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      Wizard101 one in a million guide

      OK, first the best school for this badge is storm.
      1.Make sure you are battling a boss, best boss to battle for this badge is Foulgaze in Olde town, wc, specifically Sapphyra's tower. Reason being he doesnt use storm shields, which if your any other school besides storm, then you might wanna buy a triton, also he doesn't use weaknesses. Nor does his minion.

      2.You will need at least 3 balanceblades, one from an amulet, one from a tc, and one from a normal spell, you will need a bunch of amulets, well you or a friend, then you can get the tc from the bazaar, and finally the normal from a balance wizard, or you can just polymorph into a mander and put on a balanceblade.

      3.You will need a ton of elemental blades and traps, one tc, one normal, and one amulet, or again you can polymorph into mander. You can get the tc from the bazaar or any one of the libraries in the spiral except for the one Avalon, then you can get the amulet from the bazaar or crowns.

      4.Next you will need dragonblades. These will not be easy to find. Although they appear in the Bazaar every now and then as tc, you can also get one from an amulet or a normal spell.

      5.Then you will need a few (maybe 1 or 2) bladestorms. You can get these from a tc at the bazaar, an amulet, or again a normal spell.

      6.You will also need a few feints, there are 3 feint amulets from lvl 72 below, buy all 3, then buy the tc version, and also make sure to have a feint normal spell. Or you can polymorph into a ninja pig.

      7.Then you will need some windstorms, buy one in a lvl 50 plus amulet, and make sure to have a normal spell version.

      8.Next you will need a darkwind. Buy one as a tc, one from the amulet, and one from as a normal, or just use a storm polymorph (either cat bandit or storm spirit)

      9.Now you will need some storm traps, buy 1 from the bazaar as a tc, buy the other from an amulet, then make sure to have a normal version.

      10. Then you will need some storm blades, buy 1 from bazaar (might be hard to find), buy 1 from the amulet (cost a lot), then make sure to have a normal spell version, or just polymorph into cat bandit.

      11. Now you need a few supercharges, buy one as a tc and make sure to have one as a normal (though the tc version should do well on it's own).

      12.Then you will some curses, buy one as a tc, and make sure you have one as a normal.

      13 then buy some hex's, buy one as a tc, and one as a normal spell.

      14. then blast them away with a triton.

      15. below are how many of each you will need.
      A. about 3-4 feints
      B. about 4-5 storm blades
      C. about 3-4 storm traps
      D. about 2 balanceblades
      E. about 3 Hex
      F. about 3 curse
      G. about 2-3 bladestorms
      H. about 1-2 supercharges
      I. exactly 1 darkwind
      J. about 3 windstorms
      K. about 4 dragonblades
      L. about 5 of elemental blades and traps each

      make sure to bring healing with you, you might be there for a long time so it helps to have healing just in case.
      The person wanting the one in a million badge shouldn't ever flee the battle, only the people supplying him/her with the damage should flee the battle to change amulets, pets, add spells, or take out spells.

      The main schools that are useful for help are storm, balance, and death.

      make sure you have some sort of critical when you attack, if not, you risk the chance of not getting the badge, however with enough blades and traps you might not need a critical, but it helps.

      You can also get the badge with fire and death spells, though it's not as easy and it takes longer and costs more.

      And to get the badge, you have to do one million in one hit, so hydra, chimera, or any spell that has over time, or any spell like chimera or hydra wont work very well.

      make sure at least one of your friends has a damage spell to take out the minion.

      make sure your fighting a boss, not a mob, when you do this, reason being people may join and kill your target, or they might at least use the traps on something else.

      make sure you have a good damage boost from your gear when you do this.

      And finally make sure you have something to eat while you are doing this, you will be there for a very, very long time.
      Malorn Mythhunter
      Ps Hope this helped.

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      Re: Wizard101 one in a million guide

      Thank you for this! I'll definitely be consulting this when I go to do this badge for my storm.
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