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      Scarlet*'s Avatar
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        •  Azteca
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        •  Balance
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      The Sky is Falling! Xibalba Guide

      Xibalba is the final instance in Azteca. The entrance to Xibalba is here:

      Your best strategy depends on school combinations, group communication, and fun. Before you start, make sure that you have full health, mana, potions, and marked the entrance. It is a long trek from the Zocalo. There are health and mana wisps after every battle, so take advantage of them when you can. Cleanse charm, conviction and stun block treasure cards are helpful as well. Our general recommendations depends on the type of group you have.

      Xibalba has 4 battles.

      The first Boss -Yacate Farwalker
      Yacate Farwalker -

      • Myth boss
      • 22,550 health
      • death mastery amulet

      3 Goliath Crushers and/or Goliath Devastators -

      • Ice minions or Death minions
      • 3750 health or 4450 health

      The battle looks like:

      Round 1: Sharpened Elemental Blades, Conviction, Potent Feint, Stun block
      Round 2: Amulet feint, Fairy, Sharpened Dark Pact, Amulet Storm Blade
      Round 3: Trained Feint, Guiding Light, Dark Pact, Sharpened Storm Blade
      Round 4: Pet Dragon blade, Rebirth, Curse, Sirens

      You can take him out just as you did the rest of the Azteca myth bosses. They hit hard and do critical quite a bit, so shield up and keep that critical block high. Potent traps work really well. Since you're dealing with a myth boss and ice minions, you'll want to put up either stun blocks or conviction early on. As well, since there's the imminent danger of earthquake, you'll want to get all manner of traps up, particularly stacking feints, and blade once Yacate is too low on pips to be able to quake them off.

      The second boss-Skurkis Screaming Moon:
      Skurkis Screaming Moon-

      • Death boss
      • 20,350 Health

      A combination of Shadow Weaver Glider and/or Night Weaver -

      • Storm minion or Balance minion
      • 3450 Health or 3500 health

      Shambling Zombie-

      • Storm minion
      • 1220 Health
      • Starts with 6 Power Pips
      • Doesn't appear till Round 2.

      What the battle looks like:
      Round 1: Trained Feint, Guiding Light, Stun Block
      Round 2: Potent Feint, Unicorn, Stun Block on Healer, Storm Prism on Storm minion
      Round 3: Amulet Feint, Conviction, Curse, Amulet Storm Blade
      Round 4: Sharpened Elemental Blades, Fairy,Sharpened Dark Pact, Trained Storm Blade
      Round 5: Trained Elemental Blades, Unicorn, Dark Pact, Sirens

      Unlike Yacate, Skurkis cheats. Her cheats-
      • A necromancer is never alone: On the second round, a shambling zombie enters the battle.
      • Feed me, my minion: At the start of subsequent rounds, the shambling zombie does a sacrifice, taking a 300 health damage for Skurkis to gain 3000 health. He continues until defeated.
      • Time for some new friends: After the zombie is defeated, Skurkis keeps just the other 2 minions for 2 rounds. Then, another shambling zombie enters again and the cycle continues.
      • Recommendations: Treat her like a death version of Yacate. If you choose the 'safer' method, realize that she will heal off the damage through the zombie sacrifices.

      The 3rd Boss-Huac Cries Blood:
      Huac Cries Blood-

      • Fire boss
      • 23,950 health
      • does not cheat; however, he and his minions hit quite hard.

      3 Moon Skull Wights and/or Grim Calacas-

      • Storm minions or Ice minions
      • 3500 health or 6,050 health

      What the battle looks like-
      Round 1: We try to cast conviction/stun blocks, but go second and get a storm lord and a frost giant.
      Round 2: We cast conviction and stun blocks.
      Round 3: Trained and Potent Feints on the boss, Mass Storm Prism for the variable number of storm minions, and a pet storm blade on our storm hitter.
      Round 4: Blade up the storm with balance blades, sharpened elemental blades, and sharpened storm blade.
      Round 5: More buffing with trained elemental blades, amulet feint, and potent storm trap and a rebirth.
      Round 6: We are hit with a Storm Lord, but due to Conviction/Stun Blocks we resist the stuns. More buffs: trained elemental trap, tc elemental blades, and pet dragonblade with a colossal sirens for the colossal overkill.

      You can take him out just like you did Yacate, although as with all bosses if you are in a fight with less players or without a healer, we recommend trying to get the minions out of the way as soon as possible. Moon Skull Wights and Grim Calacas are both BRUTAL minions to stand up against, so when in doubt, get rid of them asap.

      The final battle-Malistaire the Undying:
      Malistaire the Undying-

      • Death boss
      • 25,565 health

      Youala Nightdrinker-

      • Ice boss
      • 25,500 health

      Xipe Flayed One-

      • Storm boss
      • 21500 health

      Grim Calaca-

      • Ice minion
      • 6050 health

      What the battle looks like-

      Round 1: Potent Feint (Youala), Conviction, Potent Feint (Xipi), Stun block (65% Mass infect by Mali, Frosty by Calaca)
      Round 2: Stunned, Heal Hitter, Stunned, Storm Prism (Xipi) (Sirens Xipi)
      Round 3: Feint attempt (fail), Heal attempt (fail), Sharp Dark Pact, Amulet Storm (40% Virulent Plague by Mali)
      Round 4: Trained feint (Youala), Rebirth, tc tri, wand off virulent plague (65% Mass infect by Mali, Lord of Winter on healer)
      Round 5: Trained feint (Xipi), Conviction, Trained dark pact (thank you virulent plague), Sharpened Storm (Skeletal dragon on healer, tempest by Xipi)
      Round 6: Trained tri, uni, amulet hex (Xipi), Colossal Tempest
      Round 7: Bye Malistaire! Victory Unicorn heal for all!

      Cheats- You cannot damage Malistaire. He is immune to all schools, even with armor piercing. Don't bother to hit him. The other bosses do not cheat.

      Recommendations for a group of 3 players or less, or a group without a healer Avoid Malistaire, take the rest of them out, one at a time.
      • Start with the Grim Calaca, since he is the easiest to kill of the three.
      • After that, we recommend going after Xipe Flayed One – he not only packs quite the punch, he REALLY enjoys stealing your blades. The battle will be much more pleasant once he’s out of the mix.
      • Deal with Youala last, and you’ll find that Malistaire the Undying may not be as brave as he pretends to be….

      Recommendations for a group of 4 players with a reliable healer: Like many dual-boss fights in Azteca, you can take out all the enemies at once. This approach is slightly faster and it allows you to have a more streamlined deck, but it is more dangerous. Killing all the enemies at once is satisfying, if you've playing with a group that has good communication skills.
      • Again, ignore Malistaire.
      • Place Feints on everyone (except Mali, who really doesnt hit as hard as you would think) then blade up once Xipe Flayed One is low on pips. Once your hammer has enough blades to kill, fire at will! Have fun!

      Note: Both Youala and the Grim Calaca can use volcanic shield. If you plan to take out the bosses with a storm or fire hammer, we recommend that at least one of your 'buffing' players (ie, not your healer or hammer) carry a few shatter or prisms in their sideboard.

      Mercenaries for Hire can help! Feel free to ask us for help in this dungeon.

      Last edited by Scarlet*; 2-17-13 at 2:58:44 AM. Reason: Added Video :D

      Mercenaries101: Information . . . . Guides: Helpful Links . . . . Help: Difficult Instances --- Wizard City-Zafaria --- Avalon-Azteca

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        •  Empyrea
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        •  Lord Jessie
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        •  Ice hound
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      Thank you for this guide. Should be helpful when i get there in a little while (in twin giants now)

      The Miragian Lumiomancer

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      Katherine_Light's Avatar
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        •  Katherine Light
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        •  Life
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        •  Pepper
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        •  Tricky Dragon
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      Thanks for bringing this one over, Scar. Love this dungeon! Can't wait to get those videos up.
      Last edited by Katherine_Light; 12-3-12 at 12:11:36 PM.

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        Dead Sparrow is offline Journeyman Wizard
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      aweswome guide! much solid info, i will definitely be using this when i hit this dungeon...i've been dreading it, now i'm all set, yay. thx scarlet.

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        •  Death
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        •  random ones
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  all of them
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      Looks like a great guide! I am nowhere near that far yet, but I guarantee I will be reading this again when I am. Thanks for putting this together!

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        •  Life
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        •  Lulu. :D
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        •  Many. xD
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      Love the guide Scar. Mali isn't that scary after all ;o
      "However far away, I will always love you."

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        Nightmaress is offline Grandmaster Wizard

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        •  Storm
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        •  Luna
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        •  Stormzilla
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      Excellent guide! Now I'm a little more confident with taking on this dungeon when the time comes
      -Officially Retired-

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      Fallon DarkEyes's Avatar
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      GREAT JOB SCAR!!! i can not wait to get there to try this out!! Merc's rock in all of their guides even more so now!!!! keep up the great work!!!

      Always looking to hatch with new pets

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        NightSong89 is offline Novice Wizard
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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      Thx for the guide.

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      Re: The Sky is Falling!

      One of the most helpful things I'll ever need! Love it!
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