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      Re: How to spend training points for PVE

      Quote Originally Posted by Angel Eyes View Post
      I'm liking Infallible more and more.
      Yes, it's a good point of consideration.

      I never trained Infallible for Death, but I did for Storm and I like it very much. The biggest plus is the ability to pierce regular mobs' resistance. It's 40%, which means two extra blades (which you might not have!) or an extra attack. With Infallible, it drops down to 25%, plus Fortify (should they cast it) is nullified, which requires just one extra blade. And, of course, prisms and mass prisms do throw back your tempo.

      Another interesting point about Infallible (especially for Death with our 85% base accuracy): since your spells are guaranteed to work (or to "resolve" for the M:tG fans ) while it's running, your deck consistency goes up. You can cast your Infallible if it came before your blades and still have three full turns to cast the remaining buffs before unleashing your attack. With other auras, this would mean discarding and passing for the fear of your attack fizzling on the 4th round of your aura.

      Still, you might want to get an Infallible item card (or treasure cards) first and experiment with that. Higher worlds crafting recipes give you accuracy-boosting gear, with Khrysalis robe granting a whopping +15%. If you are not a crafter and keep your Waterworks gear instead, then Infallible becomes much more attractive.
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      Re: How to spend training points for PVE

      My Death is level 55 and here is what worked for me. Have not trained any Life, though he does carry a Life Mastery around when not using his Myth Mastery (when I do need that Fairy, she comes cheap). Trained Myth to Minotaur for Death Minotaur. Only use the Myth occasionally (just for fun some times I will Frog to death Death Mobs). Trained Spirit Blade when I could along with Reshuffle. I held off on Ice to Tower until into DS, then I spent the TP because while not absolutely needed, I found I was passing just waiting for pips and so could have cast a shield in the meantime. Now that I am in Celestia, I find the tower nice to block those occasional crits and since you get a 70% Storm/Fire shield that really helps from Celestia on since the Storm mobs and bosses like Wild Bolt a lot (boy, just a couple luck hits with that can ruin your day unless you have a shield up agains one of them). The death mino is very nice. Hits hard with a blade and gear boost and at just 5 pips a cheap, hard hit. Worth the TP. I agree that using Infallible against mobs helps a lot. (It makes mobs easier and quicker not only for those that would need to cast a mass prism or multiple single prisms, but for those like balance that do not have a prism or a non-school AoE). I also would note this. As you get higher (after Level 55) it gets harder to get gear that boosts two schools (Level 55 gear is nice but you have no resist) and has any defense. Thus you will find it harder to get gear that will boost a secondary school's attacks and gives you enough defense in the higher worlds where resist really does help (some would say is critical to survival). Thus picking secondary school spells that will either be a good utility or can be mutated into the main school seems to make more sense. Cheers!

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      Re: How to spend training points for PVE

      My Death Wiz is around lvl 80.

      I spent my points on Life to Sprite, Ice to Tower Shield, Myth to Earthquake, Spirit Blade, all the sun damage boosts. Chose Star spells Infallible, Amplify and Empowerment. Got the Death Minotaur spell as well. Picked up Ninja Pigs in Mooshu.

      I have a Red Ghost pet with Death Shield, Amplify, Fairy, Pain Giver and Sharp Shot.

      Really enjoy using Death Minotaur and Myth Minotaur.

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