Hi, i'd like to pose a very concerning question.

I just got back into this game a little over a month ago after a few years break, and have been working tirelessly on updating my gear and pets.
I noticed when making my "perfect" pet that every single school had a may cast +25% damage aura. Sleet Storm for Ice, Furnace for Fire, Virulence for Death, Reliquary for Myth, Punishment for Myth, but no Devotion for Life?

I understand the stereotype that life wizards get that they are just merely healers, so I get why Kingsisle chose to give them may cast Cycle of Life. But for those of us like myself who enjoy playing an offensive-oriented Life wizard, and particularly in the 1v1 PvP department, we are at a significant disadvantage when EVERY other school has a may cast +25% dmg aura for themselves, but NOT Life. I don't see why KI could not simply add the May Cast Devotion pet talent into the game like every other class' +25% damage aura, and I hope it is a mere oversight and will come of something in due time.