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      How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      How to Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge: Doing a One Million to One Billion Damage Hit

      Break out your Best deck and Brutally Beat a Big Bad Monster. What is the biggest hit you've ever done? 20,000? 100,000? With a little preparation, privacy, time, and gold, most level 56 Wizards (from any school) can easily do a 1,000,000 Hit. If you are level 80 Storm Grandmaster Artisan, and a collector of rare Treasure Cards and Pets, you might even be able to do a Billion Damage!

      I like to use Foul Gaze in Sapphyra's Tower in Old Town, because he doesn’t hit back very hard, and he doesn’t cast weakness or shields. You only need about 3/4 of the spells below to do a 1,000,000 hit, but if you have almost all of them, you can do a million damage with just a wand hit.

      If you are going to try this at home, I recommend doing a couple of dry runs without using any treasure cards (20,000+ gold for one set) or potions. It's amazing the number of things that can go wrong: like casting spells in the wrong order, having an impatient friend port to you, or dying.

      You might be tempted to wear your Waterworks gear or your other favorite gear. This is probably a mistake. The best gear you can wear for this project is the gear you have that gives you the best unique buffs, regardless of other stats. Stats like resist, accuracy, outgoing, critical resist, and pips have very little value here compared to an extra buff. Even damage effects (like Pain Giver) have relatively small benefits compared to any unique buff. Most of the good buffing equipment is available only to level 56+ Wizards. I think the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge might not be available to lower level players anyway, since my level 20 Death did a Million + hit and didn’t get the badge.

      Million Dollar Equipment
      30% - 45% school trap from Crafted Blade Hat (recipe from Carax Strongthread in Sudrilund)
      35% school trap from Crafted Trap Robe (recipe from Carax Strongthread in Sudrilund)
      35% Hex from Oyoroi Sandals (from Kirin's Hoard pack) (or 35% DragonBlade Imperial Court Slippers or 30% Hex Footgear of Malediction, dropped by Great Troll, Colossus Boulevard, or in Crown Shop)
      25% Bladestorm from Hammer of the Stone Sky (recipe from Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund) (or if you are Ice: 45% Ice Blade from Trickster's Lying Bow)
      3-9% Damage Ring (from Your school's Level 56 Ring of Battle)
      5-11% damage Athame such as Bear's Claw of (your school name here)
      75% Feint (Jewel of the Feint Amulet)
      Your best buffing Pet. The worst Premier Porker with a single Feint is probably better for this project than any of your best 10 pets. Contrary to popular belief, having a Cute Pet will not make your hit any bigger.

      Billion Dollar (Storm) Equipment:
      35% Storm Blade Hat (Electric Chieftain's Helm recipe from Carax Strongthread in Sudrilund)
      168% Supercharge * from Squamish Cloak of the Sidhe (Squamish Attire or Lightning Dancer Attire in Crown shop) (or 35% Storm Trap Robe: Chief's Garb of the Gale)
      35% Hex from Oyoroi Sandals (from Kirin's Hoard pack) (or 35% DragonBlade Imperial Court Slippers or 30% Hex Footgear of Malediction, dropped by Great Troll, Colossus Boulevard, or in Crown Shop)
      25% Bladestorm from Hammer of the Stone Sky (recipe from Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund) (or if you are Ice: 45% Ice Blade from Trickster's Lying Bow)
      9% Amethyst Battle Ring
      11% damage Rainy Season Spike
      168% Supercharge* (Skystorm Necklace (recipe from Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund)
      Your best Buffing Pet. The world's best buffing pet is a Premier Porker with a 70% Feint card, a 70% Feint talent (which stacks with the other feint), (May Cast 25%) Balance Blade, (May Cast 30%) StormBlade, (May Cast 30%) Hex. Maybe also the uber-rare "Blade Flurry" (30% Stormblade), which is talent that came only from Damp Demons. Pet talent buffs are the hardest buffs to get for this project, and can increase your hit by a factor of 6! This may be the difference between to a Billion Hit, and a 166 Million hit.

      * These 2 Supercharges don’t stack (only one will trigger for a given hit). If you get the Squamish Cloak, then a better amulet to use is a Jewel of the Feint, which gives a 75% Feint)

      This is the biggest one hit card from you school. Don’t forget to add 275-300 points to the numbers below if you add a Colossal.
      Balance: 1400 (14 pip) Judgement (no white pips)
      Storm: 1120 (14 pip) Tempest (no white pips) (My level 70 Storm did a Million with a wand hit)
      Fire: 895 Efreet
      Ice: 800 Wooly Mammoth
      Life: 780 Gnomes! (I've done a Million+ hit with this card and 2/3 of the Treasures below)
      Myth: 770 Medusa
      Death: 430 damage Skeletal Pirate or possibly 820 life drain Dr. Von's Monster. My level 20 death wiz did a Million hit with a Gargantuan Vampire (which does life drain) and didn’t get the badge, so you might need to use Skeletal Pirates (which does damage). I doubt the Damage over Time of Skeletal Dragon will count as a million damage if the monster dies from the small initial hit from that spell.

      MAIN DECK CARDS (only one of each unless specified):
      1 Kill Card
      275 damage Colossal (if you don’t have a 300 Colossal treasure card)
      70%/30 Feint
      25-30% School Trap (or 30% Hex for Balance)
      20% Curse (Death only)
      30-40% School Blade (or 25% BalanceBlade for Balance)
      20% Bladestorm (Balance only)
      10%X Supercharge (140%, Storm only)
      20% Windstorm (Storm only)
      25% Fuel (Fire only)
      35% Elemental or Spirit Blade (5 of them if you need to use up white pips)
      25% Elemental or Spirit Trap (5 of them if you need to use up white pips)
      30% Berserk (if you can't get a 35% Treasure Berserk)
      15 Shields
      15 Heals (Sprites, Pixies, Satyrs)
      5-15 Ghouls, Imps or other small off-school hits to kill the minion
      Dispels (Storm only) to help you survive long enough to hit

      Don't go crazy buying Card Packs. You can get all you need to do a Million hit (about 2/3 of the cards below) from the Bazaar.
      You only one of each of these unless specified:
      300 damage Colossal
      35% Berserk (or 20% Amplify if you can't get Berserk)
      25% Curse
      35% Curse (Bartleby Series) *
      35% Curse (Nightmare Series) *
      35% Dark Pact (5-6 of these to be sure to draw it before playing any Balance Blades)
      35% Dark Pact (Nightmare Series) * Note: When you are alone, you can only use one type of Dark Pact. Using a second type destroys the first type unless someone else puts it on you.
      70%/20 Feint
      70%/20 Feint (Bartleby Series) *
      30% Fuel (Fire only)
      45% School Global bubble spells (either Nightmare or Bartleby Series)* (Darkwind, Time of Legend, Wyldfire, Balefrost, PowerPlay)
      30% -35% School Trap
      35% -40% School Trap (Bartleby Series)
      35% -40% School Blade
      12%X Supercharge (168%) (storm only)
      25% Windstorm * (storm only)
      30% Balance Blade
      35% Balance Blade (Bartleby Series) *
      25% Bladestorm *
      30% Bladestorm (Bartleby Series)*
      25% Bladestorm (Kirin's Hoard Series)*
      30%? Bladestorm (Ninja's Lore Series)**
      30% DragonBlade (Dragon's Hoard Series)
      30%? DragonBlade (Marvelous Minions Series)**
      25% Hex
      30% Hex (Bartleby Series) *
      30% Hex (Nightmare Series) *
      40% Elemental or Spirit Blade
      40% Spirit Blade (Nightmare Series)*
      30% Elemental or Spirit Trap
      35% Elemental or Spirit Trap (Bartleby Series)*
      30% Spirit Trap (Nightmare Series)*

      * Very Rare (you are not likely to see these in the Bazaar even if you stalk it for several hours)
      ** Mythically Rare cards (not used in calculations, but might exist for bigger hit)

      Search Wizard101 Central Wiki for "Charm Spells" and "Ward Spells" for an insanely large list of buffs, some of which I have probably left off this list.

      Other Treasure Card Ideas:
      25% Vengeance: Use this if you really really wanna do a critical hit. But if you don't critical, your hit will be smaller than it would have been if you had used Berserk or Amplify.
      Steal Charm: Foul Gaze doesn’t use anything worth stealing. Maybe use this on a balance boss?
      Prism: If you want to try this hit on a monster from your school, you will get a minimal additional boost from a prism in exchange for an increased chance of card drawing order failure.

      Make any last minute changes to your deck, making sure you have plenty of shields against whichever schools you are likely to face. Practice doing a big hit at least once without using any Treasure Cards or Potions, since things often go wrong. Take a picture of your main deck and sideboard using the Print Screen button in case you wanna try to figure out later exactly how big your hit was (or what went wrong). When you are ready to try for real, Turn Off Porting in case you have an impatient friend port in and hit early against your will.

      Consider not using potions at all unless you just can't do the big hit without them. Potions aren't that helpful for doing big hits anyway (all 3 of the potions below have the combined effect of about one buff). You also might not want to waste crowns on potions until the Max Damage Displayed bug is fixed.

      Some of these potions only last half an hour. Storm takes about that long to do max damage. If you mess up and have to start over, you might have wasted a potion. If you really want to use Potions, consider using them just before you hit.

      Vengeful Elixir (+120 Crit)
      15% Damage Elixir
      15% Major Damage Elixir
      (Could also use Storm Battle Elixir and Major Battle Elixir for 10% each)

      You need use several strategies to succeed. Here they are in order of Priority:
      Kill Minion as soon as possible.
      Shield Up (storm, death, fire, ice for Foul Gaze and his minion)
      Use up any white pips healing as necessary.
      For Storm, do the 3 Supercharges with all 14 pips: no white pips. Use up any white pips on killing Minion, then Healing, then necessary one pip spells, then garbage spells (Elemental blades and traps).
      Don’t put on any Balance Blades or Dark Pact until the Minion is dead
      Don’t put on any Balance Blades until Dark Pact is on
      Discard junk and aggressively draw from your sideboard until you find a Dark Pact
      Play your Berserk card (or Amplify or Vengeance) last
      Use any potions you are going to use (not really necessary) at the last minute
      For Storm and Balance, get rid of any white pips before you do your 14 pip Tempest or Judgement. Never discard healing, since you might need it to dump these white pips.
      Do your big hit and Press the Print Screen Button when its shows your damage
      Gloat as you are rewarded the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge. Yay!

      This Guide just focuses on the big Solo Hit. You can do it! But if you can't (and you actually tried a couple of times), you can always ask for help. It's possible to do a much much higher hit with the help of friends porting in an out of the fight with several dozen other buffs (School cards, Balance cards, Death cards, Amulet cards, pet boosts, equipment buffs, etc). The number of additional buffs friend might be able to add for you is just mind-blowing.

      Remember that Buffing in a fight this long is a fairly boring and unrewarding if you don’t get to hit, so consider rehearsing before you ask your Balance, Storm, and Death friends to boost you. Otherwise one of them is likely to say "This is boring, I'm just going to kill them all!" wasting all of your treasure cards. In Cyberspace, nobody can hear you scream.

      The main reason low level wizards will have trouble doing this alone is because their sideboard isn't big enough to hold all of the Treasure Cards needed for a one Million hit. The lowest level wizard to do a Million damage Solo will probably be a level 28 Balance (Judgement) or Storm (Tempest). It's better to wait on this badge until you are around level 56 though, otherwise, your friends are going to be doing a lot of the work, and you aren't really going to Earn the badge.

      Friends might also have extra Treasure cards you need, but please don’t trade for them until you've told them about the ONE IN A MILLION badge, since they might need the buff cards you want. Play nice.

      Damage from Buffs works differently than most people think. If you do a 100 point wand hit with no other buffs or damage multipliers, and the monster has a 30% trap, how much damage do you do?
      Answer: 100 +30 = 130

      If you do a 100 point hit against 2 different types of 30% traps, how much do you do?
      100+30+30 = 160?
      NO. This isn't how buffs work. You actually do 169 damage instead of 160. The Cards say "+30% damage", because that is a very simple concept that most 10 year olds can understand. This is a Kids' Game, and I'm happy the cards are nice and simple. But that's not really how damage is calculated. If we really wanted to confuse kids, the card should say "times 130% damage". The actual formula is:
      Total Damage = Base Damage x (Product of all buffs)
      100 x 1.30 x 1.30 = 169.

      Who cares about an extra 9 damage points? Because for a big hit, this 9 point error turns into a million point error. If you put down 36 unique buffs that are 30% each and hit it with a 100 point wand, what happens?
      Incorrect formula:
      100 +30+30+30+30+30+ … +30 = 100 +30x36 = 1180 (a super lame hit)
      Correct formula:
      100x1.3x1.3x … x1.3 = 100 x (1.3)**36 = 1.2 Million (a brutal wand hit that deserves a badge)

      Unlike buffs, damage boosts ARE additive. If you add up the damage boosts from your wizard and all of your gear, you get a damage number. You can see this by pressing "C" to look at your Character Screen. If you hold the mouse of the Damage % for your school, you can see all of the things that boost your damage. That total Damage basically acts as a permanent buff that you have on you all the time.
      Base Damage = Damage shown on Card x (Sum of all Damage Boosts)
      This is how much damage you do without any buffs. So if your Damage is 92% (including potions), a 100 wand hit would do 100 x 1.92 = 192 damage (assuming you don’t critical).

      So how big will your hit be? Basically just multiply all your buffs together.
      Total Damage = Damage shown on Card x (Sum of all Damage Boosts) x (Product of all buffs)
      Be careful to use the decimal form of the buff (like 1.30) instead of what it says on the card (30).

      Unfortunately, the largest hit that can currently be displayed is 1,000,000. Anything larger than that, and it just says the hit was 1,000,000. If you are reading this last part after you did your One Billion hit, you are as frustrated by this bug as I was. LOL. So how do I know I've done over a Billion Damage hit? Math. I will do it again and take a picture when the bug is fixed.

      The Secret to a Billion hit is the otherwise lame Storm card: Supercharge. 3 unique, full (14 pip) supercharges all stack, giving Storm wizards hits that are potentially 17 times bigger than any other school's biggest hit.

      Here's how I did over a Billion Damage on my Storm Wizard. Are you ready for some unnecessarily complicated math?

      (it's not that bad)

      Damage shown on (Enchanted) card: 1420 (14 Pip Tempest with Colossal, 14x80+300)
      Sum of all Damage Boosts: 64% (Isn't Storm supposed to have like 92% damage? Yes, but I traded several small damage boosts for several bigger buffs. ) From: 6% Pet, 2% Boots, 20% Hat, 11% Athame, 9% Ring, 16% Robe

      Equipment Buffs: 1.35 (hat blade) x 2.68 (robe supercharge) x 1.35 (Shoe Hex) x 1.25 (wand bladestorm) x 1.7 (amulet feint) x 1.7 (pet feint) x 1.7 (pet feint) = 29.9957
      Main Deck Buffs: 1.7 (Feint) x 1.25 (trap) x 1.3 (blade) x 2.4 (supercharge) x 1.2 (windstorm) x 1.35 (elemental blade) x 1.25 (elemental trap) x 1.3 (berserk) = 17.4535
      Treasure Card Buffs: 1.25 (curse) x 1.35 (curse) x 1.35 (curse) x 1.35 (dark pact) x 1.7 (feint) x 1.7 (feint) x 1.45 (darkwind) x 1.3 (trap) x 1.35 (trap) x 1.35 (blade) x 2.68 (supercharge) x 1.25 (windstorm) x1.3 (balance) x 1.35 (balance) x 1.30 (dragonblade) x 1.25 (bladestorm) x 1.30 (bladestorm) x 1.25 (bladestorm) x 1.25 (hex) x 1.30 (hex) x 1.30 (hex) x 1.40 (elem blade) x 1.30 (elem trap) x 1.35 (elem trap) = 2460.47
      Product of all Buffs: 1,288,129

      Total Damage = Damage shown on Card x (Sum of all Damage Boosts) x (Product of all buffs)
      1420 x 1.64 x 1,288,129 =
      Total Damage = 2,999,800,000 Damage

      With a lucky critical hit, that makes it 6 Billion Damage! There is always a chance I made a math mistake, since I used my Grandfather's 8 year old calculator and couldn’t figure out which way to turn the steering wheel.

      Yes this will be hard for Balance. Luckily, you guys have the biggest Face Value damage card of all: Judgement. If you do a full Colossal Judgement with a Base damage of 1400, how many buffs would you need to hit a Million?
      1400 x (1.3)**x = 1,000,000
      1.3**x = 714 Try different numbers (or use logarythms), and we find: x is about 26
      Since you will do about 60% damage (which sort of acts like 2 buffs here), you would need around 24 unique typical buffs (30%) to do a million damage. So maybe you do that with 4 Maindeck buffs, 7 buffs from equipment and pets, and 13 treasure cards from the 18 available to Balance from the Treasure card list above. You Balance wizards are going to have to haunt the bazaar a little longer than the rest of us. Or ask your death friends to port in and out with lots of amulet buffs, pet buffs, curses, feints.
      Let's check Balance's best case scenario:
      Maindeck: 1.7 x 1.3 x1.25x1.2 =3.315
      Equipment: 1.3x1.35x1.35x1.25x1.75x 1.7=8.8106
      Treasure: 1.35x1.25x1.35x1.35x1.35x1.35x1.7x1.7x1.3x1.35x1.2 5x1.3x1.25x1.3x1.25x1.3x1.3=158.58
      Product of all Buffs (multiplied together): 4631.67
      Total Damage = Damage shown on Card x (Sum of all Damage Boosts) x (Product of all buffs)
      Max Balance Damage = 1400 x 1.5 x 4631.7 =9.7 Million (not too shabby)
      Alternate: Storm Mastery Amulet with treasure Supercharge.

      7 BILLION?
      Is 7 Billion Possible? Who has the perfect Buffing Pet? Or at least one better than 2 Feints. I suspect the owner of this pet will be the first do 7 Billion. That or the first person to find a buff I don't know about. I'm off to the Bazaar to buy rare buffs.
      For goodness sake, don’t waste rare buffs doing a 7 Billion Damage hit, when the screen is only going to say 1,000,000. You can take out the rarest 1/3 of the treasure cards, and still do a multi-million hit. Save those extra rare buffs for when you will be able to see the actual damage you have done. That's when the Hitting Games will begin.
      Good Luck, and may the Math Errors be Ever in Your Favor. (Copyright, Paul GoldenForge)

      This post contains 37 auto-link(s) to our wiki for your reference.
      Last edited by Paul GoldenForge; 5-2-12 at 10:47:50 AM. Reason: 6 Billion Hit update. Balance and Death Issues. Avalon.
      Paul GoldenForge, Legendary Artisan, Archmage Diviner, PvP Warlord

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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      WOW nice guide dude!

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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      Awesome guide, might try this sometime!

      "We're not retreating, we're advancing in reverse"- Skulduggery Pleasant - Avatar found on Google.

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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      great guide i well have to use it so i can get the badge. is this badge only in the test realm right now? or can i get it now in the live realms?

      Thanks Bunni Bun Bun for the Profile picture! sig.and avatar made by me. Basic sig guide by Camille

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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      Wow, awesome guide. I'm sure many, including myself, will really appreciate all the tips in here. I can't wait to try it myself on Live.

      Hope is so easily lost.

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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      Wow. Nice Job On The Guide!
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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      Your guide is perfect in every way Paul, oh my gosh you have done an incredibly perfect job.

      But the damage cap is 1,000,000 so there isnt that much of a point for attempting to go over that sadly :/
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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      Nice guide! I really can't read all of it right now but I will need some advice for when Avalon comes out. So thanks

      Thanks to Dots for avatar and signature!
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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      I didn't even know that there was such a badge. Thanks for the guide!
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      Re: How Get the "ONE IN A MILLION" Badge

      Great guide! Can't wait to use it to hit 1 million on my storm.

      "What delightful agony we shall inflict."

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