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      Thumbs up Re: Fall Update Now Live!

      I was chatting with @Caspeen earlier today, and we got talking about how a lot of Players seem to only focus on the negative aspects of the Fall Update. I myself am guilty of this, and so to spark a more multifaceted discussion I wanted to point out what KingsIsle got right this time around!
      Disclaimer: I am not trying to deflect from the countless problems our game and its company has, and we shouldn't lose sight of these wrongdoings- rather, we can't let the positives go unspoken! After all, pointing out what KingsIsle is doing right and encouraging them to keep at it can't hurt, right?

      Crit/Block Stat Rebalancing:
      This is a more controversial positive, but overall I am satisfied with the new Critical system! It certainly makes my decision to pursue my Fortuneteller Wand appear much more justified now... This stat rework will help push back the ongoing power creep problems we have seen manifest over the years, so I am optimistic for the future. I will admit, I do wish we had a percentage stat and an official "Critical Calculator"/Critical formula released by KingsIsle. Even giving us an average critical percentage depending on what world we're in would be cool to see!

      Castle Tours Improvements:
      As I have not yet journeyed to Karamelle yet, this might be my favorite addition in this entire update. I can't wait for the new event so that I can craft the new housing items!

      New Spells:
      The Taunt/Pacify rework has been long awaited by Theurgists and Thaumaturges everywhere since the dawn of time. Do these new changes affect the original Taunt/Pacify spells though?

      Bountiful Mine:
      At long last, this bug has been patched! Rejoice!

      "Yet like a bad case of athlete's foot you just kept coming back."

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      Re: Fall Update Now Live!

      Quote Originally Posted by JaredSpellFrost View Post
      New Spells:
      The Taunt/Pacify rework has been long awaited by Theurgists and Thaumaturges everywhere since the dawn of time. Do these new changes affect the original Taunt/Pacify spells though?
      No, the old spells haven't been changed. I was really hoping they would be, since Taunt will be great for the new tank style Ice is getting, and especially for the Deckathalon so that the tauntbot minions (Myth Minotaur and Storm Elemental) can get a buff. Reworking the old Pacifies would be great for a few PVE fights (like the Storm Trident, if your hitter doesn't hit hard enough they can use the Pacify so they don't have to worry about being Enfeebled afterwards).

      Also, when I was testing these spells last night I found out that there's a second version of the Storm spell Soothe, which is an X-pip spell despite not being the Mega version. It also plays the animation from a Storm wand hit (Shock, to be more precise) rather than the regular calming animation. And this card isn't listed on the Wiki! The Wiki did notice that Death's Pacify TC is X-pip though. Wonder if that's a bug.

      As for my biggest positive about this update (aside from the world itself, which is absolutely amazing and might be my new favorite world... weird how the latest worlds always end up being my favorite...): The way Spellements were implemented for the new spells. No monetization, at least, not yet. Just farm bosses to make the spells better. And it doesn't really matter who you farm, so it could be an easy boss or one of the tougher ones. It reminds me of Empyrea Part 1 and how it handled gear drops, but I especially am glad that they tried not to make tough endbosses outshadowed by easy bosses when it comes to farming.

      Another one: A good deal of Monstrology creatures! At launch! Empyrea Part 1 didn't have any, even though Poison Oak totally should've counted. When we get Double Monstrology again, I'm gonna hit up the Hangriest Gobbler and get that final badge!
      Last edited by Torpzun26; 11-29-20 at 6:30:29 AM. Reason: I AM QUOTEBREAKER, DESTROYER OF WORLDS

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      Re: Fall Update Now Live!

      Thought this was humorous, with the poster on the wall, Originally they both faced away from me, but the one turned around after she attacked me.


      My storm is done with all the quests. Sure are a lot of blank lines the first 3 pages (just have 4 total badges the first three pages). I guess we'll have to figure out what they all are. I got four for doing a boss solo.

      Solodozer- doing bundozer solo (the bunny that ate hans) page 2
      Solo burner - doing Heidi solo page 3
      One against many - doing copy qhat solo page 1
      Chicken Scratcher - doing the chicken solo page 1

      Seeing as how the only battles I didn't solo were the gobbler king and the final battle, have no clue what the other badges are on the first 3 pages.

      I got the badge for defeating 100 gnomes. The next badge requires 1000 gnomes.
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      Re: Fall Update Now Live!

      I finally was able to get enough crowns to open up Karamelle, after I finally managed in 8 days to get my last 3 wizards to the end of Empyrea and to do the quests to obtain the Karamelle spells.

      I was so excited to finally be able to open up Karamelle and I started with Cody SoulSword my Storm.

      I thought the tower in the City was cool, and to be honest I was expecting multiple quests to be given, but after the Tower, Von Trapp's Estate, and the 2 quests in Candy Mountain; and the return to Karamelle, I counted a grand total of maybe 6 quests.

      Why oh why did KI get my hopes up and in about 15 minutes (give or take), did I spend 2295 crowns to add it?

      This is similar to what happened to me in Pirate101, and I had stated in one of my original posts on this thread, that I hoped that this would not happen, yet it did.

      All that time wasted, all the effort in making sure all 6 of my wizards were ready for Karamelle; shot to pieces.

      I like the world, I hate that the fact that I felt like I was short changed.

      In the short time, I did collect 4 Sound of Musicology spellments, and when my Ice entered; he expected to find the crafter since he has the Revered Crafting Badge,

      He or she is missing.


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