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      Argus Research Campus

      Based off the webcomic The Zombie Hunters

      _____________________________/// LOG: #324

      Following the outbreak that turned much of our population into the
      shambling undead, our small community of survivors has taken
      up facilities of the Argus Research Campus.

      To dead with the loss of the past government and military,
      Arther and his team have created the Red Halos. In turn, the Red Halos
      have organized teams of Zombie Hunters to assist their expeditions
      into the wastelands. These teams recover salvage, bolster our military,
      and serve as a good boost to general morale.

      We, and this new government, strive together to rebuild a broken
      and scared community of survivors into a strong and independent society...

      -Dr. Megan Ellard


      This roleplay takes place 11 years after the out brake and will revolve around a team of zombie hunters who live on an artificial island called
      A.R.C. ISLAND. These hunters, like so many others on the island, are infected- they carry a dormant strain of the undead virus, which will cause them to turn into one of six different types of undead when they die. Because of this, they live segregated from the rest when they aren't fighting in the old world, that's now known as the Wastes.

      A.R.C. Island

      The Argus Research Campus was founded almost a decade before the first outbreak, as close as anyone can tell. It's a hi-tech, towering facility dedicated to researching and curing various diseases. When it was built, the facility was completely isolated from the rest of the world and existed almost entirely in secret. Due to the delicate and often-dangerous research carried out within its walls, the only means of transporting the researchers to or from the Campus was by air or by sea.

      After the outbreak, the Red Halos turned the abandoned facility into a haven for researchers, doctors, and scientists alike to continue their research and discover a cure, while providing refuge and care for the people who survived the horror of the 'undead invasion'.

      The Island where A.R.C. is located is a fair sized (33 sq. km.) man-made fertile land mass providing adequate farm lands, lakes, and forest, providing the A.R.C. civilians with fresh food and water. The island itself is self-sustaining and there are many living facilities about the campus and throughout the rest of the island so that the researchers could live there for years if they so desired. But even though A.R.C. is mostly self-sustained, supplies are always limited, and people must follow strict guidelines regarding recycling and waste disposal.

      The perimeter of the island is heavily guarded to prevent zombies or other such undesirables from entering. The island seawalls, which were used to prevent erosion, are now topped with heavy concrete barricades, which in turn protect the catwalks that allow the island's defenders to patrol and look out across the shores of the ARC.

      Life style

      There are nearly 1000 infected who are marked and segregated from the rest of the inhabitants on the island. But, being an infected person is not all that bad. If it were, there would be many leaving the island. Like the uninfected, the infected civilians have their own area which they run like a small community, except it's fenced in and is being carefully watched by the A.R.C. and Halo staff.
      The infected are allowed to leave the barracks and go into town, to work, visit un-infected family members, or to visit friends and see the sights on certain days. But, they must go back to the barracks by 6:30 pm. This time stamp might change from person to person.

      Some choose to make a living by going offshore in the wastes, hunting zombies and collecting salvage, trading their freedom for safety.

      Zombie Hunters

      None of them can escape their eventual fate, so these people decide to fight the good fight and accomplish something before they go. Besides, the perks aren't bad- free room and board, adventure, and the chance to kill zombies.

      Those Infected who wish to volunteer as Zombie Hunters must pass regular physical and mental examinations and go through an abbreviated version of the Red Halo military basic training. Although Zombie Hunters cannot become infected again by contact with the undead or contaminated objects, they are certain to rise again if killed, and so they are expected to stay well away from zombies whenever possible.
      Once their basic training is complete, Zombie Hunters are trained in tasks vital to the salvage operations that they conduct, as well as one or more specialties that are considered to be important to the A.R.C., including:

      Heavy Equipment Operation
      Land Navigation
      Advanced First Aid (Combat Medicine)

      Visit the group for more information of the island and the zombies. (You can read this after you finish your form if you wish)


      Weapon of choice:

      Name: Kimberley (Kim) Evans
      Age: 21

      History: Kim spend the first few years after the outbreak held up in various places with her father and a few of his hunting buddies and their families. Because of their hunting skills, the zombies weren't as big of a threat as they could have been, but there were still a number of times where they had to leave an area because of them or a lack of materials to survive on. Then a group of Red Halo's found them when she was around 14 and took them to the island. After they were quarantined and tested, all of them were found to be infected, given ID's and moved to the barracks.

      Kim lived in a small 2 room cabin with her dad and they tried to live a normal life. As normal as you could being an infected. Her father found work being a Zombie Hunter and she went to the small school, made friends with the few other teens while trying to ignore the looks and whispers of those around her. She stopped going to the school shortly after. Besides, most of the teens didn't go either, so why should she?

      Then when she was 18 her father died on a mission. A few months later she decided to join up as well. She worked hard and proved to be valuable thanks to her hunting bow skills. When she was 20 she took leadership training and was assigned leader of a team 6 months ago.

      Infected: Yes

      Personality: Kim is a person who usually keeps a calm demeanor around people she doesn't trust, which is usually everyone but her team, or when she has to step up to her leadership role. She doesn't speak much, and usually only speak when she feels she has something to add to a conversation. Around her team, she's a bit more open. She smiles more and will sometimes laugh at a team mates joke if it's funny enough for her.

      Kim enjoys staying up and looking at the sky our of her room window. She also likes to go to the make shift library and read books in a small corner. If she's not careful to keep time, she could spend the day away reading books. It's because of this, she likes to bring back any book she finds while on a mission, which sadly isn't often as she'd like.

      Team: PIERCE - Captain

      Skill(s): She has leadership and communication skills. She's also a skilled fighter.

      Weapon of choice: Any type of bow, prefers compound ones.

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      "I can choose to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure."

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      Re: Argus Research Campus


      "I can choose to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure."

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      Re: Argus Research Campus

      Name: Deniese ( no last name)
      Age: 13

      History: Deniese was brought to Argus research and tested to see if she was infected.
      she was. After Deniese moved to the infected barracks she went to school, finished one year of school, and became a zombie hunter after she learned about them

      Infected?: yes
      Personality: quiet shy. can be a little negative but is very intellectual.
      Skill(s): very good with the bow and the sword
      Weapon of choice: bow( dislikes using compound bows) with different arrows. can also use the sword very well
      can make arrows for bows in a minute or less. loves to read. can perceive emotions from people around her

      black white

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