2020 Derby Championships

No of Players:
Type: Single Elimination


Welcome to the:

2020 Derby Championships

Pet Derby Tournament

The tournament is only for those who qualified on the 2020 Derby Championships table.

Seedings will be as follows:

  1. Patrick FairyStalker- 93 pts (13-5)
  2. Caspeen - 60 pts (13-5)
  3. Maxoss - 59 pts (10-7)
  4. MaelficMa3lstrom - 46 pts (8-12)

> Players will alternate picking the format for ONE race from any of the tournaments held in 2020
> The lower seed (#1 being highest) for each round will pick first.
> Each tournament format can only be chosen ONCE.
> The player picking will select the format and pick the course to run.
> Players will alternating picking which tournament format to race until the player selecting loses OR until the player selecting does not have a qualified pet.
> A tie will result in a redo of the race - same pets, same course

The Following Tournament Formats can be used:

10th Ancient: Any Ancient level pet
6th First Gen Ancient: Any First Generation Ancient level pet
8th Epic: Any Epic level pet
6th First Gen Epic: Any First Generation Ancient level pet
6th Mega / Ultra: Any Mega or Ultra level pet
9th Teen: Any Teen level pet
12th Anniversary: Any pet with Manifest pedigree 12 or below. Follow link for other details.
11th Adult: Any Adult level pet
6Let us Shoppe, Let us shoppe, let us shoppe again: A First Generation pet from Tennant Wastelander in The Pet Shoppe in the pet pavilion (Fire Elf or Cyclops excluded)

When reporting your match, please do not use the "Submit Loss" option. Instead, both competitors should use "Submit Results" to ensure that the race results will be shown on the brackets. Should one inadvertently use the Submit loss, you will need to post a comment on the tournament page saying how many races each person won. For example, (1,0)(4,3)(5,4)

1st: 2,500 Crowns
2nd: 1,500 Crowns
3rd: 1,000 Crowns

Hail to the Champ!