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      Kingisle please make worlds in much smaller parts instead of entire worlds or halfs!

      One thing i believe kingsisle should do going forward is make much smaller world updates to create a single world. I believe this will give both of there games new life. I demostrate how there making way to much at one time.

      EX Wizard101

      World: Khrysalis
      Area: Moon Cliffs
      If you played this portion to restore this part of the world you would see how much content is in this portion of the world include sides which many wizards skip.

      *Spoilers Below if you haven't played yet*Ex:Pirate101:

      World Cool Ranch.

      Arc: Discovering El Torro

      Explanation: Mayweather Clark is assumed to still have his farther maps. We save him and it leads us to scorpoin rock. There we meet Capt blood for the first time briefly. Captain blood was defeated by the original El torro which leads us to Don house El torro new sucessor. After some questing we find out that Don is El torro after helping him beat Santa Rana.

      If the story update ended there we had complete world.

      If kingisle would take this approach to there games we would have more frequent updates in both as each Game is getting a complete smaller story but it allow kingisle to have more time to develop each game that way vs now which is they may make half a world but then the other half may or may not come that year. By actually having smaller story updates we as customers feel like the quality of each world is imploved as your making sure each story section is clean vs countless lines of code in one world.

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      Re: Kingisle please make worlds in much smaller parts instead of entire worlds or hal

      I disagree - worlds have gotten insanely long and are getting to the point where any sort of repeat play through is incredibly unappealing for new characters.

      While I enjoy having more frequent updates for my max wizards, my lower levels who end up having to do the entire world at once would prefer a shorter world somewhere between Polaris and Avalon length. Most of the worlds people notoriously hate (Kr, Az, etc) are the longer ones you describe.

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      Re: Kingisle please make worlds in much smaller parts instead of entire worlds or hal

      The one area where I think this would help is that we could get multiple smaller updates to a world each year for multiple years, allowing us to get shorter worlds that ultimately, eventually, become a larger whole and have a more fulfilling storyline.

      We used to be at a time in the game when we could have multiple large worlds in one year (Avalon and Azteca), but that doesn't seem to be possible for KI now because they've gone much more cinematic with arc 3 worlds, forcing them to scale down length and yearly releases, to the point where we're not even guaranteed 1 world each year. Making smaller updates like this could be the solution.

      The one issue I have with this is Wizard101's weird need to end part 1s with some sort of closure dialogue, making it obvious that the next part is a different update when you're "called back" to that world. Wizard101 could stand to do what Pirate101 does, and cut the dialogue off abruptly, only to continue it in the next expansion as if no time has passed. Flows way better.

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      Re: Kingisle please make worlds in much smaller parts instead of entire worlds or hal

      I agree that moving to a chapter-based story for future worlds could make moving through new content more enjoyable for players. I do enjoy going through Pirate101's story through the Books and Chapters rather than whole worlds at a time. Each world doesn't feel like a finite place within itself this way.

      I don't see them changing from the packs/bundles/dungeons model they have recently adopted. It seems to be the new "wisdom" for moving forward.

      If they ever announce that they are going to make smaller updates for Wizard101's story, be wary! That was the announcement they made for Pirate101 years ago, and we are still waiting to see ANY story content since. But since this is Wizard101, it may actually be true.

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      Re: Kingisle please make worlds in much smaller parts instead of entire worlds or hal

      I like having longer worlds and more content! Having said that Polaris is awesome but very short.

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