4th Jr. ADULT Derby

No of Players:
Type: Single Elimination


Welcome to the

4th Jr. ADULT

Pet Derby Tournament

8 spots are available, and the tournament will begin when those spots are filled.

This Tournament is open to all ADULT pets only.

Once the spots are full, the bracket will be randomly set and the tournament will begin. You will need to contact your opponent listed on the bracket to arrange a time to meet. It will be your advantage to have all communication out in the open in case there are any disputes about being unable to set a time to meet. As such, you are encouraged to communicate via visitor messages.

If you are experiencing any challenges at setting a time to meet, please send in a ticket through the ticket system. Each round of the tournament will last ONE week. You may request an extension of ONE or TWO days to complete your match, but if you both are unable to agree upon a time to meet, then it will be left to the discretion of the Tournament Master as to which player, if either, will be advanced.

Please note: Once you join, please make an effort to complete your race. Be respectful of those who have joined to participate and do not join if you cannot make the required time commitment.

Failure to communicate and forfeiting, may affect your eligibility for future derby tournaments.

For information about how many races are run, who "makes" each race, see the General Derby Rules here


  • Pet must be ADULT level
  • This is a Jr. Tournament and as such is NOT an official tournament.
  • Only players who have not not won a DERBY tournament before the start of the year are eligible to participate.

When reporting your match, please do not use the "Submit Loss" option. Instead, both competitors should use "Submit Results" to ensure that the race results will be shown on the brackets. Should one inadvertently use the Submit Loss, you will need to post a comment on the tournament page saying how many races each person won. For example, (3,0)(3,1)(3,2). This will be taken into account for the 2020 Derby Championships.


The winner of this tournament will win 1000 Crowns

Good luck to everyone!