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      Re: Bug Reporting 101

      Myrella Windspar is facing the bookcase in the housing tours instead of facing players when they enter:
      Name:  Myrella Windspar.jpg
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      Or she just hates me and is quietly saying "If I don't look at him, he'll go away." :P

      Now she is facing the right way....I think it was just me, she hates
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      Re: Bug Reporting 101

      Quote Originally Posted by Yuna View Post

      i've had the tfc issues. though i'm almost certain i know the cause. if the character of the tfc you're entering has their friend request option set to "none", then you will get the error message. they need to allow all friend request.

      though there are issues when the person is offline and you're entering a tfc, and they have their friend request on. sometimes it seeems the tfc doesn't work, when they've been added. i've learned to always use the button that shows total number of friends before entering a tfc, enter the tfc, and see total number of friends again. it almost always show the friend count gone up by one. then i go through my list looking for the new friend. kind of annoying process but it works.

      i've had the reverting back to page one thing too. sometimes happens multiple times and i just give up checking that friend's stats.


      this is a separate issue. but there are times that pet display pages doesn't update in real time. say i have a corgi equipped with energy and gardening talents. someone looks at my pet stats and they see the corgi with utility stats. now i change to a different pet. let's say a triple double armament. when that same person goes to check my pet again, it'll show the armament, but with my previous corgi's stats. this occurs randomly whether you click on the person while they're online or from a friend list.
      That's not the cause for TFC not working. Proof is 5 codes have been given out to which the first 2 may not work, but the 3rd one does. If that was it, it wouldn't be sporadic. However, I have recently tried a TFC on the other format, FriendFinder, and that added them if I recall.

      What I propose is, everyone reading this, the next time you are redeeming TFC that says 'invalid code', try that same code at FriendFinder. Report back here if that gets it to work or not.

      Let's hope they can fix all issues relating to Friends List because it would be nice to be able to check our friends stats uninterrupted.

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      Re: Bug Reporting 101

      If the player opens the pet menu with a single button press (either with the "i" hotkey with the spellbook open or closed, or with the spellbook button in the lower left if the last opened spellbook page was the pet menu and the spellbook is closed), then does not navigate to a different pet in the menu, this glitch is possible:

      Clicking the Full Talent View (if in the simplified view) button, or the Original View (if in the full talent view) button applies a random "jitter" to the displayed stat modifiers given by the pet from talents. This appears to only ever apply to talents that are affected by the respective pet's stats (any talent that gets better as the pet gains strength, power, etc.). This effect often will cause stats to display with amounts they definitely shouldn't, such as negative damage bonuses and resist counts, or occasionally counts far higher than normally possible, even with a max+ stat pet. The effect also appears to be magnified on pets with higher pedigree, or on pets of a higher level, or on pets with more maxed stats. (All three are reasonable based on my limited testing, if anyone could provide more data this point would be clearer.)

      This phenomenon can even result in outcomes like this:

      Ever the opportunist, I cropped an image of an unusually potent displayed Spell-Defying stat outcome, and put it in my signature.

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