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      Sirius Black Basic Signature Tutorial

      Sirius Black Basic Signature Tutorial
      This was inspired by Camille's Basic Gimp Signature Guide. This is a similar guide for photoshop. I will try to explain everything in depth. I would love to see results!

      There are a few final steps that can be skipped. The final product won't be as smooth, but the aspects at the end are the most confusing.

      What you need:
      [If you don't know what these things are, consult the wonderful artist's dictionary!]
      A render
      A few c4ds
      A bokeh
      A little bit of patience...

      First things first:
      Here is what we are making!

      Create a new canvas. In the width box, type 400, and make sure the unit is pixels. Do the same with height, using 200 pixels.

      Paste in a render. Move it around so it is in a place that you like.

      Use the eyedropper tool to get some colors from the render. Then, use a large brush with 0% hardness (brush options) and paint a layer below the render.

      Now, duplicate the render. To do this, right click the render layer and select 'duplicate layer'. Click the little eye icon next to one of the renders to hide it.

      Now, click the smudge tool. Go into brush options and select a size 13 round brush with 100% hardness. Click the scatter button in brush options and set the sliders to something like this:

      On the render layer that is not hidden, click and drag from the edge of the render to the edge of the canvas. (smudge the render)

      Now, go to image>image rotation>flip canvas horizontal. Then, smudge the other side of the render.

      Flip the canvas again, so it is back to normal, and click the little eye icon on the second render layer to show it again.

      This part is a bit complicated. On the bottom of the layers panel, there is a little button with a circle in a rectangular field. Highlight the second render layer, and then click this button. A white rectangle will appear next to the render layer. Highlight the white rectangle. Take a large black brush with 0% hardness and brush around the render. This will seem to erase parts of the render, but it still preserves the original render.

      Go back to the first layer. Use the same black brush around the edges, to create a light source.

      Still on that layer, use the smudge tool from before and smudge the black inwards.

      Now, open up your c4ds in photoshop. I used two here, but you can use more or less than two. Set the c4ds to color doge in the layers panel.

      Now, open your bokeh in photosop. Make sure that there is no background, or this won't look right. Set the bokeh to overlay (in the layer panel). Then, change the opacity of the layer to 30%. You can either stop here, or continue to see what else you can do to your signature!

      Important: Everything from here on out is optional.

      Create a gradient map. There is a button on the bottom of the layers panel that is a circle, half white and half black. Click that and select gradient map. Click the gradient and change it so it is similar to this.

      The gradient map will appear as a layer in the layers panel. Set the layer to soft light, another layer option.

      Click the half white half black circle button on the bottom of the layer panel again. Click vibrance. Use settings similar to this:

      This is what you will have:

      I did not like the way that the vibrance made his face look yellow, so I decided to remove that part. You will see that the vibrance layer already has a layer mask (the white rectangle next to the layer in the layers panel). Use a black brush with 0% hardness and brush over his face, with the white rectangle selected.

      Now, make a new layer over everything and click image>apply image. Then, go to filter>sharpen.

      This is the last step. Select the whole image. (command+a) Click edit>stroke. Use settings similar to these.

      You are done!

      Hope this was easy(ish) to follow!

      Click signature for Blue Nouveau Designs - OPEN as of august 19!

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      Re: Sirius Black Basic Signature Tutorial

      Great guide! I'll be trying this right now, results will be posted soon (:
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