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      How powerful will you be at level 200?

      If you remember this post


      you deserve a veteran's discount.

      Anyways, here I am back active on the game again, and as a result also on this forum. Very interesting how much has changed since then, and honestly, I'd be lying if I said I guessed right (most stats were, except for health) We are now level 140 wizards and our stat trajectory couldn't be more...different. So again, I am asking, in this new thread, How powerful do you think you will be when we hit level 200?

      And now, since KI is acquired by a parent company, I am confident that we will hit that threshold sooner than it took for us to get to where we are today. I will start: My wizard is fire, so I will do my stats for my fire wizard. If you want to do other/multiple wizards, that's fine too! Also keep in mind this is purely for fun, if you want to take it seriously go ahead but it's not that deep!

      Fire Wizard (Level 200) Stats:

      Health: 10,000
      Mana: 500 <-- (Will they ever do something about this?)
      Damage (%): 220% Fire
      Resist: 90% fire, 50% others
      Pierce: 60%

      Crit is kinda confusing right now so I am gonna do it the way I personally would prefer it.
      Critical damage boost x2 (between 150 and 200), x2.5 (between 100 and 150), x3 (below 100) with 100% success rate (as it kinda is now..? right?)

      Stun Block: 30% Chance

      Your turn! I like to see the creative answers. If you have some sort of system you'd want to add for our stat development, I'd love to hear those ideas too!

      Book 3 was the best! I think I learned how to tearbend...

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      Re: How powerful will you be at level 200?

      By that time we will have been nerfed back to about Krokotopia levels. Yay....

      My friend told me their little bros don't play wizard101 because they like to feel epic and powerful.
      I agreed that wizard101 is not the game for them.

      Gamigo save us lol
      I think I love you more than paper tick
      -Katz to fishy cracker

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      Re: How powerful will you be at level 200?

      Definitely Stun Block will become a thing (30% is a good number) and Ice wizards will have Stun Pierce. Gear will eventually give both high critical rating and critical block. I could imagine wizards starting with an aura (the weaker auras like Acrimony and Icewind) first turn but it won't be reflected with Character Stats. I think all wizards will have somewhat around 15%-20% pierce (slightly increasing/decreasing based on school).

      I could imagine some sort of auto per turn benefit for PvE only, isn't effect by gear, and is a fixed amount

      Fire: Every enemy hit will return a low damage DoT
      Ice: Every enemy hit will return a chance to Stun
      Storm: Every Enemy hit will a moderate damage
      Life: Permanent Auto heal per turn
      Death: Every enemy hit will return a slight amount of health back
      Myth: Evert enemy hit will have a chance to Pierce
      Balance: Every enemy hit will have a chance return 20% weakness or 20% black mantle

      I agree every wizard will except maybe Storm (probably around base 7000-9000 health) will pass the 10k health threshold.

      Disagree with your resist. I'm sure Wizards by that time will have 30-40% Universal Resist with gear only (45-55% universal resist with Spell Defy + Spell Proof). Though I could imagine the return of school specific resist (something like +10-15% resist to specific school of wizard).

      Damage will probably be around 150% with gear- no pet for your Fire wiz and I'm sure you could maximize it to around 200% with a Perfect Damage Pet and probably adjustments... You could already get to 193% as a fire right now lol

      I could imagine there being some new sort of stat but I couldn't tell you what
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      Re: How powerful will you be at level 200?

      At level 200 (in PvP):

      Ice and Fire will still be broken.

      Storm will still be struggling because everyone will be setting for them since they see how they can one shot the Storm Titan with their 5 pip/2 shadow pip spell and three blades.

      Balance will still be the most annoying with even more unblockable utility spells, like one that can remove shadow pips the same way mana burn does for normal pips, or detonate shields and blades in the same way, or the one that can destroy a global spell, causing damage to everyone.

      Myth will have more shield breaking spells, making them competitive, but not rising to the levels of Ice and Fire.

      Life will still be struggling because at this point, everyone will be one shotting everyone else by about round three.

      Death PvP will still be the ultimate challenge and laughingstock it always has been.

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        •  Storm
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        •  Vaden
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      Re: How powerful will you be at level 200?

      I think it's difficult to tell since KI will be revamping damage/pierce/resist into ratings sometime this year. As for health, I think Ice will have over 20,000, Life around 22,000, and Storm will be around 15,000. Fire will have the most damage rating, Storm the most critical rating, and Myth the most pierce rating.

      I think we'll also have a new type of stat, but I have no idea what it might be. Perhaps at level 160 when the fourth arc ends, Storm can cast two spells per turn since its playstyle is supposed to be lightning-fast combat, and other schools get their own unique trait? It would be nice if Myth is naturally stun resistant, Life has a base outgoing healing stat, Death has a base incoming healing stat, and Ice has a base universal resistance rating stat. Maybe Balance players at that level get to pick a school to have mastery in, and then they get the benefits of a mastery amulet while not having one equipped for the school they picked.

      It would also be fun if the duel circle expands and we could have up to 8v8 battles. Or if KI decides to incorporate the Pirate101 combat system for some boss fights and we get to actually move around in combat.

      Last thing I can think of is if we get a new Light school of magic. Upon getting to the point in the story, players will keep all their current Shadow spells, but they can then choose whether they wish to continue advancing Shadow or to get new Light spells. If they pick Light, they won't be able to train any new Shadow spells; if they pick Shadow, then they can train new Shadow spells but Light spells are locked out for them. It would thus add some diversity to character playstyles.

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