed to inherit a "clean pool" since it has all 5 talents in its pool. You could either duplicate the base by repeatedly hatching a pet with your base to copy the talent pool, etc. This method is so much cheaper since we only do 2-4 mega hatches (which can be free due to pet promenade elixirs). There's so many options available, but pet making does not have a single thorough high-level guide, simply cause the game is not a competitive game. Ferric does have some good guides but definitely not 100% optimized.

      2. Pet making in 1st arc is a fun luxury activity. Back in the day of first arc pet talents didn't exist, but people still were able to quest the game. Now, I can see that beginner players in first arc would want a good pet. I don't see why a beginner player would need a perfect pet while questing in mooshu. An experienced player questing on a low level wiz could quickly make an op pet, but I don't see why a new player would need a perfect pet in 1st arc. 1st arc players would only want a perfect pet for luxury. We already have olympus gear which outstrips lvl 50 dragonspyre gear. The game is not hard enough in the 1st arc to warrant a mega pet.

      3. Ratspin takes a long time to craft, and gives a very useful 4-pip aoe, that other schools can simply learn for free from their professor. It definitely helps quest way faster, so it should be acquirable within 1-2 weeks to help players save 30%+ time in mob fights. The only hard materials to craft ratspin are 10 tc, 150 agave nectar, and 25 amber.

      It's easy to get 20+ nectars / hour. youtube.com/watch?v=wm6PenBSJb0
      With this route, I got 16.8 nectars/hr, while typing and with bad luck, so if I were simply optimizing my reagent farming, I'd easily get 20-25 nectars/hr. It would only take me 6-7 hours to get 150 nectars. (I did get those nectars)

      25 amber are farmed from gladiator, cronus, and sandsquid. It's usually easier to do gladiator and cronus. I went with a support deck with spells like feint+amulet feint+pet feint+spirit/elemental blades, and shatter tc. Potent trap and sharpened blade wouldn't be accessible to low levels, but everyone has the tools to play a support deck. With 2 players (one support one damage), gladiator can be killed in 4-5 rounds iirc. With 4 players it's faster to farm cronus. Newer players can just wait outside mount olympus for a high level to team with or ask on gamma's trading post.

      There's various ways to get ratspin tc. The fastest is to buy them for packs, or to farm crowns with trivia. 10 minutes of trivia can get 100 crowns. 10 ratspin tc costs 10 packs or 4000 crowns (what I remember to be the price from gamma's trading post). So it takes 400 minutes of trivia or 7 hours to get 10 ratspin tc. Or 4000 crowns is roughly worth 4 dollars. You could even make separate accounts to farm for trivia, so if you made 10 accounts you'd only need 4 days of trivia to get 10 packs to sell for 10 tc.

      I think this proves that there's ways to shorten crafting period. 7 hours for 150 nectars. 4 dollars for 10 ratspin tc or 4 days of trivia on 10 accounts (people do make alt accounts to farm trivia with the trivia extension). 25 amber is farmable. So I think this proves you can get ratspin within one week if you really set your mind to it.

      Edit: Apparently one easy way to get amber is to afk touraments. You sign up for a tournament, flee the 1st match, then you can switch to a different wizard. So you'll get around 500 tickets. So in 10 afk tourneys, you'll get 1 free amber (5000 tickets). That's literally 0 effort for a free amber.
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        •  Timothy Pearlflower
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        •  90
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        •  Wizard City
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        •  Ice
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        •  Master Heidi
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        •  Enchanted Armor
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      Re: List of problems not addressed in Spring Update 2021 you would like to see.

      Everyone before me have made some good points, but....

      One thing that I have done which is infuriating with me, is that I'd like the option of trading ingredients in my home or a friend's. Two of my wizards have completed the Revered Crafters Badge, while the other 4 have completed 11 of the 12 quests.

      I don't do the PVP and if i do the dailies, I get everything but Participation Trophy, so I have avoided playing W101 since Jan 4th when my wizards completed Karamelle.

      I tend to get friends that ask me for help in securing reagents at the Bazaar, but before my friends have a chance the reagents are gone and they are asking me for more (which I am out of).

      And regarding farming for reagents, its a matter of having a willingness to get them:

      1) I have done that can help in these matters is to utilize your wizard that has traveled the furthest in the Spiral to gather the reagents and then deposit them into the shared bank and switch wizards.

      2) If you have not reached an ideal spot in the Spiral (like Mangrove Marsh), ask a friend that has access to the area to take you to the area by porting to him or her and then making a mark in a safe area, so that you can return to harvest more agave or agave nectar.


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        •  Dylan Thunderfist
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        •  90
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        •  Azteca
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        •  Ice
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Queen Jessie
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  shenlong dragon
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      Re: List of problems not addressed in Spring Update 2021 you would like to see.

      Nice have:

      I understand spells are being audited and more is to come, but I personally think that tower shield needs to be higher for ice wizards, similar to how fairy is higher for life wizards.
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