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    Thread: Shadowblight

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      A Wizard101/Pirate101 Story

      The Umbra Queen Morganthe has been vanquished for a while now. Many of the more advanced wizards have moved on to face new threats, and her old haunts lie in ruins, or have been reclaimed. So when an ambitious Diviner and an energetic Theurgist, accompanied by their Swashbuckler ally, go to salvage artifacts from the abandoned Shadow Castle, they don't expect to run into much trouble. They could hardly be more wrong...

      The Shadow Queen is gone, but her legacy remains.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

      Shadowblight is the new story that I'm writing! I'll try to post new parts regularly, but due to the erratic schedule of a high school student, I probably won't. So expect intermittent delays... but don't worry, I'll be working on it in (some of) my free time! (After all, I do have to allot some time to actually playing the game.) So, yeah! That's basically it for now... But the first part is coming soon! I hope you'll like it!
      EDIT: First part is below!

      “Shadow magic.” The teenaged boy steps up to the platform, his palms spread wide. “What is it, exactly? That’s hard to tell. It is extremely dangerous, and not to be taught here at Ravenwood. Only truly advanced wizards can control it without being consumed, for Shadow Magic can alter reality itself. Even some wizards who are more advanced in their studies only use it sparingly. Today, we will be covering how to defend yourself against it…”

      A nearly inaudible sigh escapes a purple-clad wizard in the back of the audience. Her blue eyes, set under frizzy blond bangs, flash with annoyance. It’s not that dangerous! Plenty of advanced students use it with no harm to themselves… She glances back at the speaker, who is lecturing the crowd animatedly. What does Cory know, anyway? He’s not nearly as powerful as I am. Plus, he’s a romantic fool.

      “As we all know, the evil wizard Morganthe used Shadow Magic for her own means, and through that, wizards with high enough skill can learn Shadow Magic even now…” Cory speaks in a monotone voice. Several of the younger wizards have already fallen asleep, and Destiny covers her mouth to conceal a yawn. Why didn’t I go treasure-hunting with Cat today? she thinks drowsily. Biting her lip, she forces herself to wake up. She knows well it wouldn’t do any good to fall asleep during her friend’s first academic lecture. Although it’s obvious he wants us to be more than friends. And it’s obvious to everybody but him that he’s lucky we’re even friends. The Diviner rolls her eyes, not-so-patiently waiting for the lecture to be done with.


      After Cory’s lecture, Destiny runs out into the Commons after him, her bright purple and golden robes flowing behind her. “Cory, waiiiiiiit!” She pants, trying to catch up- she had zoned off during the lecture and not realized it was over for a few minutes!

      Cory turns around and crosses his arms. “I have nothing to say to you. Honest. How could one of my real friends not pay attention during what is obviously a very big deal for me?!” His green eyes narrow in agitation.

      They are met calmly by Destiny’s blue ones, set over her freckled nose and small mouth upturned in a smirk. “I was paying attention for most of the lecture. I simply found some of it rather… tacky, cheap, and obvious. Not to mention jealous, ranting, and quite immature.”

      “Wh- wha- how dare you! Friends are not supposed to insult each other like that!” The boy clenches his fists in frustration.

      “I merely suggest that you be more open-minded. Just because it is not taught here does not mean it is inherently- ah- bad.” Destiny looks at him with a rather arrogant expression, yet the twinkle in her eyes seem to suggest that she is only teasing him. Seeing this, he begins to relax.

      “Alright, Dess. I think I can prove to you that Shadow Magic is dangerous.” Seeing her skeptical expression, Cory retorts, “Look, Destiny! This isn’t simply a matter of academic discussion anymore. I… I know what you’re planning, and it’s must too dangerous.” He takes a step closer, his eyes sad. “I don’t want to lose you. Not to something as stupid as wanting to learn Shadow Magic. You’re plenty powerful using Divination and a little Necromancy!”

      She looks down, hair covering her face. “You… you know? But… you still don’t understand. I must, if I ever want to be powerful enough to face the dangers surrounding my homeland. Surely you of all people understand that?”

      “Yes, but… oh, I see your point. Just, be careful.” He is only a short distance away from her. “For my happiness.”

      A flash of lightning in her eyes is the only warning before Destiny hits Cory over the head with her staff. “Ugh! You romantic fool! Of course I’ll be careful, I’m not an idiot!” She pauses, struck with an idea. “If you really care so much, you can help me…”
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      Re: Shadowblight

      I like it so far! Hoping to read the next few parts when you post them!

      ​Alexandra Nighthunter/Alexandra Lionriver/Alia Stormsong/Anna Dusksong/Brynn Ravenheart/​Nicole Nightstone/Sarah Sand

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      Re: Shadowblight

      “Destiny! This stupid plan is absolutely insane!” Cory slams his foot against the ceramic tiled floor, glowering. “Why can’t you just go about learning Shadow Magic the normal way?! Getting that book from the ruins of the Shadow Palace is a stupid idea!!”

      Destiny crosses her arms. “As the Diviner here, I’m the only one who is allowed to thunder like that. And, I told you already, did I not? If I learn Shadow Magic the so-called normal way, I won’t be able to get powerful fast enough!”

      At Destiny’s first remark, Cory walks over to the wall and begins banging his head against it. “Don’t do that,” she tells him tartly. “You’ll ruin the wallpaper, what with your greasy hair and all.”

      “No, I won’t. Why can’t you just come back to Ravenwood with me?”

      A streak of lightning flashes across the room, and Cory jumps with fright and surprise. “What was that for?” He demands, whirling around to face the smirking Diviner.

      “It’s just light. No heat, or it would have made a noise. It was only to startle you back to your senses.” Her face softens. “You know I’d never hurt you… on purpose, anyway.”

      Cory groans in exasperation. “I am soooo relieved. But you still haven’t answered my question.”

      A moment passes before Destiny speaks again. When she does so, her voice is small. “You know I want to save my homeland. I know that other wizards are more than capable of handling threats in the more dangerous parts of the Spiral. But what if- what if my old friends are some of the casualties? Would foreigners truly mourn for them?” She looks down, and Cory is startled to see a tear running down her face. “So do you see? You must know what it is like, even though you were much younger when your home was endangered.”

      Cory flinches. She’s getting too close to finding out the truth about me! I can’t let her know, I don’t want to lose my only friend in Wizard City.

      “But, to travel to the ruins of that place, just to find a thing that probably isn’t even there! I can’t let you go alone,” Cory stammers, wringing his hands nervously.

      His response is acknowledged with a small smile. “I was never planning on going alone. I was hoping that you would come with me?” Destiny phrases this as a question. “Of course, you don’t have to,” she adds hurriedly. “I know you’re afraid-”

      “No, I’ll come!” Cory bursts out. “It’s just… how will we get to the ruins? We could use the Spiral Door, of course, but I don’t have a key, and isn’t there the Starfall Sea in the way?”

      Destiny nods, the tears gone from her eyes. She gives her friend a smile. “Don’t worry. I have another friend who can help us.”’

      Cory turns pale. “You don’t mean…”

      Again, a smile is what he gets in return. “Yes. It’s time to call in a favor from the captain of the Red Crow.”

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