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      Good Minion + Polymorph Gobbler = Good Combo

      So, I have been reading about how Moon spells are no good... they need to be fixed, etc.

      Some people don't like minions either. But I do! Sure, your battles will be of a slower tempo than simply casting a boosted attack all spell. But, if you agree with me that this is not a problem, then consider this:

      At mid level, your typical wizard only has something like 2500-3500 health. Gobbler has 5000 health. That means that for a 2500 health wizard, every hit taken does half damage. It's like having a tower shield up every round!

      Gobbler also has a 35 universal resist, at mid level, this is pretty decent.

      The spell selection is limited, but perfect for a wizard who wishes to protect her minion, while her minion dishes out the hits. Tower Shield, large and small attacks with Taunt, Taunt all, and self healing. I like to cast the Tower Shields on my wizard's minion most of the time, unless I see a really big hit coming up.

      The down side... no power pips. And one turn to cast the polymorph spell. On the flip side, the spell costs nothing, which is perfect for wizards who have no or little pips available after casting their minion. Also, remember that if you use the Gobbler heal spell, it is really only healing your wizard at a lower percentage, than when your wizard is in normal form. But still useful in emergencies.

      For those wizards with pets that have may cast spells, those still work with the polymorph. If your pet has unicorn, then when you Taunt and get hit (for essentially half damage,) your pet will have a chance to heal both your wizard and your minion.

      As your wizard levels up and gets more health points, the value of the Gobbler decreases. But if your the type of wizard, who did not buy into the "I must spend 5 training points on Ice to get Tower Shield" then you have a 5 extra points to put into other spells that you might like instead. And with Gobbler you have access to tower shields should you really need them.

      Also, as your wizard's health increases at higher levels, the value of the Gobbler heals increase as well, because at high health levels those of the Gobbler and your normal wizard health are more closely matched. So if you wanted to save some training points on not getting life spells for healing, this might be a viable option as well. Especially when combining other polymorph spells for healing, like Treant or Jaguar.

      The Moon School is for those who like to take the less traveled path. One a bit slower, perhaps... And for those that like to think outside of the usual, very boring, hurry, hurry, attack all box.
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      Re: Good Miinion + Polymorph Gobbler = Good Combo

      This sounds like a great idea, I also find that polymorph lander works well with a minion

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      Re: Good Miinion + Polymorph Gobbler = Good Combo

      This seems like this might take a while, but still pretty effective

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