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      A Guide to KT Derby Courses

      The Derby Courses

      The following is a break down of all the courses you might race in Ranked OR Practice Derby. Before we go further, it's important to understand some of the terms you might see in this guide and discuss a few givens about racing.


      For starters, it goes without saying that running on the inside turn is almost ALWAYS a must. The only time you might want to NOT run inside is if your cost to cheer is significantly better on the outer lanes and you need the speed boosts, or if you can get a star. Similarly, you NEVER want to run on the outside lanes unless there are at least two hurdles to get or you simply must have a Star because your opponent is spamming you with Morale drains or other debuffs. Lastly, Water is almost always the worst surface to run on because there are NO hurdles in the water. It may make sense if you have a good cost to cheer on water, or if it's the inner lane, but a pet that is great on water only will probably not win many races.


      Time: Time is how long it takes a pet to complete the race from lane 1 without any speed boots, jumps, ducks, or lane changes
      Jump Hurdles: Red Hurdles you have to jump over
      Duck Hurdles: Yellow Hurdles you have to duck under
      Red Stars: Stars that give a speed boost for 8 seconds AND immunity for 6 seconds
      Blue Stars: Stars that give a speed boost for 6 seconds AND immunity for 6 seconds
      Yellow Stars: Stars that give a speed boost for 4 seconds AND immunity for 6 seconds
      Percent of Course: The overall percentage of the course that is covered by a given surface
      Percentage available: The percentage of time that you have access to that surface. Differs from percentage of course in that it takes into consideration that a surface spread over 4 lanes at the same time isn't as useful as that same surface spread out since you can only run in one lane at a time.
      Exclusive surface: A surface is exclusive if it is the ONLY surface in all four lanes OR the only non-mud surface. Significant because if you are not strong on an exlusive surface, you will either be prevented form cheering or you will be wasting morale.
      Mud: Surface that will slow you down AND prevent you from cheering.


      Degree of Diffculty: Easy

      Overview: Unlike the Wizard City courses where it's mostly about Grass, the Krokotopia courses are a Dirt Pet's best friend. This is certainly true of the Pyramid Course, where dirt is the predominant surface, though grass is not far behind.

      While Krokhotep Pyramid course is listed as Easy, it actually is harder than some Medium courses. One of the reasons is that for a medium sized track, it doesn't have very many hurdles compared to other tracks, making morale generation an issue. Speed is always a bonus, but a pet with some morale generation will come in handy.

      Aside from making the most of the hurdles, walls also play a significant role in this course. One reason is because there are quite a few of them, but they also block a number of stars and hurdles you want to get to so knowing what to expect can come in handy.

      The first example of this happens near the start. Obviously, if you are fast out of the gates and pick up the first star, you can keep going straight and simply hit the hurdle as you crash through the walls with immunity.

      However, if you aren't the first to pick up the star, you will need to be in either lane 1 or lane 3 and make a quick cutover back to lane 2 to make the hurdle that is behind the wall. Hopefully!

      The next opportunity you want to be sure to take advantage of is the star between two walls. It requires a bit of timing and a bit of luck.

      Timing is important because in order for you to get past the wall, you have to move into lane 4 just as you are ABOUT to go into the water. If you move over too early, you crash into a wall, and if you're too late you go into the water. Luck is also relevant because you want to be the first one to get there - if you make the move and someone is in front of you and grabs the star - it's into the wall for you! If you're too late, staying in the water in lane 3 is the safe way to go to prevent slowing down, but cheering in water might not be ideal if, like most derby pets, your pet hasn't been trained for strength very much.

      The last section of note can be done two ways - it really depends on your pet and your situation. If you have a pet that is good on grass, then the safe path is to stay in lane 1 and 2 to pick up the two hurdles.

      However, if your pet isn't all that great on grass, and maybe your behind and need speed, or else are against pets that sap, steal, or affect your movement, then you'll need to go out wide and try for the speed boost and protection the star will give you and cheer as much as you can on the cobblestones. Normally going wide isn't a good idea, but this close to the finish line you might need to pull out all the stops. Just stay on the inside as long as you possibly can before you attempt to grab that star.

      Degree of Diffculty: Medium

      Overview: If ever there was a course undeserving of it's Easy / Medium / Hard / Epic rating, it's the Krokhotep Pillar Raceway. Listed as Medium, this course is about as easy as it gets. For one, no mud! And two - lots of cobblestone. And finally - the reason that I love this course so much - is it's one of the fastest (shortest) in the game. Blink and you just might miss the race!

      While Dirt pets will love this course, Grass, and surprisingly Cobblestone!, are not far behind, so unless you have a Clay or Water dominant pet, this is good for just about any pet. And because of how short it is, it's the ideal course for pets built for speed and for pets that don't have a way of generating morale.

      There really aren't too many tricks to this course, but there is one exchange that can be a challenge.

      Coming to the exchange there is a lot of cobblestones in lane 4. Unless you are horrible at grass, though, the smart path is to stay in lane 2 and make three quick lane changes to take on the three hurdles and then, hopefully, grab the red star. If your pet isn't great at Grass you can stay in lane 4, but you'll miss out on a some possible morale boosts.

      Degree of Diffculty: Hard

      Overview: One thing that stands out about the Oasis Path is that it is one of the very few courses in the game that isn't dominated by Grass or Dirt - it's a Clay course. Not that Grass or Dirt are all that far behind, but having a pet with high intelligence is key to doing well.

      However, it's not because it's a Clay course that the Krokotep Oasis Path is rated as hard - instead, it's all about lots of walls, lots of mud, and placement of quite a few hurdles in tough places.

      A perfect example of this happens early on in the race as you approach a hurdle at the edge of some mud.

      Not a bad idea to try for it, but if you are going too fast, or you don't switch lanes fast enough, you could find your self in some mud.

      Coming down the hill to the second note worth spot of the course you get a good view of the next challenge.

      If you are in the lead, getting the star is a must. From there you can either cut into lane 1 to grab the inside track and then another hurdle, or you can go out to lane 3 then 4 to grab a few hurdles before you cut across the mud. However, if you can't get the star, you'll need to grab the two hurdles and then cut across the mud as you'll have another chance at a few stars coming up.

      The second star in the tunnel is especially important to grab because it will protect you from a stretch of mud that you'll need to cross in order to get the inside lane and, at the same time, an all important hurdle.

      Though the Oasis Path is not the longest, or hardest course in the game, it's a course to challenge even the most experienced racer.


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      Re: A Guide to KT Derby Courses

      OT: Ohai Caspeen.

      On T: This is perfect! As soon as I get my dragon pet up to adult again... -mumbles angry sounding words to myself-
      Um, I redoing things. Just ignore it until I'm finished, okay?

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