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      2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      Season's greetings wizards!

      As many know, the holidays are a sign of contest time here on W101 Central. There are usually a variety of contests from PvP and derby tournaments, to counting or decorating contests and even creative writing contests..like this one!

      For this 2020 holiday season, considering all the happenings in the world around us, a good bit of comedy is a nice way to lighten one's spirits and put a smile on your face. In saying that, welcome to the...

      2020 Holiday Skit Writing Contest!

      It's time for laughs! It's time for humor! It's time to have some fun!!

      Contest Rules
      • 1 entry per person
      • Entries can not be edited in any way that changes them from their original entry; however, edits to fix formatting or grammatical errors are fine.
      • Entries must be unique and not copied from someone or somewhere else.
      • Each entry must be in the form of a holiday themed skit
        • What is a skit? The definition of a skit is a short play or piece of writing that is usually funny. An example of a skit is a brief comedy show put on by second graders. A short, usually comic dramatic performance or work; a theatrical sketch. A short humorous or satirical piece of writing.

      • Try to keep entries at 1,000 words or less. If you go slightly over, that will not count against you.
      • This contest will end at 11:59pm Central time on December 25th.
      • Entries posted after this time will not be counted.

      • 1st Place - 20,000 Crowns + White Stag Mount + 1 Yulelogger and 1 Winterland Pack
      • 2nd Place - 10,000 Crowns + White Stag Mount + 1 Yulelogger and 1 Winterland Pack
      • 3rd Place - 5,000 Crowns + White Stag Mount + 1 Yulelogger and 1 Winterland Pack

      Happy Holidays to ALL!
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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      This contest is ready for entries!

      I have extended this contest an additional day. It will end at 11:59pm central time on 12/25.

      Please take a moment to read through the rules.

      If you have any question, you can private message me or ask on my profile...either is fine.

      I look forward to reading all the entries. Central has some of the most creative and fun minds in the Spiral!

      Best of luck to everyone!

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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      You can not access this contest from the home page. I think the link is not set up.

      ....Works now! :D

      Quote Originally Posted by CelestialMoon View Post
      This contest is ready for entries!

      I have extended this contest an additional day. It will end at 11:59pm central time on 12/25.

      Please take a moment to read through the rules.

      If you have any question, you can private message me or ask on my profile...either is fine.

      I look forward to reading all the entries. Central has some of the most creative and fun minds in the Spiral!

      Best of luck to everyone!
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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      Hello Thanks for hosting this contest! I hope you enjoy this skit (very loosely) based on Hamlet.

      Hamlet101: The Tragedy of Yuletide

      Cyrus Drake/Ambrose - King Claudius
      Student - Hamlet
      Piggle - Horatio
      Penny Dreadful - Ophelia
      Kenny Dreadful - Laertes
      Mr. Dreadful - Polonius
      Nolan Stormgate, Duncan Grimwater - Rosencrantz, Guildenstern
      Krampus - Prince Fortinbras


      CYRUS: I received a vision that the Yuletide will become no more this year. Along with rumors of a certain “Krampus” threatening the celebrations… this is cause for concern.

      AMBROSE: It’s a threat we cannot ignore. Make haste with the preparations. These sinister signs mean “something is rotten in the state of [Wizard City]” (Hamlet 1.4.95).


      SCENE-2: [STUDENT arrives for orientation]

      AMBROSE: Welcome, young wizard. We must consult the book of secrets and find out what school of magic is right for you.

      STUDENT: [Aside] I’ve always wanted to become a myth wizard, but dad holds a grudge after Cyrus Drake stole his Mint Staff when they were kids. “To be, or not to be, [a myth wizard]: that is the question” (Hamlet 3.1.57). I don’t want to betray my dad, but Professor Drake is my hero. If you ask me, a Mint Staff isn’t worth starting any drama over, let alone a lifelong grudge.

      AMBROSE: Perhaps I’ll introduce you to some upperclassmen for guidance.


      AMBROSE: They’re from the myth and death school. They’ll help you settle in. Why don’t you explore your dorm room while I talk to them?

      [Exit STUDENT]

      AMBROSE: This new student is very powerful. They could either be of great help or of great danger to the Spiral. Report back to me about their actions and ambitions.

      NOLAN: We’ll keep an eye out.


      SCENE-3: [STUDENT wanders near the myth school]

      STUDENT: What’s that noise? [spots PIGGLE] CUTE! Let's be best friends. Piggle, I name you Horatio. Come, you have given me the courage to meet the man who is my hero and my father’s enemy, Professor Drake.

      [STUDENT enters Myth School]

      CYRUS: Ah, finally, someone. Here. Take this message to Victor Darkwood, the robe shopkeeper. Be quick about it. Time is of the essence here.

      [STUDENT exits, then returns, confused, with a cleaned Santa Suit]

      CYRUS: That certainly took you long enough. Why are you still here? Shoo. [Aside] Perfect, with these clothes, we can bait Krampus and save Yuletide.

      [Exit CYRUS]

      STUDENT: Wow… what an imposing, impressive figure! What do I do, Horatio? To become a myth wizard, or not?

      [STUDENT sees PENNY DREADFUL in the distance]

      STUDENT: What a beauty! I have never seen such a gorgeous sight. [rushes to PENNY]. I’ve fallen in love… with your Mint Staff!

      PENNY: I need to write a report about different types of Undead, and I don’t know the first things about them. Could you help me with it? Here are the worksheets with the information I need. Just fill them out after each duel. Thanks! Take this staff to help you, and you can keep it when you’re done. [Aside] Finally, I can get rid of this tacky weapon my dad got me.


      SCENE-4: [STUDENT enters the dark cave, encountering Mr. DREADFUL]

      Mr. DREADFUL: It’s dangerous to wander alone without having chosen a school of magic, young wizard.

      STUDENT: Thanks for the advice. I wanted to be a myth wizard, but that would anger my dad.

      Mr. DREADFUL: Listen, “this above all: to thine own self be true” (Hamlet 1.3.78). Follow your own heart and… WHERE did you get that staff? I distinctly remember giving it to my daughter on her birthday. [Noticing the worksheets] I see Penny’s name on those worksheets! Are you cheating on assignments!

      STUDENT: Um…. NO... of course not! [panicking, sends light from the staff that turns Mr. DREADFUL into a Christmas tree]

      Mr. DREADFUL: “O, I am slain!” (Hamlet 3.4.25)

      PENNY: [upon rushing in] I trusted you! Now my father is gone! [sobbing, she grabs the staff and turns herself into a tree] I will join my father!

      STUDENT: AHHH, why did it turn out like this?

      [Enter AMBROSE]

      AMBROSE: [Aside] The spies were correct; the student’s power is uncontrollable. Before the student ruins us all, I must send them to Pigswick Academy. [to STUDENT] Young wizard, you must leave here at once.

      [AMBROSE teleports STUDENT to a boat, which departs]

      STUDENT: Pigswick Academy isn’t a real magic school! It has always been my dream to attend Ravenwood. I’m escaping.


      SCENE-5: [CYRUS DRAKE informs KENNY DREADFUL of his family’s plight]

      KENNY: NOOOO! I’ll avenge my father and sister. I heard the student negotiated with a Pirate101 boat to return to Wizard City? They dare set foot on this soil again?

      CYRUS: [in full Santa gear] The wizard’s destructive power threatens Yuletide itself. My hands are tied as an instructor, but you can demand a PvP match. The wizard must be expelled. Permanently.

      [Enter STUDENT]

      CYRUS: Ah, a young wizard. Why not have a practice duel to see if you enjoy the myth school?

      STUDENT: [Aside] Duncan and Nolan were obviously sent to spy on me; they were so suspicious. All I wanted was to become a myth wizard, but now I’m met with this. Wizard City has done nothing except abandon me at every turn. I’ll accept this duel, though I know it’s a facade for Kenny’s revenge.

      [The battle circle appears]

      STUDENT: Whoops, I forgot I only have the Mint Staff. I don’t even know any spells yet! Well, this is really my only option. It couldn’t go wrong for a third time, right?

      [Light blasts out, hitting everyone except for PIGGLE]

      PIGGLE: My master! Don’t die! I’ll follow suit!

      STUDENT: Horatio, you could talk? Anyway, you can’t! Wizard City met this fate, but someone must tell our story. I heard on the Pirate101 ship that Krampus is coming to destroy Yuletide. Well, let him! Wizard City has never done anything except give me this Mint Staff, and now I have a lifelong grudge. Relay to him my dying wish. Ruin Wizard City’s Yuletide! [becomes a tree]

      [Enter KRAMPUS]

      KRAMPUS: Ho ho ho! I have arrived. Huh? Someone summoned me by wearing the Santa Suit, but there’s no celebration in sight! I only see trees! I was deceived! I hoped someone had finally invited me to a Yuletide celebration. I even brought gifts!

      PIGGLE: Please, listen to my story, and learn of my master’s dying wish. They just wanted to be a myth wizard, but met tragedy instead. They deliver Wizard City to you. Take over and destroy Yuletide.

      KRAMPUS: It’s not in my character to ignore someone’s dying request, but I definitely don’t want to destroy my favorite holiday… I got it! From this moment onward, Yuletide is no more. Instead, Wizard City will now celebrate the solstice with a holiday called “Christmas!”

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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      Thank you so much for hosting this contest! My typical writing tends to be very dark, emotional fiction or poetry so I had a lot of fun trying something far out of my comfort zone. Here is my skit that is drawn from a number of personal experiences:

      Premiere Night

      Setting: A cinema concessions stand during the opening night of a holiday movie.

      • Molly, Icy, Missy: Managers

      • Brandon, Alia, Michael, Evelyn: Concessions stand workers
      • Customer 1, Customer 2, Customer 2’s Daughter, Kellyanne/Customer 3, Customer 4: Customers

      [Molly, the manager, approaches the concessions stand with her jacket on]
      Molly: (in a loud, squeaky voice) Icy, Missy, I told you twenty minutes ago to get the large cups. Do you think our valued customers are just going to come in and put their mouths right up on the soda machine? Or would you like to sell them something like a normal person?
      Icy: (muttering, with a southern twang) I’ve had about enough…
      Molly: What was that? (glaring at Icy and Missy) I have been here for four hours and have worked here for twenty years. One more backhand-
      Icy: Enough, I’ll handle it. Missymama, let’s go.
      [Missy and Icy storm out to retrieve a box of large cups. Molly turns to Brandon, Alia, Evelyn, and Michael who remain in concessions.]
      Molly: Brandon, I need these counters spotless. A single spot will ruin someone’s holiday and we don’t believe in ruining holidays here, do we? And Michael, the floor is not our chair. Get up and get the mop. Now.
      Brandon: I wi-
      Molly: And Alia, I need you to… Never mind, it’s five o’clock. You know that’s my leavin’ time, I’m out. If you ever see those two [Icy and Missy] again, tell them I left.
      Brandon: Okay, have a good night Molly.
      [Molly exits with no response.]
      Alia: (exhales loudly) All right, back to doing nothing.
      Brandon: I don’t know, we really need to get this cleaned or else the rush is going to destroy us. The closers did nothing back here last night.
      [A middle-aged man enters the theatre alone.]
      Alia: Um, yeah, that’ll have to wait… you guys, there’s a CUSTOMER! EVERYONE RUN!
      Brandon: What- no, what are you doing?!
      Evelyn: I’m not dealing with this… GET DOWN! THEY’RE COMING!
      Michael: (screaming, running around frantically) WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!
      [Alia, Michael, and Evelyn run away in terror. Brandon remains, fixing his holiday hat, and Customer 1 approaches in a fury.]
      Customer 1: (slamming gift cards on the counter) You guys sold me these cards for the holidays and I told my son they’d work, but they don’t. I went online and boom… useless. Get your manager and tell him I want my money back.
      Brandon: I am so sorry, I hate when that happens. I can get your tickets here, or I can still get a manager down here if you’d like to speak to her instead.
      Customer 1: Excuse me? I just said I want a manager.
      [Customers begin to line up behind Customer 1.]
      Brandon: Of course, let me call someone. (calling on the radio) Hey Icy, Missy, could I please get some help in concessions? Thank you!
      Customer 1: (in a gruff voice) Let them know I’m standing right here waiting. They have five minutes.
      [Customer 2, a young mother with her daughter, cuts around Customer 1.]
      Customer 2: (talking very slowly) Hi, so I have the app. We’ll take two for Reindeer Knight’s Revenge and a large Diet.
      Brandon: Okay, I can scan that right here for you! With the membership, your total comes down to $109.70.
      Customer 2: (after paying) Well, so I wanted to use my free drink upgrade. It should’ve taken four dollars off.
      Brandon: I’m sorry ma’am, but the membership discount takes off more than the drink upgrade.
      Customer 2: But if I upgraded, shouldn’t it take off for a small drink? I want a free small drink.
      Brandon: I’m going to have to get my manager down here, then. I’m sorry.
      Customer 1: When will they be here? I’ve been standing for four minutes.
      Customer 2: Why would you need a manager for a small drink? Can’t you just give me one?
      Brandon: I’m so sorry, I will try calling again. (calling on the radio) Icy, Missy, can you please come to concessions?
      [Customer 3, a younger woman, cuts around Customer 2 and slams her purse on the counter. The line of customers now reaches the doors.]
      Customer 3: (with a quick, dry tone) Enough wasting my time.
      Customer 2’s Daughter: We were here first; wait your turn.
      Customer 3: What did you just say to me? (to Customer 2) Get ahold of your daughter. I will not be spoken to like that by a child. Anyway… (to Brandon) I’m sorry you have to deal with freaks like those (glaring at Customers 1 & 2).
      [Brandon stands in a bashful silence. Customers 1 & 2 spin around to glare at Customer 3.]
      Customer 1: After you just cut in front of us and made a huge scene like that?
      Customer 2: Yeah, you’re one to talk.
      Customer 3: Look, I just want my tickets. I don’t have time to deal with either of your messes so I suggest you back off and let me enjoy my holiday.
      Customer 2: Your holiday? What about us? It took us ten minutes to get here, and with snow and traffic as well. You’re making our day even worse.
      [A fourth customer comes out of a theater and approaches the concessions stand.]
      Customer 4: Hi, I just wanted to let y-
      Customers 1, 2, & 3: WE WERE HERE FIRST!
      Customer 4: Sheesh, okay. I’m sorry.
      [Customer 1 turns around and advances toward Customer 3.]
      Customer 1: Are we going to have a problem? I’m not looking for a fight here on the holidays, but you don’t scare me.
      Customer 3: (setting her bag down) I didn’t want one, but apparently you think you’re tougher than I am.
      [The nearby customers stand back in apparent disbelief.]
      Customer 2: Let’s get her.
      [Customers 1, 2, & 3 begin to fight. Brandon picks up the radio.]
      Brandon: (calling over the radio again, yelling) Icy, Missy, please hurry, the customers are going at it. Help!
      Icy: (over the radio) What? Why didn’t you call me down before? On my way, I’ll handle it.
      [Icy and Missy run in from the back room. Icy looks around and then glares at Customer 3.]
      Customer 1: YOU-
      Icy: Not in the mood, sir. (to Customer 3) Kellyanne?! You have the nerve to show up here and not give me my money? (passing the radio to Brandon) Hold this, I’m going in.
      [Icy propels herself over the counter, head first, and jumps on top of Customers 1, 2, & 3.]
      Brandon: Missy, help me! What are we supposed to do?!
      Icy: (yelling) Oh no you don’t, Brandon! If you get me involved, you’re coming in, too.
      [Icy grabs Brandon by the collar and he flinches in terror.]
      Brandon: Here we go again...
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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      Mounts and pets are precious part of holiday joy as they are of our daily wizard life, and my holiday scene celebrates this alliance.

      Entries for the winter holidays contests are always the funniest to write! I'm not quite used to skits, so I hope I've gone into the right lane XD

      Thank you for the contest! Happy Holidays to all

      Yuletide Yearning

      (The setting is a living room glowing with yuletide decorations in a snowy late morning. Morgan sits reading a book in an armchair. There is a feeling of holiday peace in the air.)

      (Increasingly loud, exhausted grunts are heard outside.)

      (Curiosity wins Morgan over. She leaves the comfort behind to uncover this morning mystery.)

      (Morgan opens the front door and gasps. Her friend Belgrim is carrying his dearest mount, a Yuletide Stag named Moose, as full of personality as his name is of misinterpratation, on his back.)

      Morgan: For fizzling out loud, what happened?!

      (Before further worrying, Morgan notices Moose holds such a smug expression that it is impossible for him to be feeling any sort of mysery. Belgrim, on the other hand, is clearly at the peak of his temper, barely able to keep hold of that cheerful holiday bundle.)

      Moose: Hi, Morgan, hi!

      (Moose beams upon seeing Morgan at the door. Belgrim loses his last string of patience.)

      Belgrim: I am done! Get down and walk in yourself!

      Moose, ears flopping down: Belgrim! It's Yuletide!

      Belgrim: All the more reason!

      Moose: Not on Yuletide, you can't do that to me!

      Belgrim: Uuugh, I'm crossing that door with you and then it's over!

      Moose: Yay! Thank you!

      (A defeated Belgrim crosses the door with fantastic struggle. Moose beams, his sleigh bells chimming at every step, his hooves scraping slightly on the floor.)

      (Belgrim deposits Moose on his usual seat, where the stag sits smiling while trying to disguise a massage attempt on his sore hooves.)

      (Belgrim has no courage to look up. Morgan approaches him.)

      Morgan: But what—?

      Belgrim: Yule Mule.

      Morgan: Yule—? Oh. Don't tell me he...

      Belgrim: Yes, he did. He saw a Yule Mule. And for this stag's walnut brain now my back is a complete— uuugh!

      Morgan: Dear, dear, what a pair. Come, take a seat at once and let us... hear some stories.

      (Morgan conjures up an ice bag for Belgrim, feeling both of them exchanging a wary look behind her back.)

      (Morgan takes a seat beside Belgrim as he puts the ice bag on his forehead instead of his back. For all of Moose's initial smugness, he looks as sheepish as he looks when he knows he's been cheeky.)

      Morgan: Now... How was your morning?

      Moose: Oh, it was really nice! Belgrim carried me on his back... because I asked him. I know it's not usual, but I really wanted to...

      Morgan: Hmm, one of ''Moose's Musts''?

      Moose: Not exactly... Oh, Morgan, the moment I saw the Yule Mule I was filled with a... yearning!

      Morgan: Aah, a Yuletide Yearning, then.

      (Morgan fashions a conspiratory squint that Belgrim meets with rolling eyes.)

      Moose: Yes! You see, it all looked very right, and... and I am almost a mule.

      (There is a moment of general silence.)

      (Morgan begins speaking in a tone both know so well they stir a bit, heeding every word.)

      Morgan: I've been hearing things this Yuletide. Just the other day, there was this distinguished pair of Snowhoppers. They saw a Reindeer, and were taken by a yearning to pull its sleigh.

      (Moose gasps.)

      Moose: And... what happened?

      Morgan: You can imagine. They're sore and regretful now, but being well cared for. Then, there was a Reindeer that had a yearning to pull the Snowhoppers' sleigh. She meant well, but sent her wizard flying away into a snow pile. And then there was the Yule Mule...

      (Moose's eyes go wide. Belgrim is holding a chuckle.)

      Morgan: His yearning was to be... like the Chocolate Moose. Under Krokotopia's sun.

      (Moose covers his mouth with his hooves.)

      Moose: W-what happened?

      Morgan: Nothing critical, it was magical chocolate after all. But he did suffer a sweaty stickiness.

      (Moose sighs in relief.)

      Morgan: But the Mixed Candy-Cane that wanted to use the Yuletide Stag's sleigh bells...

      (Moose goes a bit blue.)

      Morgan: Loved it! And had no problem at all.

      (Moose squeals in surprise.)

      Morgan: So, you see, you're not a lonely case, my dears.

      (Belgrim fumbles with his ice bag.)

      Belgrim: I've heard that Santa Jaws came from one of those yearnings.

      Morgan: Belgrim, please. Now, if I had a point, Moose, it would say yearnings themselves are no harm. But you'll find out harmonising them with wisdom goes a long way.

      (Morgan smiles at Moose, whose eyes shine with understanding.)

      Morgan: And you could've been more delicate with Belgrim, dear. After all, he did ask your leave when taking you as his mount, did he not?

      Moose: Yes... He did! Oh, Belgrim!

      (Moose throws himself on Belgrim's neck babbling tearful apologies. Belgrim pats his back muttering dismissively. Tearful Moose hugs Morgan next.)

      Morgan: Although I do take interest on the subject of equality of mount rights—

      Belgrim: Morgan...

      Morgan: Aaaalright. Now, who's hungry?

      (Morgan calls over her shoulder.)

      Morgan: Jackson, dear, Moose is here! Why don't you join us for lunch?

      (Sir Jackson, Morgan's endearingly grumpy Jack O'Lantern familiar, comes jumping in the room. His pumpkin face is twice as twisted in grumpiness this morning, victim of the stag antlers headband encircling his head.)


      (Moose bounces in wild excitement.)

      Moose: I WANT ONE!

      Belgrim: What? But you've got antlers!

      Moose: All the more reason! I've got a wise yearning now. I want one, I want one!

      Belgrim: For the headmaster's slippers, I'm never gonna hear the end of it!

      Sir Jackson, sulking: You can take my headband. I'm absolutely done.

      Moose: May I, may I?

      Belgrim: ...next you're gonna ''have to have'' another tail...

      Sir Jackson: ...every Yuletide, this torture...

      Moose: Pleeeeease!

      Sir Jackson: ...she always finds the way to trick me into these antlers...

      Belgrim: ...imagine the buckets of paint we'll need if you find out about the white stags...

      Moose: Bluh? We come in whites too?!

      (Morgan sets her book aside, smiling at the thought of having all silence and peace gone, in a loving manner, to give way to Yuletide liveliness.)

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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      I decline responsibility for whatever happens in the following text.

      - "..You know what they got for Christmas? A book, "David Copperfield"

      - "Ah yeah, the one by Arthur Conrad Doyle, I read it, it's nice!"

      - I mean, ye I read it too, it's that one where you have the Mortimer guy, the arch-enemy that studies math and all that"

      - "I mean, who would be friend with math guys.. I remember seeing a documentary some time ago, you know, one of those documented stuff on youtube; they interviewed some brainy chicks that were doing some kind of summer beach intellectual contest, and they all said, like, 'math shouldn't be taught into school' and stuff like that, because when you look at microwaves there are already numbers and stuff.."*

      - "You watch that stuff?"

      - "Yeah! i mean I don't believe it, I'm sure they also had the answer stuffed in their mouth, we all do; but yeah, it was sorta like, "makes sense to me", kind of stuff. Cultural, ya know."

      - "..Are you sure the second name was "Conrad"?

      - ".. Are you sure the family name was "Doyle"? Isn't that the guy that later opened a canned fruits factory?"

      - "Yeeeh, I guess the book sold so well, he invested in something serious afterward; you know, literature only take you so far.."

      - " I wouldn't say that. Look at Harry Potter, the gal that wrote it and the money she made."

      - "Yeah, but that's for gullible kids, you know, it's like the coke industry that invented Santa, so that they would sell more, you know, get the kids into the bad stuff earlier."

      - "That's so awful! And the government that let it be.."

      - "Horrible! I didn't know. I think I'm not making a Christmas tree this year. And if somebody asks why, I'll tell them that I'm complaining against the government laxity about drug dealing encouraged at every corner by those dangerous red-headed fatties!"

      - "Chill ! Ok, I mean, you are right, I mean.. and after all, we had thanksgiving just, what? A month ago? We could just say we celebrated Christmas the same day".

      - "But what are you gonna tell your parents, aren't they all excited about Christmas?"

      - "Bah! I'll just offer them a drink and tell them they got the wrong date, and we are already past it. They were never that good with alcohol."

      - "And gifts will be 30% off in January".

      - "I mean, Christmas? Who even knows what we are celebrating?"

      - "Nah you can say that. I heard that the book related to that is the most sold in the world, you know.."

      - "You mean the red book? But wasn't it from a Chinese guy?"

      - "Of course they printed it in China, you know how much it would cost to print in a civilized country? But the author was this Christopher Jung guy or something like that, from somewhere in Europe. I think."

      - "Wasn't it Lebanon? I think he had some kinship with the president of a car company.."

      - " It can't be, at least a hundred thousand years have past since he wrote it. It's a piece of history, ya know. And I'm pretty sure the name was Joseph and he was from Switzerland, they even made a religion out of it. Something about psychology".

      - "nah, it was definitely Christopher, his friends would call him "Christ" for short.. And he may have been French, he had this famous wedding at Cannes, if I remember well. Something very jet-setty.."

      - "..For his time..".

      -" Of course, for his time."

      (A voice-off cuts the dialogues)

      " Ladies & gentlemen, please be ready, we are on air in 5.."





      -"WELCOME! To this Christmas special of "the literary show"!

      -"From left to right, our illustrious guests today are:"

      Merry Chrismas!

      * (it really exists.. although not exactly made the way our literate friend described it. Search on the net, it's worth to watch : "should math be taught into school?" year 2011 )
      " I can solve any issues in the world, except those originated by human stupidity"
      ".. that leaves out A LOT.."

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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      This is my skit. My skit contains 989 words.

      Santa Claus
      Candy Cane Reindeer
      Candy Cane Monster
      Elf 1
      Elf 2

      Narrator: Meanwhile, in Greenland on Christmas day...

      Santa Claus: Hmm... I need to check to see how are the elves doing today.

      Narrator: Santa Claus looks at the elves.

      Santa Claus: Oh no, those beards are too long for the elves, and I need to use something to trim those beards.

      Narrator: Santa Claus needs to get his candy cane trimmers. He gets his candy cane trimmers from the candy cane reindeer.

      Santa Claus: Can I borrow your candy cane trimmers, please?

      Candy Cane Reindeer: Yes.

      Santa Claus: Thank you so much! I promise that I will bring those trimmers back to you.

      Narrator: Santa Claus prepares for the barber shop. The barber shop is made out of cement and bricks. Sadly, his trimmers are automatically broken as if both parts split in half.

      Santa Claus: No! Those trimmers are broken!

      Narrator: Santa Claus asks Elf 1 for help.

      Santa Claus: I need to know how I can fix these trimmers.

      Elf 1: You should go to the blacksmith. He fixes things made out of every single material.

      Santa Claus: Where is he?

      Elf 1: He is in the igloo.

      Narrator: Santa goes inside the igloo to fix the trimmers.

      Santa Claus: Hello, I entered your igloo to fix these trimmers.

      Blacksmith: Ok, but I need two candy canes to fix your trimmers, and you can get them in the candy cane forest.

      Santa Claus: I will! I will get those candy canes from that forest!

      Narrator: Santa Claus goes through the candy cane forest. Unfortunately, he met a monster that blocks his way.

      Santa Claus: I need to get to those candy canes, please.

      Candy Cane Monster: I cannot let you go in.

      Santa Claus: Why not?

      Candy Cane Monster: Because I said so.

      Narrator: Santa Claus searches around the outside the forest until he saw a book that was stuck in the snow. Santa Claus grabs the book and learns the sleeping spell. Then, Santa goes back to the monster and casts the sleeping spell. The sleeping spell only lasts for thirty minutes. After the sleeping spell is cast, Santa Claus grabs two candy canes from the branches of the candy cane tree.

      Candy Cane Monster: You again…

      Santa Claus: I will cast this spell to make you fall asleep to grab two candy canes. I might borrow another pair of candy canes, just in case if two of these candy canes get broken again.

      Candy Cane Monster: Wait, what is going on? I feel a little sleepy…

      Narrator: The candy cane monster is asleep and Santa Claus got two candy canes for the blacksmith. Santa Claus returns to the igloo.

      Santa Claus: I brought the two candy canes.

      Blacksmith: That is good! While you were away, I got this special gel from my own cabinet. I will try this gel to see if this gel can make my beard shiny.

      Narrator: The blacksmith tries the gel from a supplement bottle and convinces Santa Claus to try out the sleigh along with the reindeers. Additionally, the blacksmith gives the gel to Santa Claus.

      Blacksmith: See, it works with only a drop.

      Santa Claus: Thanks! I will use this kind of gel for my barber shop.

      Narrator: The blacksmith needs time to fix those trimmers so he needs Santa Claus to test something.

      Blacksmith: It should take about thirty minutes to fix those trimmers. While I fix your trimmers, you can test out this sleigh with eight reindeers for Christmas day.

      Santa Claus: Thank you, I will test the sleigh!

      Narrator: After thirty minutes, the blacksmith fixes those candy cane trimmers.

      Blacksmith: I have finished making those trimmers. How was the sleigh?

      Santa Claus: The sleigh functions fast and it flies in the sky.

      Blacksmith: Sounds great!

      Santa Claus: I like to thank you for fixing these trimmers and for letting me use the sleigh.

      Blacksmith: You are welcome. Take care of those trimmers and gel!

      Santa Claus: Ok, thanks. Have fun on this Christmas day!

      Blacksmith: You too!

      Narrator: Santa Claus drives his sleigh and made his barber shop next to the igloo. Also, he puts the other pair of candy canes in the jar.

      Santa Claus: I have opened my barber shop.

      Narrator: Elves come to the barber shop.

      Elf 1: I would like to have my beard be as fluffy as the snow.

      Santa Claus: Sounds great! I will trim you a good beard in no time!

      Narrator: Santa Claus reaches out to get his trimmers and trimmed the first elf’s beard as softly as possible.

      Santa Claus: This should be it.

      Elf 1: My beard looks fluffy! Thanks, Santa!

      Santa Claus: No problem.

      Narrator: Elf 2 is next to get his beard trimmed.

      Elf 2: I want my beard to look shiny like icicles.

      Santa Claus: I think I will do that! Wait, I need to get my special gel.

      Narrator: Santa Claus shines his beard first and then cuts it short as possible.

      Santa Claus: There you go. Have a wonderful day!

      Elf 2: I know this beard is nice and all, but do you mind if you can give me a candy cane? It is part of the Christmas spirit.

      Santa Claus: Absolutely!

      Narrator: Santa Claus gives a candy cane from the candy cane jar.

      Santa Claus: Here is your candy cane. Is there anything else you want?

      Elf 2: No thank you.

      Santa Claus: Have a wonderful Christmas!

      Narrator: Then, the elves leave with shorter beards when they exited the barber shop. Santa happily goes to talk to the Candy Cane Reindeer and says...

      Santa Claus: Here are your candy cane trimmers!

      Candy Cane Reindeer: Thank you for bringing my candy cane trimmers!

      Santa Claus: No problem and Merry Christmas to you!

      Candy Cane Reindeer: Merry Christmas to you too!

      Narrator: So Santa Claus, both of the elves, the Candy Cane Reindeer, and the blacksmith lived happily ever after. The End.

      I need to look and feel more serious with criticism.
      I am not the same person who uses the Pirate101 central account since I want to focus on Wizard101 only.

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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      For Whom the Krampus Tolltaker Tolls
      Main - Sierra
      Friends - Iris, Aedan, Corwin, and Kestrel

      (Dorms in Ravenwood)

      Bang! Sierra's door swung open and hit the wall.
      AEDAN: "Sierra!!!! Hey! Where are you? We are gonna start partying for Yuletide!"
      A groan answered them. They looked over to see Sierra sprawled on her bed looking to be in a bad mood.
      KESTREL: "I know that look, you didn't try soloing the golden Krampus again did you? Come on! It's Yuletide Eve! You know you won't be able to defeat him on your own at your level!"
      SIERRA: "I know, but I don't want a carry, so I will never defeat him, ever." She said in a depressed tone.
      CORWIN: "You're just having a string of bad luck, come on, you've spent countless hours and Gold Skeleton Keys trying to beat him. It's Yuletide! Take a break, you will be feeling better after and I bet you will get Krampus' staff!"
      SIERRA: "Eating junk food is going to magically improve my luck?"
      Her friends looked at each other and nodded.
      SIERRA: "Guys..." she said warningly.
      Aedan and Iris suddenly lunged at her and grabbed her and started tugging her out the door.
      She struggled against them.
      Corwin flounced around to her side as they tugged her to the World Gate.
      CORWIN: "You're getting a break whether you like it or not, You'll be feeling much better after a couple of Nana's hot cocoas.
      IRIS: Ye Old Bakery here we come!!!"

      (Ye Old Bakery, Karamelle City)

      They were right, she was feeling better; but after countless cookies, candy canes, pies, and getting tipsy on far too many hot cocoas to count, Sierra knew it was time to head back to the dorms when Aedan started flirting with a life-sized gingerbread girl standee in the bakery.
      SIERRA: "Come on Aedan."
      She pulled him away towards the door, but he fought back.
      AEDAN: "No! I need to get her address so I can arrange a date with her, she's so sweet!" He said dreamily.
      SIERRA: "I think you might find yourself disappointed," She said with a snort.
      AEDAN: "Nah... we connected, it was like she was made for me..." He slurred.
      Sierra held back a laugh, man was she going to blackmail him with this later - she bet she could get him to send Professor Cyrus Drake a toupee for Christmas next year - she was still sore over the latest unfair bad grade he had given her, payback time.
      A few minutes later, she was able to distract Aedan from his new "sweetheart" by telling him she had a whole barrel of cocoa waiting for him in his dorm. Her other friends were easier to round up and soon they were all staggering back to their dorms.

      (Arriving at Ravenwood)

      They exited Bartleby's mouth where Iris proceeded to trip and crash to the ground, broken candy canes spilling from her robe pocket.
      IRIS: "Noooo! Why!!? She cried with great lamentation.
      Bartleby raised a brow in an expression that could be described in one word, 'Really?' Her other friends began dramatically mourning the fallen sweets with Iris.
      SIERRA: "Spirits above, could you guys be any more embarrassing?" She groaned.
      Corwin suddenly stood and staggered off and threw up on one of Bartleby's roots. She face-palmed, well what do you know, they can.
      After heavily apologizing to Bartleby, she had hoped to get everyone to their dorms immediately, but it was like herding cats. She failed to notice they had neared the door to the Krampusgarten. Thump...thump...thump. Sierra felt the hair rise on her neck and she turned to be faced by the final incarnation of Krampus. He gave a sadistic toothy smile.
      KRAMPUS: "Thought you would escape from me you naughty naughty childre-"
      KESTREL: "Heyyy, nice Krampus costume, where did you get it from?"
      She slurred as she swayed back and forth. Krampus furrowed his brows in confusion but looked back to Sierra.
      KRAMPUS: "You think I wouldn't find you? Krampus sees al-"
      Aedan stumbled closer.
      AEDAN: "Whoaaa your costume is the GOAT!"
      Krampus stared at him open-mouthed and completely bewildered.
      KESTREL: "No stupid, he's the goat."
      Kestrel corrected with a snigger.
      Corwin chortled but stopped,
      CORWIN: "Uh, what's a GOAT?"
      IRIS: "It means Greatest Of All Time, duh!" She huffed.
      CORWIN: "Oh, right.... am I a GOAT?
      KESTREL: "Only on homework." Kestrel laughed.
      Krampus watched the whole interaction with disbelief as the four students completely disregarded him.
      KRAMPUS: "I will bring ruin to your holidays!!" Krampus roared.
      They approached closer.
      FRIENDS: "Sweet horns, how did you make them?" "Where did you buy the staff?" "Is your suit made of real fur?"
      KRAMPUS: "What is wrong with you wizards?!" He exclaimed while holding out his Tolltaker Staff to keep them back.
      They continued to ask question after question until he finally threw his staff to the ground,
      KRAMPUS: "STOP, ENOUGH! I can't take this anymore! Take my staff! Take some gold and a candy cane broom and leave me alone!!!"
      He ran off back into Krampusgarten and slammed the door.
      Sierra stared dumbfounded at the discarded battle winnings. She slowly walked up and grabbed the fallen staff. She touched the bell carefully, never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be able to get one of these. She is definitely going to try this baby out tomorrow.
      She spun around to see Kestrel and Corwin spread eagle on the ground at the base of Kelvin the Ice School tree, Iris hanging over one of the lower snowy branches, and Aedan hanging over Kelvin's nose - the candy cane broom Krampus had thrown at them lying in a broken pile at the roots.
      AEDAN: Sierra, you got to try this broom, it's wicked!
      She blinked, trying to remember how she became friends with these weirdos in the first place. She chuckled as they got themselves out of the tree covering everyone with snow in the process and they motioned her over.
      CORWIN: Did we tell ya or did we tell ya you'd get Krampus' staff?! Ya just needed a bit of luck is all!!
      IRIS: Let's go pound some Gobblers tomorrow!!!
      FRIENDS: Yeah! Yeah!
      Sierra chuckled and gave the staff a swing - the silver bell ringing loudly. Well, they got one thing right, that was one massive serving of luck. The bells rang in her favor today, and boy was it sweet.
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      Re: 2020 Wunderbar Winter Wonders Skit Writing Competition

      Wizard: -bolts into Fireglobe theater- Where is the Nothing?! I got this!

      Regina: -hurries over with papers- Nothing? What? No! I was serious, 'nothing' is after me like the owl said, I just need your help! Duncan bailed on the skit and now we need a lead!

      Wizard: What? -looks to the closed curtain with and the Dramatugists with the stage lights ready- Wait, now?

      Regina: -shoves papers into Wizard's arms and then onto the stage-

      Wizard: -stumbles onto the stage, behind the curtain, ready to be pulled open by some fairies and starts reading over the skit notes shoved into their hands mutters- One second, one second...

      Nolan: -shouts from the other side of the curtain- Welcome, one and all to the greatest show to ever hit Wizard city!

      Wizard: -tries to read faster and memorize everything, only now on page 2 out of... -gets distracted for a second, looking at at least 200 more pages to go- Are you kidding me?

      -curtains open-

      Wizard: -drops the skit papers as the stage lights flooded them, blinding them temporarily-

      Nolan: -whispers, just off stage now- Don't blow this!

      Wizard: -hurriedly scoops up the papers and flat just reads them- Look up, welcome to -looks up-

      -lights go to the audience, every last one Malistiar-

      Wizard: -drops the papers with a flat look, worn and exasperated look- No. -walks off stage-

      Regina: -hisses- Where are you going?

      Wizard: I'm going to go pvp Ice wizards.

      Regina: You can't....

      Wizard: -slams the door behind them-

      Nolan: -joins Regina- So.... who's gonna tell the Malistair fan club of the Spiral you broke the Scion?

      Regina: -smiles at Nolan-
      I think I love you more than paper tick
      -Katz to fishy cracker

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