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      I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      First off, I'd like to say that I'm back here for the time being. I had quit central, but I think you guys need to know how unjust KI has become in their ruling.

      BASICALLY, here's how it went down: I was offline for a couple days because I just really didn't have the time to get online, so I logged on to farm the loremaster and when I tried to talk to my friend, no chat bubble came up. I didn't understand what was going on, but I just assumed it was a glitch because my game has glitched before to not let me use the enter button. I tried whispering to someone, but the only tabs there were "Remove", "Teleport to", and "Menu Chat".

      Text chat was dark.

      That's when I assumed I was muted, but I hadn't received any in-game notice like some people do, nor had I received an email about it, so I emailed Kingsisle this:
      My account was muted for absolutely no reason (I received no in-game notice, nor an email), and I hardly even chat in-game, so I don't understand why this was done. Could someone please enlighten me, without sending a pre-made email like I've received so many times before, why I was muted and if/when I can get my chat back.
      They then replied that they would love to investigate for me if I'd just send my user name, which I did.

      Their final reply came about half a day later, and I was shocked. Feel free to read it below:


      The account has been permanently muted due to a confirmed violation of our Terms of Use. Specifically, the user of your account has accessed at least one other account that has been permanently muted for violating the Terms of Use, or your account has been accessed by an unauthorized player that was permanently muted for violating the Terms of Use. In either case, the account was affected by association. If you are unaware of the cause, then this likely occurred as the result of account sharing, which is also a violation of the Terms of Use.

      Please know that KingsIsle Entertainment works very hard to maintain a safe environment for all of our players. While we try to negate the player's exposure to foul language and/or inappropriate behaviors, people can still get very creative in getting around our safe-guards. We are aware of accounts working around the chat filters to participate in inappropriate behaviors, and are working to mitigate any notion that it is condoned by KingsIsle. We want to prevent players from bypassing a mute by simply logging in to a different account.

      While we understand the frustration of not having the open chat in game, we'd like you to understand that the mute was given in lieu of a permanent account ban. Due to the violation that occurred, no further considerations will be given.

      KingsIsle Support

      So there you have it. My account that I've had since BETA, mind you, that has never even been muted for 10 minutes, was permanent-muted because someone hacked me (Or at least that's what I assume). The weird thing is that whoever hacked me did nothing to my account, but I have never once given out my account information to anyone.

      Kingsisle, you really re corrupt. I know people have said it before, yes I've defended you for years on the forums. They say that your customer service is terrible and that you don't care about the player... and I'm starting to believe them.

      I have not cursed in-game, nor have I ever played on anyone's account. I was muted for absolutely no reason with no warning.

      So I quit Wizard101 then and there. I haven't logged on for a week.

      And it's not because I don't have my chat (I really only use it to say thanks in the game anymore, sadly). It's because KI needs to understand that they will lose dedicated customer after dedicated customer because of their actions.

      Great game, horrible customer service.
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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      -Cries- That was beatiful. How could KI do that? Selfish company

      Thanks -Isaac- for the sig:3
      I'll be here and there.
      ~Quit 9/21/13~

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      If you are sure you did nothing wrong, ask them to send you a transcript of the violation. They would almost have to PROVE that you did something to violate the ToS. Tell them if they can't produce the transcript, you would be happy to produce a lawyer.
      May flights of angels guide thee to thy rest, Lady Stormrider.

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      Sorry to hear that you were muted. And if what you say is true (not saying it isn't), then KI REALLY needs to come up with some way of seeing if someone's account was hacked in some way, maybe something like what Facebook does where if you log on FB on another computer you get an email letting you know that someone (if not you yourself) logged onto your account on another computer by way of the secondary password they ask for.

      This to me would be something similar to the master password thing that KI has on their website if you're going to make purchases or changes to controls in the game. Otherwise at this point they can do nothing but assume that it was either you or possibly someone else who logged onto your account by way of you giving someone your account info, but there is no way that they can prove it wasn't you that made the violation, and this is the obvious problem. Maybe they should implement something like putting in a master password feature when you log into the game too? Maybe track the IP address of the last person who logged in? IDK
      "Timor Mortis Conturbat Me." (The Fear Of Death Confounds Me.)

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      so sorry for your muting, but i do agree it was a little unfair of KI to not give a specific reason for your mute. you may want to double check the ToS just to see if you have done something you shouldn't have done, not that i'm accusing you or anything

      signature by me ~ avatar found on tumblr

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      If everything you are saying is true that absolutely stinks and is wrong if someone hacks your account now you are responsible for their actions I mean what?

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Mythcaster View Post
      If you are sure you did nothing wrong, ask them to send you a transcript of the violation. They would almost have to PROVE that you did something to violate the ToS. Tell them if they can't produce the transcript, you would be happy to produce a lawyer.
      lol morgan, go get'em girl hahahaha. i liked that. shes right though. you really should ask them to prove it and if they wont or cant then take matters into your own hands and do something about it legally. ppl put too much into these games to just have someone jump in and mess up their work. that like jk rowling typing up all the harry potter books and someone coming in and hitting the delete button before she could save it. that's so horrible. sorry to hear that happened to you.

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      If everything you say is true, then have KingsIsle send you a copy of a script to prove their reasoning for muting you.

      I have been muted for 10 years, and I asked KingsIsle why and they were able to give me proof of their reasoning for muting me.

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      It's funny how KI thinks the only way accounts can get hacked is by account sharing...

      Pepsi - the bold, robust, effervescent magic cola.

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      Re: I've lost all hope in Kingsisle.

      KingsIsle that was MARVELOUS! I mean look at that paragraph. It is so stupid on how you didn't realized and/or asked how did this happen. KingsIsle can't just straight out give the explanation, they have to figure out WHY this happened and HOW this happened.

      Level of Stupidity: OFF THE CHARTS

      I just have one thing to say: How would you know this without asking the person? I mean, seriously you guys aren't Physics. But at least asked How... Gee that was Stupid .-.

      Credit to David1822

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