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      Re: How to deal with Egomaniacs in the arena

      Anyone that starts calling you a noob , laughs around at you and ect...ect..ect ... pretty common stuff in arena I say fight back , people don't realize it takes to have a an opponent to get a win , cant win fighting your self alone , therefore need to respect other players if they are good player or not doesn't matter , but I most say its not of the worst you can run into , the worst are here on central , which frist thing that you can find in their posts is call other people pathetic , calling all who do rank pvp trash , make fun of others on public forums so everyone can see , true bullies ,these people express them selfs as better smarter humans because they won something , which is ironic and sad, what they actually do is ruin the fun for many others including me ill never join pvp tourney here on central did ones and was made fun of and put down publicly over a loss of match .for some who may not like my post am sorry , just know not trying to pick a fight but I am tired of seeing people publicly put down others and for what just to make them selfs look bigger ugh , people need to respect others which is the only way to gain respect for you self is my message in this post.
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      Re: How to deal with Egomaniacs in the arena

      Quote Originally Posted by ScarletSometimes View Post
      I read Warprat's post that he only did that because they were toying with him - in other words they started it first - and he was getting revenge/giving them a taste of their own medicine/teaching them a lesson.

      Hopefully I'm not wrong. I don't think that Warprat behaves like a prat normally going on, I think it is only when he is provoked. And what he does is so much better than throwing a paddy and calling the other wizard names, etc.


      I have played all the schools, so I am at least familiar with the basic tactics of each. I usually play with my 21st level storm wizard. I don't have any of the arena gear, but I do have some decent crowns gear from packs, a goodish pet, a life amulet and some decent treasure cards. I just play in the practice arena, because I buy the areas with crowns. If I really get into PVP I will consider buying a sub.

      Anyway... yes, I am not into the name calling or bragging thing. I win plenty of games against wizards of my own level or even a bit higher. But I lose lots as well. Although I don't like to lose, it is no shame to lose to a superior opponent, especially if there is a big difference in levels and/or gear. If someone plays well or at least tries, win or lose, I always "good game" them.

      It's pretty easy to tell when the Egomaniacs are not trying to kill you, but just gloat and toy. And the condescending laugh is a great indicator... there is nothing mindless about it. I have high level wizards too, I know how long it takes to win against a puny 21st level.

      If you mess with me, I will mess with you... and I encourage other wizards to do the same.

      But I don't hold a grudge, sometimes the offending wizard will want to "friend me" after the game, as I have for some reason gained their respect. I will always try to accept if I have a friend spot open. For the others, the ignore button works a charm, LOL! I have no tolerance for trash talk.

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      Re: How to deal with Egomaniacs in the arena

      Are they balance or myth? Those are pretty annoying schools even when they are legit
      Angel's dad pulled the last box out of the closet, the one with Shoes of Pain and Fear printed in faded Gothic letters across it. Angel tried them on. In fact, they were snug and comfy, and not even a little bit scary.

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