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      Re: What is the point of having non-open chat?

      Quote Originally Posted by percyjacksonwizard View Post
      Text Chat is the most annoying thing in the universe. I feel that all the people who are defending it have open chat....
      I may have open chat currently but this wasn't always the case, plus my secondary account still has text chat as well. When I started playing, open chat didn't even exist, and even when it was added, I wasn't old enough to get it, but I didn't complain about it. When more and more people started getting open chat, I knew that I would need to upgrade to it as well to communicate better with them. Once I turned 18, I emailed support saying that my account was legally 18 years old and asked if they could enable open chat on my account (note that their systems don't track ages). A few days later, I logged onto the game and found out that they did in fact enable open chat on my account.

      So while I may have open chat now, I know what it's like to have text chat as I had to use it for many years. I get that you don't like text chat, but saying that everyone defending it has open chat makes you look biased and also doesn't help your view look fair/valid either, so there's that at least.

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      Re: What is the point of having non-open chat?

      I understand the reasoning behind the limitations, but it is very annoying to those of us who don't try to get around the filters (or, at least, in a negative way.)

      For instance, numbers being blocked does limit how you can reveal personal information, but blocking numbers does not abolish it, since you can just say, "third" and "fourth" and things like that. However, numbers are also helpful when someone asks you how much a collect quest you have left, or what pedigree your pet is, etc.

      That's where the frustration lies with myself and all of the other rule-following text chat users out there. We can't communicate very effectively because of the immaturity of others. I believe that if you're old enough or your parents deem you responsible enough to handle communication with strangers on a game, there should be no phone-number sharing or credit card number sharing.

      Something else I firmly believe in is that if you have a clean record for a few years in Wizard101, you should be able to get Open Chat if you already have access to Text Chat. If those people do something wrong in Open Chat, mute them.

      There, rant over.

      Actually, not yet. I wish they'd bring back capital letters in text chat. I use capital letters all the time no matter where I am (at school, on the Internet, anywhere) and try to use correct grammar. I feel like text chat limits that, though, and it almost makes me want to stop trying to communicate, as I feel that I'm not making much sense when I use it sometimes.

      Okay, now I'm done.

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