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      120 Ice PvP Deck Help

      I took my level 120 Ice Wizard to the arena for the first time yesterday, and I'm struggling on how to properly PvP as an ice wizard. I did fire PvP a while back and used this segregated deck to play. But, so far the segregation hasn't been working that well for me due to ice's slightly slower tempo play. I would really appreciate it if someone could suggest some fixes or even tutor me in game.

      Main Deck:

      Side Deck:
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      Re: 120 Ice PvP Deck Help

      I can tutor you I guess, but it seems you already know what you're doing. You just need to adjust.
      Your ratios are really weird to me.. but I don't really see a huge problem with what you're doing.
      Highly doubt its your stats too.
      I do recommend having stun blocks in the side deck.
      Maybe adding 1-2 Snow Angel for certain scenarios.
      You also want your blades to be stacking for your dot hits.
      So don't exclude Iceblade from the side deck either.
      1-3 Steal Ward for those annoying situations against shield spammers.
      For me, if I had a reason not to run your deck. It would be side deck consistency.
      Your have a lot of good cards in your main deck, but not enough discard fuel for your side deck.
      If I was playing your deck, I'd probably discard your entire main deck by the 7th or 8th round.
      Other side deck problems are:
      Too many hits - Early game, you will try to dig for moon, so adding things like tower shield will allow you discard the main deck tower shields to draw into hits and something you can always use.. Tower Shield!
      You want some Stun Blocks in your side deck too, faster you get them, the better.
      Where is Triage? How are you going to deal with Rampage? Myth King Art? Etc.?
      Again with Iceblades, imo I don't use infallible because of Balance wizards. So the blade stack for dot or single hits would be better.
      Thats only a few things that can be easily seen off the bat. I can coach I guess, just pm me.

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      Re: 120 Ice PvP Deck Help

      Ice PvP is easy I promise! So this is my deck setup for my level 104 PvP, which I will soon be updating to level 110 PvP (I would personally use the exact same setup for level 120 PvP because I think it is much more advantageous to save shadow pips for weaver for the shield rather than climaclysm). For me, my deck had to be exactly as shown for me to feel like it was the most efficient and to cover the majority of situations. I liked to keep my treasure deck small because I like to have a great chance of drawing the card I need. I only kept 2 attacks in my treasure deck because those were reserved for if I desperately need an attack and none are in hand. It was great to have fortify in my treasure deck because I could replace it as soon as it was about to expire, and I found that playing very defensively was best for me. So, I would try to keep up fortify at all times and the majority of the time I would be shielding, so I always have one shield on me. I would put up balefrost whenever I had a turn that I didn't need to shield because there was either no threat (they have low pips) or I was already protected enough. I rarely would blade because weaver would hit about 2300 with balefrost and my 30% pierce, and blading would leave me open next round. Shrike is nice to have when you can afford to go a few rounds without shielding, and weaver can still protect you when you're in shrike (but keep in mind it gives a net of 0 backlash rather than -10).

      When I move to level 110 PvP, some changes I will make are adding brace to my deck rather than fortify in my tc deck, so I can add more ice birds and polar swarm to my treasure deck. I think polar swarm is great to break shields and it does a decent amount of damage, and 3 pips is much better than 5 pips for frostbite. Winter moon is great to do a combo with weaver, and double weaver is another great combo. I generally reserved frostbite for heavy shielders, but using polar swarm lets you keep more pips and forces the opponent to go on the defensive (also I don't see it used super often and I love unique strategies!). I keep a couple of infallible in my deck but honestly I never used it, because I much prefer to have a constant -20% damage, and shrike does a much better job if you're facing someone with heavy ice resist. Don't forget to put a handful of ice dispels in your deck because it is usually the difference between winning and losing when you're facing another ice! And a ward pet with fire, ice, and balance ward with an ice dealer jewel would be my absolute pet of choice (if you need help with that I'll be offering mine soon!).

      Sorry this was kind of all over the place but feel free to ask me any questions, and I wish you the best of luck! :D
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      Re: 120 Ice PvP Deck Help

      Adding to what the posters above said, I recommend adding a couple of Ice Guardian Minions. Great for shield removal and they can also ice trap/blade, which can be pretty useful and can distract the opponent.
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