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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      Helped a friend on this with my level 95 life. Turned out really easy. Put a few spirit blades, regular blades, sharpened blades, and had sharpened blades from my pet. Tc Spirit blades and regular tcs. Also for spells had King Artorius. Tossed up the spirit blades (Regular, 2 sharpened, 1 tc) first to keep down pip count. Then put regular and sharpened blades. I did take 2 hits for too many pips while getting up some of the regular or sharpened blades. If the cards would have turned up better may have gotten away with just one mana burn. Used a colossal King Artorius and she was out of there. On this run the other player was just doing small hits. Did not know how this would work. Might use bladestorm or balance blade from someone else also to raise damage. A 4 person team could get it down really fast. As long as you don't shield and keep her from earthquake you are good to go.

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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      Okay, just played her again today with my Storm wizard. I played with henchmen to test some things. Here is what happened:

      She did hit with mammoth right from the start. She went Crit and my lame clothes did not block it.
      Then two of the henchmen put up traps, and that got her all riled up. We went through the balance spell and earthquake.

      Didn't think I was going to make it.

      I went and healed myself just to see....no response to that.
      I put up shields just to see...no response to that.

      Next round, I put up a death dispel...no response to that.
      I healed more...no response to that.
      One henchman put up a trap, and she did not respond to that.

      I found out, over the next rounds, if only one trap was put up, she did not respond to it, but if more than one trap was put up in a round, she freaked out.

      She does still take pips if you go over 8. I wasn't paying attention to my pips one round and she took half of them.

      Anyway, it was possible to put up one trap per round, put up blades, put up shields, and heal with no melt down from her. She only did the mammoth one time.

      This time was much, much, much easier than the very first time I went through. I must have gone through that first time before things changed because that first time was a nightmare. Now it's totally doable, thankfully.

      The greatest thing since sliced green bread.

      (Also proud to be a "PvP heal noob")

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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      Your talking about Morganthe? She was pretty easy in my opinion. The woally mammoth wasn't a problem it was the earthquake and supper nova. Just a tip try to storm shark with collosul spam morganthe its abouth 1k a time (for storm only) other schools use 5 pip move. For death try not to use death spells because she resists and prisms are to risky in terms of her cheating. Death try to buy storm shark in the baazar. A great deal of help would be to summon one life and one storm henchmen. Life for heal storm for attack especially level 100. Hope yall like what i wrote. I'll keep posted so if you need any help i'll be here.
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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      That was amazing

      GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Luke legendsword: Lvl: 87: School: Fire

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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      I fought Morganthe last night and found that she only seemed to take your pips when you got to 4 power pips. For example, if I had 3 power pips and a regular pip, I could get to the next round and cast a 9 pip spell before she took them. Also, blades always triggered a Nova followed by an Earthquake, while shields sometimes triggered it. Blades and auras didn't seem to provoke any response from her at all.

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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      Great guide, thanks so much for doing this =)I haven't gone through all the posts on this thread so if it's been said forgive me .In farming Morganthe I found when I used the Potboiler treasure card on her she didn't react with earthquake when it put the death shield on me. Lucky I had it because she hit me with a good sized spell right after lolJust thought I'd mention it in case someone hadn't .
      The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it.

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      Re: Cold Shoulder - A Guide to Morganthe & Ghost Avalon

      My first time through is solo with a death wizard. At least I have gear that gives me more death resistance than she has.
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