Well the main reason was not because that all team up groups seemed to fail due to not having good strategy, and also the bosses health and pierce and critical and damage were all way to high. Back in test realm I failed like 5-10 times and never beat Graveyard in Test Realm, couldn't even get past Shane Von Shane fight mainly due to terrible groups. Then in live realm we had the same problem but eventually got to Malistaire.

Want to know how I solved that problem? I found 3 people that were rejected by other groups to go in Graveyard and we went in together and actually won, because we never gave up. And yeah when you think of it the main problem was not just with the hard difficulty of Darkmoor, people tend to leave the area early or even right before we start Malistaire, slowing our group down, and often forcing me to find another group wasting time.

I wasted about a good 3 days worth a time with all the fail groups I got before I finally beat Graveyard. Was so annoyed I took a short break before coming back. Since then, I only went with groups I know are good, sometimes with team up groups when I was feeling up to it. Back in the old time after my first Darkmoor run, I was so annoyed I only ran with either Mercanaries101 special event Graveyard farming, or with Assistant Specialists for a while, just to guaranteed my win. Once I had more Darkmoor gear, I started doing random groups yet.

For me, I have been asking for this update so long and I bet a lot of people have been asking for it too. Do you remember all the younger wizards that all rage quit and cancelled their membership, because of how hard Darkmoor was? Well with this update hopefully it should bring people back. Since I wasted so much time with fail groups, I have been asking for this update for a while and finally got it.

Hopefully the younger players will have a better chance now at Darkmoor.