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      Prince Viggor Quick-Farming Guide

      I want to give credit where it's due - this technique was not mine, but it was handed to me via a fellow player who needed farming help. Shoutout to you, Tavia FireFlower, for making this awesome technique. I have since edited parts of it in order to make it more efficient.

      In short, you will need four people. This is maybe negotiable but will cause you to have to spend more turns doing this, and it's no longer a 2-turn strategy XD. If done correctly, with all the odds generally in your favor, you can kill Prince Viggor in two turns. In our experience, killing in 3 and 4 turns was more likely ( due to errors you'll see below), and we often had to do post-killing cleanup of additional summoned minions.

      Person 1: Indemnity, Feint, Sharp, Ele Blade (trained).
      Person 2: Backdraft, Ele Blade or Reg Fireblade. Fire Mastery + Right Gear, or Fire w/ Trained Backdraft. Use TC Fireblade if using Fire Mastery. 135 Minimum Damage; More is highly recommended. High Crit highly recommended.
      Person 3: Sharp, Fireblade, Scald. Fire not optional.
      Person 4: TC Fireblade, Incindiate. Use TC Ele Blade if Person 2 is using TC Fireblade.

      Stacking your blades is incredibly important to ensure you can kill him with or without crits.

      This is also the order you need to enter the battle with.
      Here's how the fight would go:

      Person 1: Indemnity Feint on Viggor
      Person 2: Backdraft on Viggor (No minions, so no worries about it being removed)
      Person 3: Sharp Fireblade on Self
      Person 4: TC Fireblade on Hitter (Person 3)

      Turn 2:
      Person 1: Sharp Ele Blade on Hitter
      Person 2: Ele Blade / Reg Fireblade on Hitter
      Person 3: Scald
      Person 4: Incindiate

      Person 1 has room for 3 more cards in their deck. I'd recommend more blades.
      Person 2 has room for 4 more cards in their deck. I'd also recommend more blades.
      Person 3 has room for 3 or 4 more cards in their deck. I'd recommend Meteor, Fire Dragon, or other easy to use hitting spells.
      Person 4 has room for 6 more cards in their main deck. I'd recommend more blades to help Person 3 clean up fast.

      Just in case things go really awry, feel free to pack more things on your sideboard aha - feel free to disregard any suggestions of more cards and just put everything in sideboards for guaranteed efficiency.

      Ways this can go wrong:
      Sometimes Viggor will quake on turn one. Sometimes his minion will quake on turn 2. Bye bye blades.
      Reset or decide if your group wants to try to power through it anyway.

      Wrong Order
      -- We had many times where this went wrong due to a wrong order; this requires a reset, as the ordering is pretty important. Only way you could maybe allow it to happen is if Person 1 and Person 2 were both fire / fire masters and had the same decks to prevent resets.

      -- If your third or fourth person is late, you CAN still go with this strategy, though ideally just the fourth person is late if you had to pick. Have your hitter pack back up hits, and your bladers bring some extra blades on sideboard for easy cleanup.

      More Minions
      He sure does like to summon minions, doesn't he? If he starts summoning stacked minions, don't stress and just kill him as quick as you can. Then, recoup / reblade to finish off the remaining minions.

      High or 100% crit is extremely helpful as we found Viggor didn't block more than he actually blocked, and if he shields that extra damage is very helpful. That being said, our hitter was easily hitting the 47k damage mark even when he did block with the help of Incindiate.

      According to my calculations, the damage output of a 135 fire should be 41573 before critting. I highly recommend high crit, pierce, or damage in order to prepare for if he shields.(Calculations also account for Backdraft being worth at least 60% boost.)

      I would like to apologize in advance if this is a technique someone else posted somewhere! I have searched and not found any conclusive results, so I'm posting it here to help out my fellow Wizards! If there is any way to make this even more efficient, I'm definitely all ears! (And if there's a quick way to do this without Incindiate, I'm extra ears because I'm all for using as little pack gear as possible
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        •  Empyrea
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        •  Storm
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      Re: Prince Viggor Quick-Farming Guide

      I hope it is alright to post an update rather than edit it; I like to have separate sections in neat little bundles and this worked.
      A friend on the game challenged me to create a strategy with Detonate, and I think I have the solution.

      Person 1: Indemnity Feint + Sharp Trained Ele Blade + TC Balanceblade
      Person 2: Backdraft, Reg Ele Blade, Reg Fireblade
      Person 3: Sharp Fireblade + Item Sharp Fire + Scald,
      Person 4: TC Fireblade, TC Ele Blade, Detonate

      Mix and match your stackable blades to fit whoever needs to do whatever role. What matters is you get as many stackable blades on your hitter as possible.

      Damage Calculations W/ Epic Scald and 171 Fire, No Crit:

      TC Balanceblade: 30%
      Sharp Trained Ele Blade: 45%
      Indemnity Feint: 75%
      Backdraft: 60% Min
      Ele Blade: 35%
      Fireblade: 35%
      Sharp Fireblade: 45%
      Item Sharp Fireblade: 45%
      TC Fireblade: 40%
      TC Ele Blade: 40%

      Scald: 795
      Total Damage: 63k
      You could comfortably drop Item Sharp Fireblade and just use the rest of the blades and this would still kill.

      The absolute *lowest* damage you could have on your fire is 35% damage boost.
      Yes. 35%.
      Name:  unknown.png
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Size:  30.5 KB

      With this strategy, pretty much anyone and everyone can kill Prince Viggor in a 3 turn strategy....for just killing him.
      You'll still need to do clean up on his minions that he summons on top of himself and his other minions after you kill him. However, that is essential for my first strategy, anyway. And hey, you probably could do away with detonate, replace Scald with any AOE that'll do around 795 damage with Epic, and put Person 4 in charge of being clean up, like a Storm. There's a lot of potential, but Prince Viggor no longer has to be a threat. Just make sure ya'll can survive, ok? Don't get yourselves killed out there.

      Other schools can likely be hammers; replace the school-specific blades with one of your own. Death and myth hammers not recommended due to his high resist and converts wasting precious time.
      Replace backdraft with a pet or item blade of your school and compensate with having a higher base damage on yourself. If not using Detonate, put hitter in fourth spot and everyone else should be working to support them.
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