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      A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      The Derby Courses

      PART I: The Wizard City Courses

      This guide is Part I of a project to break down all the courses you might race in Ranked OR Practice Derby. The courses covered in here are all the Wizard City Courses.

      Before we go further, it's important to understand some of the terms you might see in this guide and discuss a few givens about racing.


      For starters, it goes without saying that running on the inside turn is almost ALWAYS a must. The only time you might want to NOT run inside is if your cost to cheer is significantly better on the outer lanes and you need the speed boosts, or if you can get a star. Similarly, you NEVER want to run on the outside lanes unless there are at least two hurdles to get or you simply must have a Star because your opponent is spamming you with Morale drains or other debuffs. Lastly, Water is almost always the worst surface to run on because there are NO hurdles in the water. It may make sense if you have a good cost to cheer on water, or if it's the inner lane, but a pet that is great on water only will probably not win many races.


      Time: Time is how long it takes a pet to complete the race from lane 1 without any speed boots, jumps, ducks, or lane changes
      Jump Hurdles: Red Hurdles you have to jump over
      Duck Hurdles: Yellow Hurdles you have to duck under
      Red Stars: Stars that give a speed boost for 8 seconds AND immunity for 6 seconds
      Blue Stars: Stars that give a speed boost for 6 seconds AND immunity for 6 seconds
      Yellow Stars: Stars that give a speed boost for 4 seconds AND immunity for 6 seconds
      Percent of Course: The overall percentage of the course that is covered by a given surface
      Percentage available: The percentage of time that you have access to that surface. Differs from percentage of course in that it takes into consideration that a surface spread over 4 lanes at the same time isn't as useful as that same surface spread out since you can only run in one lane at a time.
      Exclusive surface: A surface is exclusive if it is the ONLY surface in all four lanes OR the only non-mud surface. Significant because if you are not strong on an exlusive surface, you will either be prevented form cheering or you will be wasting morale.
      Mud: Surface that will slow you down AND prevent you from cheering.


      Degree of Diffculty: Easy

      Overview: Probalby the most run course in the game, the Unicorn Lake Trail is fun because it is one of the faster courses. A pet with good Agility is an almost must - not only is 62% of the course covered by grass, but grass is also the only surface that is exclusive twice. It's rated as Easy because there aren't many challenging lane changes, nor are there many mud traps. However, there are a few significant parts to the course that need to be navigated properly in order to get a good time.

      As in all courses, a strong start is a must, but it's especially important here because the inside lane has a series of hurdles to start out with.

      Very important - if you end up in lane 2 - 4, do NOT try and move over to lane 1 right away!! There is a glitch with this course that will put you back quite a ways if you try to move into lane 1 too suddenly.

      Section 2 is also critical because you need to go from lane 4 to lane 1 very quickly, and if done correctly, you can grab three hurdles in the process.

      Section 3 is the real make or break of this race because in the span of a few seconds you have the opportunity to grab 8 hurdles going from lane 1 - 4 then back to 1 again very quickly.

      For Teen - Adult pets it's imperative you try and grab as much morale as you can, though going from 4 back to 1 suddenly can come at the cost of speed. If you can get by without needing a lot of morale, you may be better served going from lane 4 to 3 instead of 2 or 1 and grab a sure two hurdles verus pushing to get all four.

      The last section I've noted isn't so much critical as it is a bit of a glitch - the surface LOOKS like it's dirt, but if you pay attention to your Cheer Cost, you will see that it's actually grass.

      This could be key if you have a pet that's good on Grass and not on Dirt.

      Degree of Diffculty: Medium

      Overview: Unlike it's two sister courses in Wizard City, this course favors pets with Dirt, not grass. It's a great course for all around pets because it isn't a sprint course, nor is it one that particularly favors a pet with lots of morale generation.

      There are three highlighted areas that a racer should look out for. The first one comes near the beginning of the race. As you approach the first bend, there is a very attractive stretch of cobblestone in lane 4. However, be aware that as you approach the end of that stretch, it dumps you right into mud.

      As you can't see it really until a bit late, best stay in lane 1.

      The second bit that is crucial really applied to maybe a Teen or Adult pet that needs every bit of morale, or any Ancient or Epic pet that needs help there. In the span of a few seconds you will run into 2 instances where all lanes are set up with hurdles all lined up side by side.

      These exchanges are important because it's possible to start on one side and Duck / Jump as you approach AND move from one side of the course to the other AT THE SAME TIME. Using this move you can potentially get boosts for ALL 4 hurdles, not just one. In this particular situation, start in lane 4 and move to lane 1 over the first batch of 4 hurdles, and then move over to lane 4 and do it again for the second set. Again, note: If you aren't desperate for morale, don't do this as there is a slight cost to speed. However, for lower level pets or pets just struggling with their morale, this could be a huge boost.

      The last section to watch out for you comes at another transition from cobblestone to mud. However, in this situation there is a small stretch of surface before you get into the mud.

      Unfortunately, not sure why, but moving out of the lane in time always seems tricky, so you need to be on top of the lane change and move aggressively or it's into the mud for you!

      Degree of Diffculty: Hard

      Overview: Although there aren't too many tricky areas to know about this course is designated HARD for two reasons -

      1. It's long. Very long. One of the longest in the game!
      2. No stars!

      As such, this courses favors a few specific types of pets - those that are good at long distance (will be able to generate morale with either Supercharge, Charge Up, Charge, Leech, Mega-Leech, Sap, etc) as well as pets that have lots of "tricky" abilities. With no stars on the course, there is no immunity to be had and pets can be vulnerable to attacks that steal or take.

      Like Unicorn Lake Trail course, this course really favors Grass pets, though having a pet with a low cost to cheer on Dirt comes in handy as well. Also, though it looks like there is plenty of opportunity to run on quite a bit of cobblestones, a lot of this comes at a price as it is usually on the outside lane.

      The only area to highlight in advance would be similar to Unicorn Lake Parkway, where lane 4 looks mighty attractive with a nice stretch of cobblestones. However, it ends into a patch of mud, so running inside on lane 1 makes much more sense.

      Otherwise, conserve your cheers - it's a long one!


      This project was an idea that I had over a year ago, but let...er...slide. However, while I had given up on following through, one FINNIGAN MOON did not. I have helped process the data, but all the raw information comes from his hard work and incredible attention to detail. There's still much to do to get Krok - GH courses into this guide, but thanks to Finnigan, I have all the data I need. You're the best, Finnigan!!
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      Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      Great job on the guide Caspeen, it gives me good advice for the pet derby

      I was unsure of what some things would do this explaine da lot to me.
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      Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      Woah, nice guide! Loved the pictures, and it's very creative of KI to make the cobblestone suddenly end into a mud puddle.

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      Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      Awesome guide! This should really help those interested in derby, but may have been overwhelmed with all there is to know about each course. I can't wait to see you put togerther for the other courses.
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      Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      Very nice guide, I like it.
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      Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      Wonderful Guide, I can't wait to see the next one!

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      Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      Wow, awesome guide! You should be a Professor! :P
      Can't wait for the rest of the guide!
      Justin Stormshield-Level 70 Diviner
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      Wink Re: A Guide to WC Derby Courses

      -Gives Caspeen a crown-

      You are now proclaimed the proffeser of le pet derby.

      Transalation: This is an epicly epical guide.
      Um, I redoing things. Just ignore it until I'm finished, okay?

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