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      Solo Kensington Park with a high level Death wizard

      Kensington Park is one of the optional "hard" dungeons - other examples are Sunken City in Wizard City and Tomb of the Beguiler in Krokotopia. It is rightfully postponed by most of the players. Many would not even consider soloing it at all. Here are the main problems of this dungeon:
      1. 3-on-1 battles.
      2. Unusually high enemy hit points. One does not expect 2200+ health in rank 5 mobs. However, that is exactly what we have there.
      3. A lot of Storm enemies (and even non-Storm ones love throwing Storm Sharks there), dealing very high damage very quickly.
      4. Enemies spamming Weakness and Black Mantle, decreasing your killing speed.
      5. There are no life wisps in this dungeon - not a problem for a traditional life-stealing Death wizard, but can be tough on other schools.
      5. Death wizards, on the other hand, have additional problems with Life mobs - Minute Men there just love throwing Death shields (not spamming too much, though).

      There are also some good points, though. Most apply to all schools, though one is very Death-specific:
      1. (Death only) 3-on-1 battles. Yes, they hit you more, but your Scarecrow steals back more life, pulling you out of the worst situations.
      2. No cheating mobs/bosses (unless you seriously count immunity to Beguile and Stun as cheating).
      3. Every enemy starts with just one pip and never gets any power pips (unless you cast Power Play - not recommended!).
      4. No critical hits.

      I realized that I haven't done it when I had reached level 64 with my Death Wizard, even though everything I used was available at level 60. So here are my main points:
      1. Gargantuan trained. I haven't finished Celestia yet, so no Colossal. Even though life stealing spells do not get full benefit from Sun damage enchantments, it still adds +150 to the damage, getting our Scarecrow from 400 to 550.
      2. Dire Chieftain's Helm crafted, Shango's Deathblade Amulet farmed at the Bazaar. The two give me two +45% Deathblades. Absolutely essential to my success. Even if you already have your Waterworks hat, consider switching back to Dire Chieftain's for Kensington Park. You can replace this gear with a lot of Deathblade treasure cards, though - not sure about their current availability at the Bazaar. They sure aren't dropped much by mobs.
      3. As high +damage to Death as possible. I had +68%. It makes two even weaknessed but fully bladed Gargantuan Scarecrow hits sufficient to kill any enemy except for the last version of Stoker - I added a Gargantuan, a Deathblade and a Wraith for that one.
      4. High enough health - I went in with over 3000 HP and felt that anything lower than 2500 is risky. If you manage to get a high Storm resist (30+) without damaging your +damage much, you can lower that somewhat.
      5. As much critical chance as possible - you can totally disregard critical block there and just go for the highest critical. I forgot to switch my +20 Critical, +20 Critical block wand to +30 Critical for this run, but that's something you definitely want to do.
      6. Short deck, created with "blade-blade-hit" model in mind. I decided to augment it with a Spirit Blade, because staying clean of any Weaknesses there is next to impossible. I wonder if it was an overkill, though. Probably yes.

      Anyway, here is the deck:

      2 Gargantuan
      2 Deathblade (learned - remember that I also had 2 Item Card Deathblades)
      2 Scarecrow
      1 Spirit Blade (mostly paranoid on my part, as noted above)
      1 Reshuffle (if anything goes terribly wrong, such as Life enemies spamming Death shields)

      I eventually decided to include a couple of Strangles for those Life mobs, though this is optional. If they become crazy with Death Shields, you will not keep up with the Strangles anyway.

      Some math
      So, how much damage did my Scarecrow deal?

      (400 + 150 ( 2/3 of Gargantuan) = 550) * 1.68 (my Death damage boost) * 1.45 (item card Deathblade) * 1.4 (learned Deathblade) * 1.35 (Spirit Blade) * .75 (the inevitable Weakness) = 1899. It goes down to 1406 without Spirit Blade. So one Scarecrow will not kill any mob (unless it goes critical) while two Scarecrows will kill everything but the second incarnation of Stoker, Spirit Blade or no Spirit Blade. Indeed, I was too paranoid to include Spirit Blade, but it might be necessary if you don't have such a high +death damage boost.

      I won't describe the mobs you will encounter - a very good detailed guide can be found here. I'll only tell you how I handled my battles. Please note that I had a very "fizzling" gaming session and still never died.

      Every battle was done in the following order:
      Phase one:
      Discard all your wand charges, cast your three blades (ItemCard:Deathblade, Spell:Deathblade, Spell:Spirit Blade). Since I had Chief's Garb of Blight crafted as well, I also cast Death Trap on the boss at this point. Enchant your Scarecrow with Gargantuan but don't use it yet. Ignore any Weaknesses you have - trying to catch up against three enemies who can cast it is next to impossible, so don't try to shake it off with a wand charge. You'll just win through them.

      Phase two:
      Continue casting blades (to be used by your second Scarecrow) until your health is severely depleted (50% or so). If you battle enemies which cast Black Mantle, especially when going second, be more cautious and stop fooling around when your health is about 65%.

      Phase three:
      Cast the first Gargantuan Scarecrow. Keep trying until it succeeds (might need two or three turns, depending on Black Mantles and sheer luck). Once it happens, you'll be back at full health and the enemies across the battlefield will be at a quarter of their health or close. If you go critical, the battle will be over (I haven't seen any mobs there blocking critical), but let's suppose you don't...

      Phase four:
      Cast your remaining blades (if any) and your second Scarecrow. Unless you had too many Death shields cast by the Minute Men, the battle is over at this point. If any of them is still alive, though, it is time for...

      Phase five:
      ...reshuffle. Continue blading, discarding your wand charges and casting Scarecrow. If you don't find blades fast enough, before your health is too low, just cast your Scarecrow anyway. The number of Scarecrows is doubled after the reshuffle (you'll find that for each Gargantuan/Scarecrow pair one original version of each and one already enchanted card are reshuffled back), so it's not a waste to just cast them without enough blades.

      Don't forget to add a Wraith/Gargantuan/Deathblade trio before the last battle!

      If you do it as described, you'll just plow through the enemies (including any chance encounters which you got just because the mobs there move too erratically).

      I managed not to be pulled into any side battles and the whole dungeon was over in 45 minutes or so! The higher critical chance you have, the shorter this run will be (some battles will be over in half the time).
      Last edited by Zarin64; 7-31-12 at 2:01:22 PM. Reason: Released version

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      Re: Solo Kensington Park with a high level Death wizard


      j/k, this is a good guide. I was able to solo KP on my death as soon as I got scarecrow at L48 (w/o using astral spells). I can't remember how the battles went, but I think 3 or 4 scarecrows were enough each time (also used Reshuffle). It helped that KP has been nerfed (the part after the first Stoker) since this guide was posted. Even with the nerf, this gauntlet is way harder than Sunken City or Tomb of Beguiler. I'm guessing this design was on purpose, as Briskbreeze and Warehouse were released much later, so there used to be only 3 gauntlet dungeons.

      My general recommendation is to wait until you get your astral school spells to do this gauntlet. Life should wait even longer, until they get their Forest Lord spell.
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