For those of you who a social distancing these days and find yourself confined to home with little to do - which is probably all of us! - now might just be the perfect time to participate in some Derby racing!

If you have an Epic level racer then time to dust them off because the three tournaments are all for just this level - there's a regular one, a first Generation one, and a Jr. Tournament for folks who might not want to compete against the veteran racers but still want to run against some competition.

In addition to these staples, there will also be a SPRING Derby Tournament starting April 1st which will be the most unique tournament ever! In a true break from the norm, this tournament will not be about RACING derby pets but, in the spirit of Spring and rebirth and little eggs, it will be the first ever tournament that is all about HATCHING!

Stay tuned for the details once the tournament opens but if your not much of a racer but really love a hatching challenge then this could be the most fun you'll ever have!