If you love video essays read in a voice somewhere between shrill and monotone all mixed together into a slurry mess you are going to love this!

I have had a blog post in draft territory for the past two years on Central; it was ~500 words of me ranting on about how Azteca was trash and all that. I have been stuck in Azteca on my highest level wizard for four years now. Yet, after all those years of soldiering on, I finished Xibalba on 7/21/20. The nightmare was over.

So whatever was I to do with this pile of complaints? Rant some more in essay form of course. This was also good opportunity to test my old headset whose mic I just rediscovered. And I got to fiddle with Audacity which is always good fun.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Azteca is up for review:

~ Leave CC on if you can't understand my slurred speech ~