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      Post Socketing and Jewls

      I am a level 49 fire wizard. I only know that jewels can be socketed to pets,decks,rings and amulets but I have no idea when to start doing so and which jewels will be the best.

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      Re: Socketing and Jewls

      Quote Originally Posted by AaronFirebladee View Post
      I am a level 49 fire wizard. I only know that jewels can be socketed to pets,decks,rings and amulets but I have no idea when to start doing so and which jewels will be the best.
      All gems are pretty much the same.

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      Re: Socketing and Jewls

      Quote Originally Posted by AaronFirebladee View Post
      I am a level 49 fire wizard. I only know that jewels can be socketed to pets,decks,rings and amulets but I have no idea when to start doing so and which jewels will be the best.
      Socket jewels whenever you can. Any protection or boost you can receive is a benefit no matter how you play. If you don't have the socket wrenches or Crowns to unlock sockets, you can farm to get wrenches. There is a guide, and information in the wiki, regarding what is needed to unlock the gear.

      As you gain more by leveling your wizard, you will have hopefully acquire more variety and stock, then you can be more choosy about what sort of build you want to get from the gear and which jewels will enhance how you play.

      Any jewels you have that aren't helpful can be fed to pets -- many times this will result in a couple of points of pet experience, or at least some gold.

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      Re: Socketing and Jewls

      Quote Originally Posted by AaronFirebladee View Post
      I am a level 49 fire wizard. I only know that jewels can be socketed to pets,decks,rings and amulets but I have no idea when to start doing so and which jewels will be the best.
      Start as soon as you can.

      Regarding the jewels themselves, here is a list of them:

      SQUARE JEWELS: These jewels can be added into wands, athames and rings are for defense. You will acquire all seven schools as well as clear ones.

      Example 1: Say you have put a fire jewel +20 on one of you items. In order to utilize it you must attach (or socket) that gem, by hitting B and choosing which item to use it in, and then click the colored jewel circle at the bottom of the page.

      You go into battle during a daily bonus and must defeat a fire wizard in Dragonspyre. Whatever damage the fire wizard does against you, that +20 defensive damage will mean less damage.

      Example 2: You return to your journey through the Spiral, and as you travel through Mooshu, you acquire a +15 clear square jewel. I would advise you to SHATTER your fire +20 jewel by returning to where you placed it, and attach the new jewel.

      Why? Because on top of your regular stats, you now have an additional added defense of +15 across the board against all the schools. This is more beneficial in helping you win battles later on. As you acquire better defensive jewels, SHATTER and ATTACH the new jewels.

      On Unicorn Way across from Diego is a vendor that will sell jewels in the second example for arena tickets. My Ice bought a non-transferable +26 Square jewel for 300 arena tickets; this was before Karamelle came to Live.

      ROUND JEWELS: Again, these can be added to wands, athames and rings, but have a variety of uses; such as critical hit/defense, damage, and pierce (highest pierce I have seen is 6).

      In Arcs 2-4, there will come a time when you cast your spells that a drum will sound and you see the word CRITICAL! appear. This means a spell will do double the original damage.

      In several areas of the same Arcs as above, the enemies will also CRITICAL. There will be times where the sound and message CRITICAL BLOCKED! will appear. It prevents the enemy from doing double damage to you.

      There are some with an open hand and others with a closed fist that do damage to the enemy that are added into the overall damage of your spells.

      Pierce allows you to bring damage down from a shield. Say you have a +4 fire pierce jewel ATTACHED and an Ice mob places a +50 Tower Shield on a fire enemy. The only thing you have apart from attacks is an off-school wand (so you don't use up your fire blades).

      As you attack, the game will show you attacking the Tower shield, and it will mention -46, because the fire pierce jewel is subtracting from the original strength of the shield.

      These stats are added into your overall game play when attacking mobs and bosses.

      TRIANGLE JEWELS: Are mostly for decks, it helps you with the accuracy of your spells when cast.

      For example, say you find 2 of these, one for fire and one for death. The fire one is more beneficial to you in your attacks, and will help you not fizzle out.

      My wizards all have an Enchanted Armaments pet, and they would feed their pets everything that is Life, Myth, Death or Balance that was not useful to them to clean up their backpacks.

      TEAR JEWELS: These jewels add health or mana to your base baubles. These jewels can be placed on wands, athames, rings and sometimes decks. I would advise ADD IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

      STAR JEWELS: The only place this is put is on your pet, and can cover criticals, accuracy and a few other talents. Your pet must be at ANCIENT, and it allows your pet to have a 6th talent on it.

      I hope this helps you understand how jewels are used, and always remember that if you find a better jewel than you currently have SHATTER then ATTACH the new jewels. If you need assistance, feel free to ask.


      P.S., There will come a time in the game where your equipment selections will become your primary gear at all times. Sell or feed your other gear that you are carrying and continually SHATTER and ATTACH your jewels accordingly because you are upgrading your overall strength as you do so, and it could better help you stay alive and advance in the game.
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      Re: Socketing and Jewls

      I am a particular advocate of socketing accuracy jewels, because getting fizzle to zero is tremendously helpful and many newer wizards struggle figuring out how. This is because of the weird way the game fiddles with fizzle chance. A spell with nominally 90% accuracy usually has a significantly greater chance than 10% of fizzling, and the longer the fight (which usually means the harder the fight) the greater the discrepancy between nominal fizzle chance and actual fizzle chance. It can occasionally happen that the extra turn (or more!) taken to recast a fizzled spell can mean losing a duel, and it is EXTREMELY frustrating when that happens. However, a spell with true 100% or greater accuracy will NEVER fizzle, and that is an advantage that is hard to overstate.

      I say true accuracy because if your pet contributes to your accuracy, the pet contribution is rounded, and a stat displaying as 100% may actually only be 99.6% or so, and still occasionally fizzle. For most reliable results, if your pet contributes to accuracy you should get accuracy to 101 just to be sure. Gear, jewel, or spell contributed accuracy is always in whole percentage points, not rounded.

      Each wizard can have up to two accuracy jewels, one socketed in your athame and the other socketed in your deck; they fit in triangle sockets. I wrote an incomplete but perhaps helpful guide to triangle decks, which can be a little hard to find; you can find the guide in the equipment guide section ("Triangle decks for lesser mortals").

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