Hello everyone, I am just popping in just to leave this thread here for anyone who remembers this section's glory days.

I thought it might be kind of fun to share what we remember, the names/avatars we have forgotten, and just remember the good times we had together.

I may have been kind of disliked in this section, but I always thought highly of you all. I was a kid back then and I said idiotic things, but I think as we've grown up, we've matured and we can look back and remember the times we had here.

One such memory was the time I tried to sew peace in the section. I remember vaguely sort of an RPG alliance of sorts where we all tried to get along and lift each other up. I don't remember if it was successful, but it attracted the big players of this section and the independent people like myself.

I just feel like dropping this here and let's all take a moment to remember the fond memories of this section.