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      How does the order of a pet's talents work?

      I recently hatched with someone and Central and received back my pet (a Starfish), and it will hatch tomorrow at about 4pm. After the hatch, the person I hatched with asked if there was an Epic talent in a last talent slot or one near that slot, and said that if so, it is most likely Unicorn. He said the same about an Uncommon talent in the middle of the pet's talents list. So my question is, how did he know (or assume) that those talents were there? Does the order of talents (both manifested and unmanifested) of a pet get inherited by their offspring? Do talents on a pet stay in only one slot no matter what pet has it? I also have another question; on a pet's talents list, there are dots next to each talent, which I believe increases as the more rare the talent is. Does the amount of dots next to a talent change depending on who is on it? I'm sorry if I seem inexperienced or annoying, I am just getting into the world of pet's, pet talents, and hatching, and I know nothing of it. lol

      Here is a picture of my Starfish (still as an egg) and its talents and derby talents

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      Re: How does the order of a pet's talents work?

      To answer your question, all talents and derby abilities, whether they are learned or not, have one unique number programmed into them that determines their order in the talentpool; the talents that have been assigned low numbers are near the top (Dragonblade, Pierce Train, Pip O'Plenty, etc.), and the talents with high numbers are near the bottom (Mythblade, Armor Breaker, Balance-It, etc.).

      There's even a project dedicated to finding the exact number values for almost all talents and all derby abilities (Pip Boost is not included in the data because it is uninheritable).

      Talent/Derby Ability Order Project

      Talents and derby abilities won't always stay in the same position as their parents; the way that talent order is determined on all pets is by their unique number value which I've mentioned earlier.

      It is possible to determine what each slot has on an offspring pet, but it will require screenshots of its parents' traitpools (exactly like the screenshots containing both of Duke Gummy's traitpools). The information within the Talent/Derby Ability Order Project is also used as a reference for deciphing traitpools.

      The dots only represent the rarity value of a single talent/derby ability. A couple of talents have had their rarities changed before in the past (Cloud O'Bugs, Snow N'Tell, Power Player, Hexster, and Feeling Weak); other than that, a talent's rarity will never change through hatching.

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