From the Wizard101 website:

Summertime is heating up in the Spiral with fun new content to explore!

Do you enjoy creating new Wizards but wish there were more character customization options, or would like to see a bit of touchup done to your existing Wizards? How about experiencing the fun of teaming up to take on challenging new creatures, or perhaps going one-on-one in PVP?

We have new content for all these areas and more in the Summer Update!

Highlights Include:

*New Character Experience
*Introducing The Daily Spiral
*New Beastmoon Monster Mayhem event
*New Beastforms
*Improved PVP and Chat

See the full Announcment here:

Special Note: (from AluraMist)

I am not sure that everyone realizes the magnitude of the changes that come with each Game Update, especially this recent one.

The Wiki Masters review each and every edit daily from this Recent Changes List. If you are an editor, please watch for the ‘editing comments’ from the Wiki Masters when changes are made to your edit.

Also, as a "Reminder" to all:

The Game Update Notes are a useful guide to follow.. BUT … as always … the Rules explain this:

"Only those changes that have been confirmed by your direct observation in the Live Realm may be edited into the Wiki."