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      Did they change the way fizzling works or something?

      I've noticed for a couple days now that the fizzle rate seems off on my death wizard, and it just reached its peak today. It may honestly just be in Celestia though, as it's the only world that it has happened in. I'm a death wizard with only 87% accuracy, but I didn't have this problem in DS, GH, Wintertusk, or so far in Zafaria. That problem is fizzling my first attack spell of the battle seemingly between 30-40% of the time. It became very apparent today when I went back to Celestia to do a couple sidequests and fizzled my first attack spell of the battle 5 battles in a row. It went from fizzling I think around 4 spells in all of DS, probably 10 or so for all of GH and Wintertusk, to 6 so far today in Celestia. It's just kind of weird to have such a noticeable increase in fizzling that immediately stopped in Zafaria. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that Celestia seems to have some sort of increased fizzle rate.

      Btw, sorry for anything weird on this account. I made it when I was 13 and have only used it once since then XD.

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      Re: Did they change the way fizzling works or something?

      I've recently started playing again after a few years and have also noticed that I fizzle way more on my ice. I can't tell if I just remember wrong or something, but it definitely stood out to me so it's interesting to see someone else post about it .

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      Re: Did they change the way fizzling works or something?

      It certainly seems to me that my wizards fizzle more often in some worlds than others (Polaris!). If they can program something like critical decay, perhaps there is also some accuracy factor that comes into play as we progress to higher worlds. This seems to be so that we are constantly adjusting our gear and spell choices, to achieve what works best with our play style.

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      Re: Did they change the way fizzling works or something?

      Ive noticed this as well with my arch storm recently. Iíve been questing a lower level through and in krok and MB my storm with 90% accuracy would fizzle far more that what I believe is 10% of the time. Since I was using tempest to kill first round almost every time, I couldnít exactly tell how often but Iíd say every 3-4 battles which would be about 35% of the time. It doesnít make much sense.

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      Re: Did they change the way fizzling works or something?

      Hello there,

      be careful of two important factors, before deciding if a change has happened!

      1) statistic Vs. Probability

      you cannot really swap one for the other. Statistics tell you that 9 times out of 10, a 90% accuracy will not fizzle, on average.
      Probability explains you that every time you start a count, you have one chance to fizzle and nine to cast, and that resets every time you count.

      So, it's not because in the previous three battles you didn't fizzle, that you have more chances to fizzle on the fourth. And it's not because you fizzled in the fourth that the fifth has a higher chance of success. You can actually fizzle in 10 battles out of 10, as statistics follow an infinite trail, and it only evens out on that.

      As an example, myth 0 pips minion usually seems to fail his first spell twice out of three times. Yet, its spells are the same as its owner's, with 70% to 85% accuracy.
      Statistics say it should only fail once out of five casts, probability proves that it can fail any time.

      2) adjustment of RNG

      In their wisdom, KI explained a long time ago (I think on their forum, or somewhere else on the net), they actually implemented an "adjustment" system making sure the fight remains fair.
      Without explaining exactly how it worked, they hinted that every time an action (cast, or critical) succeeds, a small adjustment happen to reduce the chance for the following one.
      And backward, whenever an action fails, a small adjustment happens to increase the chances of success for the following one.
      These adjustments being only battle related, once the battle is over everything goes back to basic.

      So, if you are killing all your foes in one hit today, and it was taking you 2 or 3 rounds in the past, perhaps the reason you feel as fizzling more today might be that you were taking advantage of such adjustments in each long term battle earlier.

      Of course it is also possible that some modifications have been done, to the code, just know that appearence may be misleading.
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