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        •  Ice
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        •  Lord Hunter
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        •  Wintry Elf
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      Re: Death Deckathalon Event Now Live!

      Only really did this on my 2nd account to get the pet that I missed by about 20-30 points last time.

      Used my Ice level 33 with a pet that has MC Life, Ice and Balance blades, Spritely, Life giver and Spell Defying. I did level up to 34.

      Finished it early Monday about 1:10 am.

      So now both of my main two accounts have all of the school pets. I am not planning on using them.

      I mostly farmed 2 and 3 and occasionally did 4-1 if I had cards and health. I had the deck 4 from last time.

      The events just are not fun and cost too much gold. My Ice girl has less than 5000 gold right now. I won't bother doing again unless I need points for the Scroll because I don't do the Beast moon events.
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        •  James
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        •  Sir Leo
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      Re: Death Deckathalon Event Now Live!

      Another Deckathalon, and all goals achieved:

      Main wizard completed tower, and crafted stage 10 deck

      All 6 wizards got the pet, and

      All 6 wizards finished in the top 100 (Honoree Badge).

      Here are 5 of them, in posi
      tions 83-87:

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      Re: Death Deckathalon Event Now Live!

      Final reflections on this event....

      First, I don't think I've ever been as happy for an Event to end as I was today. FINALLY!

      To say that it was a grind would be an understatement, but while I wasn't able to earn the badge I was desperately trying for...

      ...I'm now one step closer to the Deckath-Elite badge.

      For those wondering what it took, subtracting the 20 bonus points per day [x8] from my score and then dividing that by 8 it comes to an average of 127.5 points per run which, thanks to a few wins at 9.2 and 9.3, is just a hair above 1 - 9.1 (which is 126 points). For the first time since doing the deckathalons I did not commit an egregious error like falling asleep (always do that at least once), or joining with the wrong pet, or failing to put in some TC, or, worst of all, getting turned around and walking out after the 1.3 fight. (Sadly, I've done this twice actually) Still, I did have a few fails due to some...multi-tasking issues (work!), but overall, I am glad that I didn't beat myself.

      But beaten I was - big time! Using the above calculations on The Champion's score, @Logan Legendhunter averaged 134.9 points per run which is almost 1 - 9.2 every single time [138]! Wow. Incredible job - how I would love to know his strategy!

      As Madison is my main wiz I usually only put effort into her progress - only she collects badges so there's no point in wasting time on my "minion" wizards. But while Darby, Shawna, Cassandra, and Brooke don't get the good pets, or the good gear, they are super useful rune farmers. And, it turns out, all rather consistent!

      Of course, this wouldn't be a KI event without some....issues....and for me there was a huge fail with this Deckathalon - Dungeon Recall!

      ACK! You can't recall to where you left off in the Deckathalon! While this never came up if I died in the Tower, it was an option for me often (but not every time?) when I left because I was out of cards.

      What a fail! While I'm confident that the players ahead of me on the Leaderboard did NOT take advantage of this, I can only imagine how upsetting it would be for those who JUST MISSED the leaderboard to find out that some people were taking advantage of the Dungeon Recall to carrying with their progress after resetting their deck.

      What is especially disappointing about this that KI knew about this and did...nothing! And how do I know they knew about it? Because not only did I submit a post in Halston's Laboratory on the official W101 Message Board (which they never approved or posted) but I also sent @Sparck a message directly here. That he didn't reply is not a surprise, but they knew!

      While I understand that fixing every glitch as it comes up isn't possible, seems to me that this "exploit" was big enough to warrant being addressed straight away. And if they couldn't fix it, the very least they could have done would be to warn players that using this glitch would be a violation of user agreement to not use exploits! And if they aren't going to punish those who did take advantage of this glitch, at the very least they should remove any points that players earned after re-joining their progress.


      Lastly, as frustrating as it was to grind for HOURS and HOURS, I made a discovery during this event that was truly game-changing. Something that's been right in front of my eyes since the Spring Update and only discovered halfway through this Deckathalon.

      I give you - Feed Stack!

      Next to skipping the mini games, this is the greatest time saver EVER! And not just for the Deckathalon events were Will Cast pets INHALE mega snacks at staggering and devastating speed, but this feature will also save a TON of time during the Pet Promenade where you are rewarded for making your pet Happy. So as to not use precious Mega Snacks I usually feed rank 1 and rank 2 snacks to get the Event points but that was always a HUGE time drain to feed 25 snacks on all 6 wiz. Exhausting! But thanks to this discovery - misery no more!


      Anyway, glad this is over. I will continue to shoot for top 10 until I get that Deckath-Elite badge, but this will be my last attempt at a trophy. Yeck.

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