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      "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      Welcome wizards to another creative writing contest!

      Do you have a fun and cheerful holiday story to share about your adventures in the Spiral?

      Here is the contest for you!

      The idea behind this contest is to end 2019 on a cheerful and positive note!

      • 1 story entry per member
      • Once your story is submitted, changes cannot be made except for fixing grammatical errors or layout.
      • Stories can be based on real events you have experienced in game or they can be completely fictional as long as they are cheerful.
      • Make sure your story follows Central forum rules.
      • You may add a graphic to help illustrate your fantastic story! Note: an added graphic will not gain you extra points but would merely be for fun.
      • Stories can be about any holiday you wish as our wonderful world is made up of cultures that celebrate many different holidays, most of which are happy and joyious occassions.
      • Keep the length reasonable. Somewhere around 1500 words and under would be great.

      (a detailed list will be updated soon)
      • Under Sea Bundle
      • Fairy Tale Bundle
      • Crowns of various amounts
      • Ice Skate Mount

      • This contest will run from December 21 until December 28th at 11:59pm Central time.
      • If you have any questions, please contact me via visitor message or private message.

      Happy Holidays!!
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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      How long can the story be?

      A very familiar place.

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      Quote Originally Posted by Kayola9000 View Post
      How long can the story be?
      Short story length is good, so somewhere around the mark of not more than 1500 words?

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      To me, the holidays are about nostalgia. I chose to write a short story on a Wizard coming home to see her former home just in time for the holidays. She is trying to move on from from Ravenwood to focus on his studies, but she can’t quite achieve said goal. She misses the whimsical nature of Wizard City, especially during the holidays. I added the strange detail that our wizard can’t speak, as we are often spoken to in the wizard world. Thank you for the contest!

      __________________________________________________ ________________________________

      The air in Wizard City was so much colder than I remembered it being. The tip of my nose was uncharacteristically red, my cheeks were rosy, every exhale turned to steam that dissipated right before my eyes.

      Years ago, when most of my time was spent running around Ravenwood, I was accustomed to such weather. I thought little of it, it was familiar, safe, comfortable. However, my days are now spent studying in Arcanum, an artificial environment where the climate is always controlled. The atmosphere, in contrast, was significantly warmer than that of the Arcanum. Everywhere I turned I saw holly carefully strewn about. There were young students walking in groups down the streets with such enthusiasm and joy. Enchanted Christmas trees covered from top to bottom in ornaments and tinsel stood tall.

      Christmas was days away, but it took stepping foot into Ravenwood to help me realize it. The Holidays weren’t celebrated in Arcanum. I missed the holiday spirit and how warm it made even cold temperatures feel.

      As I am no longer a student in Ravenwood, I figured it may be time to move all of my things to my new apartment in the Arcanum. A room that I was very excited to have, but there was something nicer about the feeling of Wizard City. Something calming about walking on a worn down street. Some sort of whimsy that was no longer present. I emptied my backpack, and made a bit of time to pack.

      I kept on my way, taking time to stare at passers by and peer through dorms. I was contented to see menorahs and Christmas trees placed by the window. A thin layer of snow, leaves, and pine needles crunched beneath my feet. I finally arrived at my dorm, to find a familiar face there to greet me. My former teacher, Dalia Falmea, was on the bundled up on a stepstool hanging a wreath on each dorm’s door.

      She saw me and smiled.

      “What a pleasant surprise! It is so nice to see you, young wizard!”

      I smiled back shyly and greeted her. It had been quite some time since I had been back to Ravenwood. She gently hopped down and hugged me. She was incredibly warm and smelled like a campfire, just as I remembered.

      “Happy Holidays!” She said gesturing to Ravenwood, “I was in charge of decorating near the dorms this year, what do you think?”

      The decorating was very similar to the way it had been in previous years, but it was far brighter. She used flickering candles to adorn trees instead of ornaments. All wreaths were covered in red holly berries. Every fireplace was set magically ablaze with an ever changing flame making Christmas shapes. She could see the wonder in my eyes, I know for a fact that they were sparkling.

      “I certainly think I tied it all together. I spent a lot of time testing different spells for the fireplaces, this was by far the favorite among the staff.” She stood up taller, clearly proud of her work. I could have stared at the fireplace flicker for ages, but of course I sneezed.

      “Oh dear.” she mused, “Let’s get you inside, you’ll catch a cold if you stay out here any longer.” We passed sections assigned to each the professors at Ravenwood. Halston Balstrom was tasked with decorating the streets. Storm elves were assigned posts on what seemed to be an automated toy assembly line. A little basket at the end collected dropped goodies for any wizard to grab. I took a little stuffed bear, very similar to one I had as a child, and put it in my empty empty backpack.

      The grass was Mulinda Wu’s terrain. She planted all sorts of festive plants. Pine trees were decorated with painted pine cones and vibrant flowers. Red vines grew over every rock and stone. Mistletoe was tied with twine and hung everywhere the eye could see.

      She led me to the Fire School and allowed me to say a quick hello to Bernie. As soon as she opened the doors, hot air flooded on to the streets. It was a relief. She pulled up two chairs and began boiling water in a kettle over her spell cauldron.

      “How are the holidays in Arcanum? I’m sure it must be beautiful, considering all of the resources and magic they have.”

      I twiddled my thumbs and shrugged.

      “They do decorate, don’t they?”

      I shook my head. Falmea took the kettle off of her cauldron. “It’s all work there, isn’t it? I suppose life there is emergency after emergency, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to hang some mistletoe, or a wreath for that matter.” She gestured to extra wreaths she had in the corner.

      I nodded in agreement. Falmea poured two cups of hot water and began steeping tea.

      “At least you can come back here for holiday cheer when you need it, young wizard.”

      I blushed and slowly tried to hide my backpack, filled with only a stuffed bear. My reason for coming today was to pack all of the items remaining in my dorm. I wanted to visit less. Of course, Falmea didn’t know this.

      “A boost in morale never hurt anyone. Stress piles on, you know. Enjoying the little things, like decorating, just helps you get through the harder times. In a stressful environment like Arcanum, you would think they would understand that.”

      Falema handed me a cup of tea, and I took a sip. I believed her to be right. So many stressants couldn’t possibly be healthy. The Arcanum was always so stiff and the atmosphere so heavy. Silence lingered for a moment.

      “Anyway, that is just my take.” she added, “But, perhaps we’re just different, young wizard.”

      We chatted and drank tea for an hour. I recounted my journeys from after my graduation. She listed and asked as many questions as she possibly could. She spoke of new up and coming students that arrived after I left Ravenwood. It was a good time, but time was something I didn’t have enough of. I had to get back to my Arcanum Apartment for an early start the next morning.

      I thanked her for her wisdom and the tea. She said she was happy to provide. I left without packing my dorm.

      I got back to the Arcanum later that night. The scholars were all tucked away, the lights were dimmed. I put a little wreath over my apartment door. Falmea was right. A little morale boost never hurt anyone

      WORD COUNT: 1097

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      The Best Christmas Gift

      "Dress the spiders in tiny santa hats! Fa la la la la la, la la la! Roast the veggies before they eat US! Fa la la la la, la la la!" Dworgyn sang as he worked, hanging old socks from the caldron. Lets out an excited gravelled squeal. "They are right! This is fun. I especially like hanging of the mistletoe!"

      As if to reply, the mistletoe hanging over the entrance to the Death school, sent a missile flying about the room.

      Sparck ducked just in time, looking under a desk, not noticing how close the projectile had come to hitting him. "This fungus down here looks to be half a century old and resembles closely a kind that was thought to have gone extinct. Do you know what kind it is?

      Dworgyn who had been laying on the floor and about ready to lick an unidentified hairy green mass to see if it was a dropped sour apple candy or a large booger, glances over, his tongue inches away from the blob. "Oh! That is the dust bunny's bed! Her name is Becky."

      Sparck examines to floor around it that was crumbling from lack of care. "I am certain that this is the last mushroom of it's kind. Perhaps it would be best if we move it to a location where it's chances of survival improve exponentially." Tries to wiggle the board to see if it would come loose. It did near instantly, breaking away as easily as a crumbling fall leaf. Moves the plank with the fungus closer to his face to study. "Fascinating!"


      Sparck looks around "Did your ears persevere something as mine did just now?"

      Dwargyn "whawth?" Tries to look over, his tongue now stuck to the hairy green mass on the floor.


      Sparck "That. It sounds as if..."

      Dwargyn cuts Spark off "I didn't hear any...."



      The floor gave way below them, dropping them into the darkness.

      "AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dworgyn screamed hugging Sparck.

      "AAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!" The hairy green blob exclaimed, hugging Dworgyn's tongue.

      "Fascinating!" Sparck said, noticing the screaming blob. "It seems you have a miniature air breathing blob fish on your tongue. It has hair too. Perhaps it's the next stage or evolution or an experiment of Purrea's?"

      Dwargyn screams in panic "Now is not the time! I want my MALLLLI!"

      As they fell, they felt boxes crashing into them, hitting them with dull thumps. Nothing hurt to much, then, with a THUMP! they crashed into a pile of boxes and bags and... "woof!" a puppy?

      Sparck sits up, picking up one of the boxes "What is this?"

      Dwargyn looks around "Ohhhhhh, I forgot about this."

      Sparck "What is this?"

      Puppy hops into Sparck's arms, licking him happily.

      Dwargyn just starts digging through the bag, climbing up through more brightly wrapped boxes. Up and up he climbed.

      Sparck follows him "Curious"

      Dwargyn pops out of Santa's bag of toys, the dark night wind nipping at his hood and sees Santa, sitting in his sleigh, guiding the deer around the worlds, taking toys to all the good girls and boys of the spiral. "I found that extra spiral door to anywhere that I borrowed and lost you wanted to give to Zeke for Empyrea part two last year."

      Santa looks back, nearly crashing his sleigh at the talking behind him suddenly "How in tarnation...!.." manages to get his team under control again Justin time

      Sparck pops up beside Dwargyn "It would appear that we are in a flying sleigh of sorts."

      Santa nearly crashes, swerving the opposite way, startled again. "Who are you fellas and how did you get in there????"

      Dworgyn thinks about this for a second. "Oh, oops" quickly ducks down, digging away.

      Sparck "Perhaps time folded and we have come across a..."

      Santa turns around, remembering he had heard that voice before "Wait, is he the one who put on a pumpkin mask last year and tried to kidnap me to 'recreate' The Nightmare Before Christmas' movie?

      Sparck "I am unsure, but this sounds like a fascinating story..." almost yelps, getting pulled back down through the gifts.

      Before he knew it, Dwargyn was pulling him back up through the floorboards. Dworgyn pants, shoving items over the hole. "Let's not tell Falmea about this, shall we? Good. Thank you." Hurriedly takes down the decorations. "I think maybe I don't want Santa to come to my classroom this year."

      Sparck "Why should we not tell Falmea? I do not understand."

      Dworgyn twiddles his fingers "I put on a pumpkin mask, set a trap and caught Santa last year. Well... tried... He got away and dropped a few things. Zeke's door, Falmea's Red Hots.... And I was sad that I didn't get to smell people's chimneys in his place, so I cried and ate all the candies, then hid the door and the wrappers in the floor."

      Sparck listens to the strange tale. "Fascinating."

      "Fascinating all right." Falmea said from the door where she stood, Christmas Coco thermos in her arms and a fire in the Fire teacher's eyes not often seen. "Very fascinating."

      Dworgyn stares for a moment, a deer in the headlights look on his face, frozen in time, then, as if jolted back to reality, all functions retuning, bolts with a shout "RUN!!" Grabs Sparcks arm, running for his life.

      Falmea whips out her wand, darting after him "GET BACK HERE!"

      Sparck runs with Dwargyn to prevent himself being dragged "Why am I running too?"

      "And that," Cyrus explained "is why the commons have been burnt to the ground, Falmea is on temporary administrative leave and Dworgyn will not leave Moolinda's cabinet."

      "Man," Malorn said, shaking his head "A guy takes a walk to Strom Drain Tower for the first time in 3 months and misses everything! Anyways, thank you for letting me know. Have a Marry Christmas Mister Drake!" Waves.

      Cyrus "Ba! Humbug." Smirks once the kid was gone. That show was the best gift Christmas gift he could have ever asked for. It actually made him feel a bit cheerful.

      The End
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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      Merry Christmas, Professor Drake!

      The pyromancer chuckled evilly. Actually, she had been doing so for about five minutes now, the dragon recalled. Even he was beginning to get worried. And he was chaos incarnate.

      "What are you thinking about, FireBlade?" He finally decided to ask, interrupting her evil cackling.

      Jasmine looked at him with a smirk. "Oh, nothing much. Just thought of a really, really good gift for someone this year..."

      The dragon was now very, very worried. Jasmine? Gifts? Good gifts? Considering that one time she gifted all the Ravenwood professors and staff (where she accidentally mixed up the gifts and gave Grayrose some hot chili peppers, Falmea some ice-cream enchanted with potent ice magic, and the questionable books she gave to some of the others, like "How to cope with your dead megalomaniac brother for dummies" for Cyrus, and Ambrose receiving a book on "Actually doing stuff for yourself 101". He remembered all the pained smiles from the staff and excuses made to boot the chaotic pyromancer from attending any more holiday parties.

      While he was lost in reminiscence, he heard her perk up suddenly. "Oh! Right! I almost forgot!" She said jovially, "I got you a present too!" She held up a bottle of Dragon Breath - Mint flavor. "Merry Christmas, Fluffy!"

      Offended at the insinuation of his wonderful sulfur breath stinking, Fluffy roared in rage and lunged towards the pyromancer, causing her to drop the bottle of breath freshener onto the ground in shock, which resulted in the container breaking and the contents spilling onto the floor.

      "Wha-Fluffy, how could you?" She sobbed, "That bottle cost me fifty gold!" She seemed to have forgotten that fifty gold was essentially pennies to someone like her.

      Then she sniffed the ground, and recoiled in disgust. "Ugh! This isn't even mint, it's spearmint!" She complained. "I got ripped off!"

      Rage forgotten, Fluffy decided to mentally ask himself why he ended up with this wizard (of all people) as his master for who-knows-what-time-now. As usual, he was unable to come up with an answer.

      FireBlade only seemed frustrated by the alleged "scam" for about a minute, because she quickly perked up afterwards. "Oh well! Time to give Cyrus my special present!"

      She sounded way too cheerful about her "special" present...
      __________________________________________________ ______
      "FireBlade! What is the meaning of this strange...contraption?" Cyrus demanded.

      Jasmine laughed. "Why, it's your Christmas gift of course, Mr. Drake! Remember that one time you sent me to do laundry?"

      "I send every student here to do my laundry." The myth professor deadpanned.

      "Which is exactly why I got you a washing machine!" The pyromancer declared with an uncomfortable amount of cheerfulness and pride. "They're very popular back on Earth! Now you can just insert some of this-" She held up some laundry detergent, "-flip a few switches, insert your clothes, and bam! Instant cleaning!"

      Cyrus suddenly seemed interested. "Instant, you say?"

      "Nope! You have to wait a few hours for the machine to finish!" She chirped in response.

      Cyrus's skin was noticeably redder. Steam seemed to be coming out of his ears.

      "Merry Christmas!" Jasmine said with an oblivious smile.

      (Words - 521, Characters - 3,214)

      Thank you to Mad Hatter, Camille and aquatiger975 for the graphics.

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      christmas is about presents. ususally I get allot more presents than my little brother be cause im cooler than him. sometimes. i complained about my presents haha but is ok be cause then I get better ones next year. haha last year my grand papa gave me 5 dollar and I was like but my other grand papa gave me 10 so he gave me 10 more haha. so now my grand papa can give me 5 more this year than my. other first grand papa but maybe not. last time my brother got only one race car and I got 2 race cars so i was always more faster than him when we raced. sometime I get sad because they give me only like a little bit and that means they dont like me that much be cause then you would give me allot of stuff which means you like me allot more than them that dont like me that much. but is ok cause than i wont hug them that good haha

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      Worth the Wait

      WHOOSH the wind rings through her ear, as she waits for the passing of another cold year.
      She sits by the struggling light of the fire, watching the flames dance as her eyes tire.
      The ringing of bells echoing through the air, tik-tok tik-tok the clock mocks without a care.
      Her body grows heavy, though she insists to keep wake.
      Watching the world grow dim with each melting snowflake.
      Warmth slowly escapes as the fire speaks its last crackle.
      Suddenly awaken by a peculiar door rattle.
      She opens the door to shivery gusts, immediately finding warmth in the arms she trusts.
      He's finally home, he's finally here, sweet Saint Nick, her one true dear.

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      *After so many years of Wizard101, it was only this year that I gave Wysteria a chance; turned out it's one of my favourite worlds in the game. It was a short and lovely storyline that I really enjoyed, so I couldn't think of a better fitting theme for my cheerful holiday story!
      Thank you for the contest and Happy Holidays!*

      A Wysterian Holiday

      I remember how innocently it all began...

      It was a peaceful December night, not long ago. B. and I were sipping tea at our Wysterian Villa’s parlour. After a long time contemplating the snowglobe I held in my hands, I delicately presented him my idea…



      ‘’We’ve been deeply involved in Wysteria’s business this year…’’

      ‘’Partaking in the Tournament, taking care of the Pegasi, dealing with the trouble at Tanglewood Way… We’ve been involved indeed.’’

      ‘’And I’m grateful for all I learned during our time there and for the friends we made. Some pigs are so friendly once you know them better. And Yuletide is close. And here we are…’’

      B.’s smile was proof that he knew me well enough to have already understood my idea:

      ‘’You want us to celebrate Yuletide with them. I think it’s a lovely idea.’’

      ‘’Isn’t it?! We could use Snow spells to cover the whole place outside with snow, prepare a Holiday fair and call them to do all sorts of wintry activities! Oh, they would love to enjoy some snow in a Wysterian setting!’’

      ‘’Just like we did last year, but this time we’ll be celebrating with our new friends. It’s brilliant, M.! This will make this year’s Yuletide as cheerful as we wished for… Quite, quite… cheerful.’’

      I am certain that my smile was proof to B. that I knew him well enough to know what he was thinking about:

      ‘’The pigs are a bit too cheerful, are they not?’’

      ‘’It isn’t that! Just… Oh, we both know them, M.! Clumsiness is in their nature. Remember the ’Ninja Piglets’ incident?’’

      ‘’We’re lucky MooShu didn’t take that as offense.’’

      ‘’And the ’Pigsie’ disaster?’’

      ‘’Pff, that wasn’t what we were hoping for…’’

      ‘’And the snowstorm catastrophe at the School of Frost?!’’

      I bursted into laughter as B. shivered at the memory. Turning his look to our twinkling Yuletree, however, his frown softened.

      ‘’Forgive me. I must sound like a Scrooge, isn’t it?’’

      ‘’Not at all. But once we’re reminiscing, remember when we won the Spiral Cup?’’

      ‘’How could I forget?’’ he smiled at the glowing trophy on a pedestal in the center of the parlour.

      ‘’And, again, everything we’ve done at Wysteria?’’

      I could see a mix of the tree’s twinkling lights and a fond change gleaming in his eyes. Leaning forward, I offered him my hand.

      ‘’What I want to say is: if there is anyone who can handle Wysteria, it’s us.’’

      He chuckled before firmly taking my hand:

      ‘’You know… You couldn’t be more right!’’

      ‘’You will see, B.! This is an enchanted season. Perhaps even the pigs’ clumsiness can be soothed by the holidays!’’

      ‘’That pig stole my snowcone!’’

      ‘’Clockwarden lost the newcomers group again!’’

      ‘’I’m telling you, he is cheating on every booth!’’

      ‘’Are you sure it is safe to practice levitating above the ice rink?’’

      ‘’That slippery dome up there is perfect for ice sledging!’’

      A pandemonium of flying snowballs, ornaments, wands and pigs waltzed in front of our eyes as B. and I beheld what had become of the Holiday Fair Day at our generally neat house with blasé expressions upon our faces.

      ‘’See, my dear B.? A cheerful holiday.’’

      ‘’Let’s be careful what we wish for next time, shall we?’’

      Eventually, the pigs’ amusing chaos led to one of the funniest holidays we had ever relished.

      Their inefficacy at ice skating had them creating a hilarious new sport lacking any rules in which points were made by players belly-sliding on the ice and bumping into each other.

      We used Pegasi instead of Reindeers to pull the sleigh, but they were too interested in proudly flying above the Villa to show off their jingle bells necklaces to cooperate.

      When attempting to decorate the giant Yuletree together, the pigs broke almost all the ornaments. Therefore, we made strings with the shards and wrapped them around the tree. To our delight, the way the shards reflected the lights like magical, colourful stars was one beautiful view!

      B. and I met good old friends and made tons of others when mingling with the guests. We walked by two pigs making something that looked like a snowcyclops who were excited to show us their creation:

      ‘’Do you like it? We’re making a sculpture of Headmistress Crisp, as you can easily tell!’’

      ‘’Wow, quite a remarkable resemblance!’’ I complimented as B. struggled to hold his laughter.

      A shy pig in a blue coat approached us to kindly request permission for him to practice Frost spells in a quiet corner:

      ‘’I’m afraid I’ll be expelled if I fail an exam again!’’

      ‘’Did you happen to be involved in the snowstorm catastrophe at the School of Frost?’’ inquired B. with suspicion.

      ‘’No, Sir!’’

      ‘’Well, I always practice during the holidays,’’ said a boastful pig wearing a red scarf. ‘’Teleports are my specialty, but being a student as brilliant as me takes practice nevertheless.’’

      A while later, B. and I were sitting on a bench under the pine trees enjoying a slightly out of tune pig caroling.

      ‘’You were right from the beginning, M.’’ said B., taking in all the joy around us. ‘’This is an enchanted season.’’

      Later on, we were engaged in creating a giant snowpig in an entertaining display of spells, the Fair’s peak. Pigs clapped and cheered under a fireworks show as we landed the snowpig’s head on top.

      Suddenly, a pig flew past us at absurd speed and crashed into the snowpig, burying his head on the snow.

      ‘’Wasn’t that a bit aggressive?’’ asked B., before we hear shouts not far away.

      ‘’Naughty, naughty! Punctuality is a virtue!’’

      We all spun around on time to see the red scarf pig running towards us, panicked:

      ‘’Gaah! Teleport! Mistake! He’s here!’’

      A massive snowball came out of nowhere, hitting a group of desperate pigs nearby and sending them down the hill. Evil laughter filled the air.


      Threatening sparks surrounded the dark red teleport behind Krampus as another giant snowball crashed into a group of frightened pigs.

      ‘’A gift for Krampus? You shouldn’t have!’’ Krampus yelled, sending the gift packages under the tree flying through the air.

      The pigs ran in circles screaming at the top of their lungs, almost creating more chaos than Krampus himself, making it nearly impossible for B. and me to reach Krampus on our fierce sprint.

      My mind focused on the details as I gazed at the teleport: it was a work of highly advanced magic, not likely coming from the pigswick technique. The red scarf student most probably had accidentally opened up a small gap that worked as a hook for Krampus, who took advantage of the fact that our most intrincate shields were down for the Fair Day.

      ‘’When I get my hands on our teleport specialist!’’ shouted a furious B. running beside me.

      ‘’No time for it now, prepare!’’

      We were finally close enough to Krampus to trap him and hit him with offensive spells. We raised our wands just as an evil snowman summoned by Krampus aimed at a group of scared younger pigs.

      ‘’B., CHANGE YOUR AIM—’’

      It was hard to hear the sound in the tulmult, but it came from somewhere on the left and it sounded like a long, high-pitched scream.

      The next thing we saw was the blue coat student from earlier wildly sliding through the snow and colliding with the snowman, dismantling him and getting stuck on the lower part of his body. The snowman’s hat fell on the pig’s head and covered his eyes. He frantically brandished his wand, trying to get free, but instead he collapsed on the floor, his wand falling down and hitting Krampus with a spell so powerful that sent him back into the red teleport, his shocked shouts dying in the distance as the teleport shut down and disappeared.

      All in a matter of seconds.

      Heavy silence reigned when the stunned blue coat pig attempted to stand up, not understanding a tad of what had happened. His eyes spotted the silent crowd staring at him in awe.

      ‘’Oh, my… OH MY! What have I done? Did I hurt someone? Did I ruin the Fair? Oh, my! Now I’ll get expelled for sure! Oh, Miss, oh, Mister, I am deeply sorry, please don’t curse me! I promise I won’t do it ever again!’’

      The blue coat pig still took a lot of time to understand why the crowd raised him above everyone’s heads chanting his name, why everyone wanted to pat his back and hold his hand, why everyone was calling him ‘’hero’’, and why we dressed the giant snowpig as him.

      But some things are for sure.

      He will never be expelled from Pigswick on the next few hundred years.

      Our wish for a cheerful holiday was fulfilled with success.

      And the holidays are, indeed, an enchanted season.

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      Re: "Cheerful Holiday Stories of the Spiral" Contest

      A Gift Deserving

      She looked through the glass at gifts red and green.

      Wrapped in papers with a glittering sheen.

      There were biscuits and sweets and all manner of toys.
      Made by the shoppes for Marleybone’s good girls and good boys.

      From hand-sewn dolls wearing bright orange hats.
      And tall posts to scratch -- no doubt for the cats.

      There were delicate models of ships in the sky.
      To be fluttered and flown by launching up high.

      But in that same glass was a grime-ridden face.
      Broken and calloused with no hint of grace.

      Her fingers counted again; her pocket of pence.
      And once more fell short of the tag’s large expense.

      A snip here, a cut there. The times had been rough.
      A year of thrift spending just wasn’t enough.

      The long hours and hard work devoted towards something.

      “My my, Ms. Isabel how are you this night?
      Looking in windows under the Eve’s starlight?”

      She turned and she found Mr. Bones standing there.
      Blowing his pipe in the cold winter air.

      Brushing her face she put on a false grin,
      Hiding her feelings of deepest chagrin.

      He produced a bright linen and wiped soot from her snout.
      “Tell me, Ms. Isabel, what this is about.”

      “Never you mind Mr. Bones. Really, I’m okay.
      Now if you will excuse me, I’ve had a long day.”

      She walked away fast with a great forward stride.
      Strutting her way on towards Digmoore with pride.

      Yet when she arrived home with no one around.
      Her shoulders grew heavy as she slunk to the ground.

      Then slowly she crawled on her hands and her knees.
      Listening to the rooftop creak in the breeze.

      And through a cracked door she found him in bed.
      Her little boy whom she kissed on his head.

      What will he say when he awakes on the ‘morrow?
      Won’t his eyes swell with tears, and his heart well with sorrow?

      Nothing to play with but old empty socks.
      Nothing to see but a hollowed-out box.

      Then came a sharp knock. A man at the door.
      With a small golden gift from the quaint corner store.

      Dressed in red garments from his head to his toes.
      And a shaggy taped beard that stuck to his clothes.

      Yet even in costume in his mouth was a pipe.
      From a notch in his coat he produced a white wipe.

      She choked on the words as her face grew red hot.
      The thanks in her throat entwined in a knot.

      The man reached forward to dry her stray tear.
      A holiday of drear: No!
      A holiday of cheer.

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