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      Posting not working?

      I made a couple of threads, but I can't respond to people on the posts. Is there a reason why?

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      Lightbulb Re: Posting not working?

      Quote Originally Posted by NomadicTopHat View Post
      I made a couple of threads, but I can't respond to people on the posts. Is there a reason why?
      There are a few possible reasons why your posts aren't going through, and a few solutions!

      1. Using an excessive amount of characters will get your post automatically flagged, and it will only appear once the mods approve it. For example, spamming asterisks will get a post/thread moved to auto moderation. In general, it is wise to avoid using egregious amounts of symbols, and asterisks, as even a few of these little stars will activate the bots.

      2. You said a word the post checker doesn't like. I've had to happen to me quite often when I try to use a common lunch meats name in vain! Innocent words will sometimes do this to your post, and it of course goes without saying that blatantly problematic words will get that thread booted to Willowdreamer's desk.

      3. If you have created a thread/post within the last 30 seconds, the Central cyborgs will delay you from posting until that half minute timer runs out. Although annoying at times, this is in place to protect against spam.

      4. If you have been banned in some way, shape or form by Jester, you will not be able to post. I'm not entirely sure if temporally "mutes" are a thing, but it is possible. Although this point may seem obvious, I like to have my bases covered!

      OK, so lets talk solutions and easy workarounds for the impatient (People like me) who don't want to wait a day and see their thread's momentum wither up and die.

      1. If you submit a reply, see your screen flash with a brief message, then your screen shifts to the subsection where the thread was originally posted in, it has gone to moderation. Don't panic, all you need to do is to keep that tab open and press the "Back" button on your web browser. This should bring you to the editing window! From here, simply readjust your post and remove the copious amounts of characters you added. If the problem persists, rinse and repeat until you identify the root cause.

      2. Again, click the "back" arrow on your browser and peruse your post in the editing screen for the word(s) that most likely got tagged. Keep in mind that more obscure, unique, and perhaps even dirty sounding terms will be the likely culprits for this cyborg retaliation. Simply take them out, rearrange your post for half an hour, fix the sentence structure, congratulate yourself on having a comprehensive vocabular, and click submit until it goes through!

      3. This is perhaps the easiest problem to solve, given you are not a mayfly who doesn't want to waste 30 seconds of their days long life. Wait out the timer then click "Submit reply/Thread"!

      4. If you have received punishment from the Central Mods, and IIRC, they should shoot you a message detailing the specifics of what happened and what sort of consequences you will be facing, You can of course attempt to appeal such a decision, and I encourage doing so. The first time I got banned was due to an error on the Mod's end, so I highly encourage following up. If you are banned from using PM's, at the bottom of every page in Central there is a "Contact Us" button you can use.
      As always, remember to be respectful no matter the outcome!

      5. If you are still stumped, shooting @Willowdreamer a message either on her profile page or in her inbox is a good "fix all"- I have found that she always knows what to do!

      "Yet like a bad case of athlete's foot you just kept coming back."

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      Re: Posting not working?

      Quote Originally Posted by NomadicTopHat View Post
      I made a couple of threads, but I can't respond to people on the posts. Is there a reason why?
      Good morning, NomadicTopHat, and welcome to Central! I did find your recent posts and approved them, so they should now be visible.
      @JaredSpellFrost's advice is all good, except we do not recommend that you keep trying to "adjust" your language and attempting to re-post. This just creates many copies of posts that also need to be reviewed and then will be deleted as duplicates. One attempt to re-post is okay, but please don't make three or four.

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