I'm a level 82 storm wizard and I'm having trouble choosing between a level 50 spear I have from the Crown Shop and a staff that I got while playing Avalon.

Odin's Gungnir (Level 50+)
35 critical rating
7% ice damage (irrelevant)
9% storm damage
1 pp chance

Staff of the Wildgrave (Level 75+)
2% armor piercing
46 critical block
26 critical rating
1 pp chance

Currently with the Odin's Gungnir equipped I have 103 damage and without it I have 94. For basically all of Avalon, I have gotten through the world with 100 damage with Odin equipped (I got a ring that gave me 3% more damage later on) with ease despite having hardly any critical block (2% critical block for all schools except storm, which is 5%, pretty bad I know lol) since I have pretty decent resist (35) and the high damage which allows battles to be won more easily.

With the staff, however, I have 10% crit block for all schools and 18% for Storm but I lose that extra 9% damage.

I've always favored damage over stats like crit and crit block, since I found them unreliable, but I know that they're an essential part of Avalon and the worlds after that. I know that I probably won't get very far after Avalon with hardly any crit block, but I'm having trouble giving up that extra damage that is very useful in battles!
There is also the fact that the staff lowers my crit rating (156 with Odin equipped to 147, which is not a huge difference so it doesn't bother me too much).

Sorry of the choice is very obvious to some haha, but its hard giving up that damage after relying on it for so long (''': and I want a more experienced opinion!
(yes I am also aware of the gear you can craft in Avalon! Sadly though I cannot craft it since I'm not Legendary Artisan.)

(this is also my first time posting a thread, im sorry for any mistakes if there are any)