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      Re: Small Stacked Plots With Video

      Again, pointless to stack if you are going to plant more than 25 small plots.

      But I see another issue. I am guessing that you assume that because the character has 104 green energy, you can only plant 104/2 or 52 seeds. Not true. The only advantage you get is that all seeds are close to the same age. For stacked plants, that is a good attribute; it reduces your chances of wilting, and saves you from the problem of can't put a seed in an empty plot that is above one that does have a seed.

      Wilting can be a problem with Couch Potatoes and DHE's but I have had no issues with Stinkweed and Sour Fickle Pickle. I'm not sure about regular Fickle Pickle.

      But ... if you can follow me on the "no point in stacking if over 25 small" idea, then guess what? You can randomly plant and harvest at any location if they are all on the ground. So ... go ahead and plant all 69 (or 68 if you like the middle empty)! Of course they will be staggered in age. Who cares? Since they are on the ground, you can walk around all you want, planting and harvesting, unlike stacked plants.

      I did just this with my daughter's character, I had a garden of mixed Fickle Pickle and Sour Fickle Pickle. I do not recall wilting any. What I did was use the other kind of plot (regular vs. enchanted) for the center plot as an aim point, then don't plant in it.

      Just keep in mind, you do NOT visit the house unless you have enough green to take care of every need. That would 5*15 or 75 green. Then with the leftover green, you can either cast pest removal or plant more seeds.

      So what you will eventually end up with is a garden with Pickles of all ages. You visit, you cast spells, harvest, then plant any empties from elders. Then you don't visit more than 24 hours, and really, I bet you can get away with 48 hours; I am not sure if you will be missing blades though.

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      Re: Small Stacked Plots With Video

      I have a lvl 20 storm with gardening clothes (68 energy I think,) who maintains two large gardens of Stinkweed. When plants reach elder, I just replant them on an adhoc basis. I tend to them once a day during the week, and twice on weekends. It takes 50 energy to maintain them both, so I fall behind during the week, and leave them at elder. On the weekend I do one in the morning, replanting elder seeds as much as possible, then do both again in the evening. I am usually able to catch them both up in a couple days.

      One extra benefit to this is that there is always a naturally spawned pixie around to maximize growth, without need of a pixie spell. Also, stinkweed is very hardy, and wilts only if you go away on vacation and forget about them for a week. Yep, I did that a couple times with hardly any issues, LOL.

      The amount of gold generated from these two gardens is fantastic, given that a lower level wizard can do it, and nets me about 150,000 per week. Which can purchase most anything you might want in the game. I use it for pet hatching. But you could easily buy a whole bunch of Honey Sickles. I usually start my wizards off in the bazaar, and scan for items I want, then scan again after I sell a harvest. I usually sell my Honey Sickles, and many others do as well.

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