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      Foetid Crypt Guide To Defeating Sir Greggor

      While I've found a couple of informative "guides" on the cheats used by sir/squire Greggor. I have not found anything outlining a good strategy to defeat them. After many failed team up attempts. I thought I would share a strategy that has worked very well for me.

      So many seem to believe you need a max storm or fire to kill. Well that is just not true. For this instance. I ran this dungeon with my Death and balance wizards. A couple of important things to note. As sir greggor likes to periodically interrupt and shatter any buffs placed on himself. Followed by adding an enchanted tower shield for himself. Its much easier to run this dungeon going first.There are 2 mob fights before reaching the boss. If you start the first battle in first position. That will carry on throughout. Leave and start over if you're starting second. Five minutes it costs you to restart may save you 30 minutes later.

      Another important note is that I found this dungeon to be much easier with only 2 wizards vs. a full team. This is because having a full team will allow sir Greggor to summon 2 additional minions in the final fight. With 2 wizards. No minions are summond. At the beginning of the final fight. Sir greggor will cast a shield protecting all but himself by 75%. Not a fun experience in the event you draw 2 additional storm minions spamming Sirens and glow bugs.Sir Greggors will also remove any traps on his friends. You may use indemnity to work around this however.

      As sir Greggor is death with roughly 60,000 health and the squire is life with roughly 25,000 health.I say roughly because he uses shadow seraph on his friends which causes him to absorb some of the hit used on them in the event you utilze an aoe for the kill. Even though the hit listed shows 54,000 damage. That did in fact kill him. I chose to hit using my balance to avoid the likelyhood of shields to my death. As Im using only the 2 wizards. No minions will be called. You can however begin this fight and have friends port in at that time making it even easier.

      Knowing Sir Greggors shields the squire and also removes traps to himself periodicaly which is followed by placing the enchanted tower on himself. I choose to blade up my balance until I see him invoke this cheat to himself. With no minions present capable of removing blades. Blade up while also getting your feints ready. You'll also want your tank to have a solo hit ready at this point. Continue blading until you see him cast his cheat to remove traps. He will be left with the enchanted tower. Shatter/pierce will not remove this as its enchanted. A solo hit as simple as a wand will. You have limited time as he uses this cheat randomly it seems. This is why its important to go first.

      With his tower removed, I place 2 versions of feint giving him only the one round to consider using the cheat again.

      With Sir Greggor gone. The shield is removed from the squire. At this point you can feint and trap at will making it a basic boss fight. The squire does have a random cheat that can bring sir Greggor back, but he comes back at fairly low health so its easy to take him out with a follow up hit. After 20 or so runs utilizing this strategy. Im finding this cheat doesnt occur too often. My current theory is it happens when solo hitting him vs. using an aoe. Still working on that though.

      The biggest issues I was seeing when trying to do this with random groups. First is deck construction. You want a very small deck for the mob fights and only what you need for the boss. The second is thinking you need that Dragoon gear you farmed so hard for. you don't. Here's a good example of dumping a piece of Dragoon gear for something far better for this fight.

      These bosses do hit hard. By switching out that dragoon gear for some crafted level 96 gear. I lost very little attack but gained some much needed life/ death resist.
      While Im sure there may be better strategies out there. I hope this helps some who might be struggling to get through this fight.
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      Re: Foetid Crypt Guide To Defeating Sir Greggor

      Thank you for putting this together. I've been stuck at this fight for about a month trying to get past these two.

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      Re: Foetid Crypt Guide To Defeating Sir Greggor

      Because you can teleport into catacombs dungeons I've heard that you can also have two Wizards enter the instance and get through the regular enemies. After they initiate the fight with Sir Greggor you can have 1-2 more friends teleport into the duel without having to deal with those additional Storm minions.

      I have not tried this myself so I do not know for sure if it works. It would require a bit more planning but could help make one of the hardest catacombs fights (imo) more manageable.

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      Re: Foetid Crypt Guide To Defeating Sir Greggor

      I have spent nearly half the day doing this fight and I am completely demoralized over it.

      Three of us were in there and the balance guy kept buying life minions to help us stay alive, but after 8 long returns to battle, we all died.

      Why did KI create such an impossible dungeon that gives the impression of being rigged against the player?


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