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      Guide to Metals in Jewel Crafting.

      Please excuse the rather 'vanilla' title. As much as I would like to have come up with something more clever, I am hoping to keep this guide simple, and to the point, for maximum clarity and effectiveness!

      Metals- What are they for?

      There are 16 different metals in Wizards101 that are used for crafting of various jewels. With that many metals, some sorting out of what is what would be helpful; hence, this guide. Crafted jewels can be either school specific, Pet Derby Talent, or Pet Stat boosting. Further the school specific jewels, they can be either pet jewels (Star) or item specific (triangle, circle, or square). A bit confused? Hang in there, we will break it down further.

      School Jewels- Item Specific

      When I say "Item Specific" this is referring to a jewel that you can socket into a ring, athame, deck, amulets, and in some cases, wands. This means the jewels are of any of the following shapes: circle, square, or triangle. Pet jewels are star shaped, and tear jewels are non-school specific, and cannot be crafted.

      Item specific school jewels are sorted according to their level. Various vendors throughout the spiral sell the recipes of varying levels. Lets start at the bottom, and work on up.

      Level 15+ School Jewels - Pyrite

      These jewels use Pyrite in their recipe, and will create any of the various school-specific level 15+ jewels. Pyrite is also used to craft some B.O.X.E.S items and Tapestries.

      Level 15-25 School Jewels - Iron

      Iron is used to create level 15 and level 25 (cracked or chipped) jewels. As with all jewel crafting, the results are not assured, and therefore it could be a level 15 jewel, a level 25 jewel, and any of the three possible shapes. It will always be school specific to whatever recipe you are using however. Iron is also used to craft some B.O.X.E.S items and Tapestries.

      Level 15-35 School Jewel - Copper

      Copper is used to create level 15, 25, and 35 (cracked, chipped, or flawed) jewels. Copper is also used to craft some B.O.X.E.S items and Tapestries.

      Level 25-45 School Jewel - Nickel

      Nickel is used to create level 25, 35, and 45 (chipped, flawed, or blemished) jewels. Nickel is also used to craft some B.O.X.E.S items and Tapestries.

      Level 35-55 School Jewels - Cobalt

      Cobalt is used to create level 35, 45, and 55 (flawed, blemished, or dull) jewels. Cobalt is also used to craft some B.O.X.E.S items and Tapestries.

      Level 45-65 School Jewels - Bronze

      Bronze is used to create level 45, 55, and 65 (blemished, dull, or plain) jewels.

      Level 55-75 School Jewels - Tungsten

      Tungsten is used to create level 55, 65, and 75 (dull, or plain, opaque) jewels. Tungsten is also used to craft some Tapestries.

      Level 65-85 School Jewels - Mithril

      Mithril is used to create level 65, 75, and 85 (plain, opaque, or clear) jewels. Mithril is also used to craft some Tapestries.

      Level 75-95 School Jewels - Orichalcum

      Orichalcum is used to create level 75, 85, and 95 (opaque, clear, or polished) jewels.

      Level 85-105 School Jewels - Draconium

      Draconium is used to create level 85, 95, and 105 (clear, polished, or lustrous) jewels.

      School Jewels - Pet Specific

      Pet specific school jewels are likely the most sought after jewels, and as such, so are their reagents. The school specific jewels can come in three different levels depending on the talent. The are either Ancient, Mega, or Ultra level, and are always star shaped.

      Pet Jewel of Balance, Death, and Ice - Brass

      Brass is also used in crafting the Monstrodome.

      Pet Jewel of Fire, Storm, Life, and Myth - Steel

      Pet Derby Jewels

      Derby jewels are star shaped jewels that give your pet a specific derby talent. The jewel level varies from Ancient up to Ultra, depending on the rank of the jewel crafted.

      Rank 1, Rank 2, and Rank 3 Pet Derby Jewels - Lead

      Rank 4 and Rank 5 Pet Derby Jewels - Tin

      Pet Stats Jewels

      Pet stat jewels are used to raise certain stats on your pet. This is used to boost the stats to increase the maximum value of certain talents like damage, or to raise your pets morale, for derby purposes.

      Rank 2 Pet Stats - Steel

      Yes, steel is also used for Pet Stats Rank 2, and as such, makes a second appearance on this guide.

      Rank 3 Pet Stats - Silver

      Rank 4 Pet Stats - Titanium

      So, that concludes this guide. I have inserted below, a quick reference list of the various metals, and their purposes. Hopefully this helps you sort of the 16 metals, and which ones might be desireable to you.


      Lead Rank 1, 2, and 3 Derby Jewels
      Tin Rank 4 and 5 Derby Jewels
      Brass Pet Jewel of Balance, Death, and Ice
      Steel Pet Jewel of Fire, Life, Myth, and Storm, Rank 2 Pet Stats
      Silver Rank 3 Pet Stats Jewel
      Titanium Rank 4 Pet Stats Jewel
      Pyrite School Jewels 15
      Iron School Jewel 15-25
      Copper School Jewels 15-35
      Nickel School Jewel 25-45
      Cobalt School Jewel 35-55
      Bronze School Jewel 45-65
      Tungsten School Jewel 55-75
      Mithril School Jewel 65-85
      Orichalcum School Jewel 75-95
      Draconium School Jewel 85-105

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      Re: Basic Guide to Metals

      Nice guide. I would just suggest a little re-phrasing. Instead of saying that Tungsten is used to create level 55, 65, and 75 jewels, I find it more clear to say that Tungsten is used in the level 75 jewel recipe that may actually produce a level 55, 65, or 75 jewel.

      'It don't come easy' - Ringo

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