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      Post All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      A list of all references and easter eggs in the Spiral!

      For those that don't know what Easter Eggs are, they're hidden secrets that relate to real world things

      Please do note my memory is a bit stale at times so if you spot an error in references, please let me know!

      Help is appreciated! Post what you think should be added, removed, or confirmed

      * = Unconfirmed
      ** = Based on someone's prediction
      *** = Needs more information and/or confirmation

      Sorry I haven't been updating, Senior year has started for me so I have to focus on school a lot more

      Wizard City is similar to Medieval Europe because of the castle walls, guard uniforms, dueling (Diego), and of course, magic

      Prospector Zeke's quest: The Smiths, refers to the band "The Smiths"

      Doctor Purreau in The Hatchery refers to Doctor Moreau, a character in a novel by H.G. Wells called The Island of Doctor Moreau

      Headmaster Ambrose refers to Merlin Ambrosius

      Moolinda Wu refers to the name of an actual person, Melinda Wu

      The quest, Nor a lender be, refers to a line by Shakespeare, "Not a borrower nor a lender be"

      The quest, Fairies Wear Boots, refers to the name of an old song by Black Sabbath

      The quest "Saving Private O' Ryan" is a reference to the War film "Saving Private Ryan"

      The quest: A Gem in the Rough refers to the phrase "A Diamond in the Rough"

      The quest: A Sight for Core Eyes refers to the phrase "A Sight for Sore Eyes"

      Romulus and Akilles on Cyclops Lane are characters based off of Greek Mythology

      Privates Rosencranz and Guildenstern in Olde Town are a couple of "throw away" characters from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. In Hamlet they enter, get a character from one place to another, and have no further purpose
      Doctor Zigmund in the Wailing Caverns, who is partly based on Sigmund the Sea Monster from the old Children's show Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

      Bernie: the word burn is obviously fire related
      Kelvin: it was mentioned before, but kelvin is a measure of temperature used by scientists, it regards absolute zero, which is a state where no particles in a substance are moving what so ever, or the coldest state possible, thus being related to ice
      Torrence: the word torrents, as in torrents of rain, which is storm related
      Niles: the Nile river, which is in Egypt which is related to the Balance school and their spells partially because it is in Krok, and partially because the spells are all Egypt related
      Blossom: very obviously related to life, blossoms are flowers
      Ivan: this myth one took me a while to figure out, but its a pun regarding the cyclop's one eye. Think of it as Eye-van
      Mortis: the death tree name refers to the state of rigor mortis, which a body that has died eventually is effected by. Rigor mortis is the stiffness that a dead body will settle into after about six hours after death
      In Crab Alley, you are tasked to defeat a Telluric Eel to collect some "Lightning Seeds". The Lightning Seeds are the name of an alternative pop band who had a hit song named "Pure and Simple"

      The West Ende Boys in the Pet Shop in the Pet Pavillion is a reference to the British Pop Duo, "Pet Shop Boys"

      Tennant Wastelander, one of the Pet Shoppe Boys, is named after David Tennant

      The quest "Eyus, Conqueror" is an homage to Robert Grave's book I, Claudius

      The West Ende Girls in the Snack Shop in the Pet Pavillion is a reference to the song "West End Girls" by the "Pet Shop Boys"

      The Quest, "Wizards in the Mist", refers to the movie "Gorilla's in the Mist"

      Wizard City quest "arrow in the knee" is a reference to the Bethesda game Skyrim

      The Sidequest line: "Not in Kansas Anymore", and characters, Tin-man, Dorothy Gale, and Toto, is a reference to the book and 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz"

      The quest, Our daily dread, refers to the words from The Lord's Prayer, "Our Daily Bread"

      The quest, One Watch to Rule, relates to a quote The Lord of The Rings "One Ring to Rule them all"

      The monsters and character Marla Stinger in Sunken City were all names referring to the movie Fight Club

      Penny Dreadful is named after books that existed in the 1800's that costed only a penny and was popular among working adolescents. The "Dreadful" part comes from the fact that the content from the books are sad and depressing

      King Thermidor, from Crab Alley, has an adivser named Thomas Cromshell. King Henry the Third had an adviser named Thomas Cromwells

      -The world refers to Egypt-

      Professor Zeke's quest, The beetles, refers to the hit band "The Beatles"

      The boss, Krokopatra, refers to Cleopatra

      In the Tutorial Tip for entering Karanahn Palace, The boss says "I pity the fool who dares enter this dungeon." This is a reference to Mr. T

      The boss, Krokotep, refers to Imhotep

      The scene in the Map room in the Palace of Fire in Krokotopia is very similar to the scene in Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark where they locate the ark using a scale model, a staff and a directed shaft of light

      ''Fire Away'' given by Private Farnsworth in Krokotopia is based off the chorus of ''Hit Me With Your Best Shot'' by Pat Benatar
      The Quest, Burn mummy Burn, is a reference to the song Burn Baby Burn by Ash

      The Quest, Enter Sandman, refers to the song Enter Sandman by Metallica

      The Quest, Tomb Raid, refers to the 2003 movie Tomb Raider

      The Quest, "Lucky Charmed" is referring to the cereal lucky charms

      The Krokonomicon refers to the Necronomicon

      **Sokkwi Keymaster in Emperor's Retreat asked if you were the Gatekeeper, a possible reference to Ghostbusters

      Captain Salalabad (the blue mander that stands next to the boat to the Krokosphinx) is a reference to Sinbad the Sailor from the TV show "Pop-Eye the Sailor Man"

      The quest, Fangdango, refers to the movie ticket site, Fandango
      -The quest Fandango could also be referring to the old graphic adventure Grim Fandango by LucasArts, a nod to the first lyric of A Whiter Shade of Pale by the band Procol Harum, or simply the style of dance called a fandango.

      Krokenkahmen refers to Tutenkahmen

      When one of the Protector of the Fang speak to you, she says "Fair is foul and foul is fair" which is a quote from one of the Witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth

      The Quest, Get Smart, refers to the 1965 Tv show, Get Smart

      The quest, Hammer Time!, refers to the hit song Hammer Time by MC Hammer

      At the end of Tomb of Beguiler, you see 3 manders: Art'he, Jah'mes, & Rah'ea. Art, James, and Ray are 3 Wizard101 Designers when Wizard101 Came out

      The entire world is somewhat of a spoof to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire based on beliefs-

      Wysteria's music theme has a hint of the Harry Potter theme within it

      The quest "All that Glitters" comes from the saying all that glitters is not gold

      The NPC, Hugo Chatterly, could refer to Hugo Cabret(However you spell it) from the Movie Hugo and the Book named: The Invention of Hugo Cabret

      Wysteria is based on the word Wisteria, a genus of Flowers and Plants

      The spiral cup is very similiar to the Triwizard cup in Harry Potter

      The Zeke quest: The wallflowers refers to the rock band The Wallflowers

      The Wysteria book quest, Pigswick Papers, may refer to the book by Chales Dickens, The Pickwick Papers

      The name Pigswick is a spoof of Hogwarts from Harry Potter

      The Quest, Bramble On, could refer to Ramble On ~ Led Zeppelin

      **Lt. Roger in Wystria (Who is a rabbit), is more than likely named after the cartoon, Roger Rabbit

      The Quest, 'We Are The Champions', refers to a song by Queen in the '70s

      -The entire world refers to the book Sherlock Holmes-

      The Zeke quest: Stray Cat strut refers to the band, Stray Cats

      The quest, Catscratch Fever, refers to the name of a song from the 1970s

      The quest into Katz Lab "Weird Science" is a reference to an 80's movie by the same name

      The quest, Law and Disorder, refers to the show Law and Order

      In the Kensington Park dungeon in Marleybone, you're sent to rescue HG Waggs, based on HG Wells, an early science fiction writer. Quests in this sequence are:
      War of the Weird = War of the Worlds
      The Invicible Man = The Invisible Man
      The Crime Machine = The Time Machine

      The Quest, Time after Time, refers to the 80's song Time after Time by Cindy Lauper

      The phonebooth in Marleybone has a small sign saying "Small on the inside" which is a reference to the Tardis from the hit sci-fi show Doctor Who.

      In Marleybone, there's a quest that sends you to the jeweler named Jarod, when you return to the lady she says "You went to Jarods!" A reference to the quest "He went to Jared" Said in a Jewelry store commercial by Jared's

      The pet snack, crafted from a recipe in Marleybone, called "Poncherello Chips" is referencing a 1970's TV series called CHiPs, about California Highway Patrol officers, one of whom was named Poncherello. The face on the item card resembles the actor, Erik Estrada, who played "Ponch."

      In Britain, there is a city named MaryleBone, i think, which is an obvious reference to Marleybone

      Both Watson & Bones from Marleybone portray the British Investigators, Watson and Sherlock Holmes

      221B Barker St. is based off of 221B Baker St. Where Sherlock Holmes lived in the story

      Wolfminster Abbey refers to Westminster Abbey

      Marcel Marseu was a famous mime, Marcel Meyow is a cat mime who is jailed in Marleybone

      Hyde Park, Kensington Park, Chelsea Park are all real places in London

      In the Marley bone quest "Stolen away", Sprockets gives you a warning dialogue about entering a dungeon.


      This is from the Saturday Night Live skit with Mike Meyers called Sprockets

      Dr. Von Katzenstein is a reference to Dr. Von Frankenstein, the creator of the famous fictional creature Frankenstein Monster

      **In Counterweight East, Sprockets says, "Now is the time for Sprockets to make you dance." is a reference to an old SNL skit with Mike Myers

      Barkingham palace is a spoof name of Buckingham Palace

      Meowiarty is based off Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes Arch Nemesis

      During the quest that involves you to distribute a letter to each lady to the Policeman's ball, Each of the lady dog invitation quests, is the name of a Soap Opera

      As the Bone Turns = As the World Turns
      Young and the Boneless = The Young and the Restless
      Bone and the Beautiful = The Bold and the Beautiful.

      Jacques the Scratcher refers to a criminal named Jack the Ripper

      Scotland Yard refers to an actual Scotland yard in London, as the Metropolitan Police Service

      'For Whom The Bell Tolls', a quest in Chelsea Court, is an Ernest Hemingway novel

      The instance Big Ben refers to the famous Clock tower in London

      The entire storyline of Mooshu is based on the Authurian legends of the Fisher King, where the ruler's health and the health of the land is connected. When one gets ill, so does the other. To health either, you must heal both.

      The Oni in Jade, Death, Plague, and War are creatures in Japanese Folk lore, variously translated to ogres, trolls, or demons

      The Zeke quest: Blue Oyster cult, refers to the band "Blue Oyster Cult"

      The Moodha refers to Buddha

      Emperor Yoshihito comes from the japanese Emperor Taisho. His original name was Yoshihito.

      Mooshu is named after the dish Mushu

      The quest 'Be Very, Very Quiet' could refer to looney toon's Elmer Fudds' catch phrase 'Be very, very quite. I'm hunting for wabbits."

      The quest, Sooooul Chain, refers to the 70's Soul Train

      The Quest "Dead Poets Society" refers to the Movie. And when you turn the quest in (for recovering a Haiku book), the quest giver's dialgoue is in Haiku format

      'Mind Games', a quest in the Jade Palace, is a song by John Lennon

      'Smells Like Spirit', a quest in the Village of Sorrow, relates to the Nirvana song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

      The quest, "Sword of Omens" refers to the Sword of Omens from the 1985 Cartoon, Thundercats

      The Zeke quest, The Yardbirds, refers to the band, "The Yardbirds"

      Snorri Oysterbloom comes from Snorri Sturluson, a person from Medieval times who worked as an historian and created poetries around Norse mythology.
      -'Don't Fear The Reaper' is a quest from Snorri Oysterbloom, a reference to the song from Blue Oyster Cult. Snorri Oysterbloom has the name "Oyster" in his name as well, and the last part his name, "bloom", is a reference to the band member Eric Bloom from BOC as well

      Bjorn means Bear

      The Quest, From Dusk to Dawn, refers to the 1996 horror film, From Dusk till Dawn

      Baldr Goldpaws, who was a trader in GrizzleHeim, was named after the norse God of Trade, Baldr

      Garm Moonstalker is named after the watchdog of Hel in Norse mythology

      Hod Mindseeker is named for the blind brother of Baldr, who was tricked by Loki into killing him

      The name Hrafn (as in Hrafn Lorespeaker) means "Raven"

      Hugin Fateseer is name for one of Odin's two ravens. His name means "Thought".

      Magni Farsight is named for a superstrong son of Thor in Norse mythology.

      Mimir Winterbane is named after a wise frost giant who advised Odin.

      Munin Mistweaver is named for one of Odin's two ravens. His name means "Memory".

      The quest, Lore from the Rune, could refer to the movie Lord of the Rings

      Vanir Stormroarer is named after the Vanir, one of the two groups of gods in Norse mythology.

      Nidavellir is one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology.

      'Immigrant Song', a quest in Savarstaad Pass, is a song by Led Zeppelin

      'I'm a Lumberjack', a quest in Mirkholm Keep, might relate to a Monty Python song

      Grendel is a monster in the Old English epic Beowulf. The story of how the mother of Grendels made all things promise not to hurt her children seems to have been ispired by the story of Frigg doing the same thing to protect her son Baldr.

      The Grendel, Jotun, is named after the Jotun, a race of Frost Giants in Norse Mythology

      The Zeke quest, The Troggs, refers to the band "The Troggs"

      The Nordrilund a side quest "Ore Gone Trail", refers to the Oregon trail

      The quest "Brothers Grim" make a reference on the Grim Brothers, famous for making fairy tales such as snow white, Repunzel, Rumplestilskin and Sleeping Beauty

      Jorton Whoguard is supposed to be like Horton who heard a Who. The last line of his last quest is "a person's a person no matter how small" which is a famous quote from that book

      **Wintertusk's name was possibly influenced by the ice glacier Hintertux.

      Urt and Bernie in Vertrilund were named after the famous characters in Sesame Street

      The quest That's So Raven, refers to the Disney Channel Show, "That so Raven"

      Austri's world is rather flat, and himself is green and shapeless, just like the east part of norway.

      Vestri is full of rocks and boulders, vestrilund is a bit too green, but is surrounded by mountains, which is
      pretty much the west side of Norway. i know is this kinda thin, but there's 7 caves WITH sigils in front of them, Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains.

      Sudrilund is pretty much dead, which is how it is. Only a few houses, not many bears you can talk to, only strange things.... their only waterholes are frozen, just like their shore (no fish) they got no corn fields (their ground stinks) and only got some trees here and there.

      North is one big pile of ice, its on a volcano (which can refer to Norways volcano thats furthest north, (Jan Mayen) and is surviving.
      **The quest, Austrilund Weekend, sounds like the band, Allstar Weekend

      Ymir is the first Frost Giant, killed by Odin, from whose bady the Earth (Midgard) was made

      When translated, the Census List in Hrundle Fjord lists Wizard101 devloper names.

      Grandmother Raven's "World Tree" represents the "World Tree" used in Norse Mythology to describe the composition of the Universe, and where all worlds within it lie, it's said a wyrm, named Nithogg, nibbles on it's roots.

      The three Norns are based off of the Fates from Norse Mythology.

      *The overall look of Dragonspyre refers to ancient Rome

      ** The grand chasm past vault numbers had years relating to The Great Depression

      The Ghostbuster badge is a reference to Ghostbusters

      Ashley the fire tree's name has the word ash a fire related play on words

      Dragon Titan Eye refers to The Eye of Saroun in Lord of the Rings

      The Zeke quest, The Stone Roses, refers to The Stone Roses, an English alternative rock band

      The quest, Portal Combat, refers to the video game Mortal Combat

      The quest, Hammer Time, refers to the hit song Hammer Time by MC Hammer
      (There's 2 versions of this quest name, one with an !, one without.)

      The quest, The Final Countdown refers to the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe

      The quest, He who Smelt it, refers to the phrase "He who smelt it, dealt it"

      The Necropolis is based off the Acropolis

      *Celestia is based off of the mythical underwater city of Atlantis

      The Zeke quest: Lounge Lizards, refers to the Jazz band in Austin, Texas.

      The boss Ptolemos is actually named after Clausius Ptolemy, Ptolemy was the one who created the Geocentric theory, (Earth is the center of the universe, and everything revolves around it.)

      The Celestian Boss Cuthalla, comes from the mystic being Cthulu from the novel 'The Call of Cthulu'

      The quest: "Whole Lotta Grotto" refers to the 1970's AC/DC song, "Whole Lotta Rosie"

      The Quest, "The Sun of All Fears" is a reference to Tom Clancy's book "The Sum of All Fears"

      'Me and My Arrow', a quest given from Ogden Peake, is a song by Harry Nilsson

      Engineer Montgomery, is a reference to James Doohans character in Star Trek, Engineer Montgomery Scott

      The quest "Ready To Rubble" relates to Ready to rumble, a very well-known quote which starts a fight

      In the Floating Land is "Gahlwok this way", which is a play off the song "Walk this Way" by Aerosmith from 1977

      At the Base Camp, there's a quest "Fixing a hole", a song by the Beatles off the famed Sergent Pepper's album from 1967

      Dalton Prescott's dialogue "It's hat and whip time!" is a reference to Indiana Jones

      Lunarium Quest: Dark Side of the Moon, refers to the Dark Side of the Moon, which is the 8th album released by Pink Floyd released in 1973

      The quest, The Final Frontier, refers to the infamous quote from Star Trek, "Space. The Final Frontier"

      The quest "coral of the story" is a reference to the phrase "Moral of the Story"

      The quest "Pack crabs" is a reference to the phrase "pack rats"

      The quest, Destination: Moon, refers to a chapter caption from the book, The TinTin book series, a Belgian graphic novel

      Queen Calypso from Celestia comes from the race of "Nereids" or sea nymphs in Greek mythology

      Grandmaster Artisan Quest, The Seven Seas Show, was named after the TV Show 'That 70s Show'

      The Zeke quest: Hey Hey it's the Monkeys, is a reference to the band "The Monkees", and the quest name is actually an adaptation of a lyric in that song..."Hey Hey we're the Monkees, and people say we monkey around."
      -Zeke says in the Monkeys quest is "I'm a believer in ya", a reference to the Monkees song "I'm a believer"

      Hannibal One-tusk, is referring to the African Queen. Meanwhile, there are a few boats in the game named "something" queen, so I think she's wrong. Here's the dialogue regarding that quest arc, all referring to lines Harrison Ford had in Star Wars IV, from 1977,

      Han Solo: Chewy here tells me you guys are looking for a passage to the Alderan system.
      Obi-wan: Yes, Indeed. If it's a fast ship.
      Han: Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millenium Falcon?

      Luke: Got him! I got him!
      Han: Great kid, great! Don't get cocky!

      Luke: What a piece of junk!

      Han: She'll make point five past light-speed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself but we're a little rushed, so if you'll just get on board and we'll get out of here.
      ***The Elephant Graveyard could be a minor tribute to The Lion King as there was an Elephant Graveyard in the film

      Jotun Whoguard says the quote, Remember, a person's a person, no matter how strange! A reference to Horton hears a Who from Dr. Seuss

      The Elephant Graveyard quest "Spin Me Right Round" is an homage to the song "You Spin Me Around" by Dead Or Alive

      The Drum Jungle quest "Knockin on Kallah's Door"is homage to the song "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan

      The Drum Jungle quest "I Can See Clearly Now" is homage to the song of the same name by Johnny Nash in 1972

      Zamunda is the name of the ficticious country Eddie Murphy comes from in the movie "Coming to America."

      The Elephant Graveyard quest "When Elephants Cry" is an homage to "When Doves Cry", by Prince

      The quest, Sleepless in Zafaria, refers to the movie Sleepless is Seattle

      Refers to a song by Witch Doctor

      The Quest, "Formerly Known As...", is in reference to Prince's name change to and unpronounceable symbol, and everyone started calling him "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince"

      The Elephant Graveyard quest "Tomb Sweet Tomb" is a play on the phrase Home Sweet Home

      The quest "Fruit of the Loom" refers to the clothing company, Fruit of the Loom

      The quest, Lioness Sleeps Tonight, Queen Tanei Ghostmane says the secret drum beat is "Ah. Wee. Mo. Wah. Ah. Wee. Mo. Wah." Which can be the same tune of the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens

      The quest, "Tomb Raiders", is a reference to the video game franchise "Tomb Raider"

      *The Dancing Queen boat refers to "The Dancing Queen", a song made by ABBA, a 70s band in Europe
      -What's cool is the boatman gives the quest "You can Jive" relating to the lyric "You can Dance" from the song "The Dancing Queen"

      "The Four Feathers" Is probably of "The four fathers"

      The Zafaria quest "Ship of Tears" could refer to the 15th-centruy book "Ship of Fools"

      The Lion, Esop, is named from Aesop's Fable

      **Nergal the burned lion seems to be Scar from Lion King and His brother Mufasa is the one set free in the dungeon

      In the quest for the Waterfront for finding a password, the pass,"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba",is part of the lyrics in the Lion King song, The circle of life

      The Rhino named Rakstede outside the Olyphant queen's palace near the zoo gate is named after Rocksteady, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

      The quest "Tower Defense" in Zafaria refers to the game category, Tower Defense

      'Rock of Ages', a quest in the Savannah, is a church hymn and Def Leppard song.

      Shaka Zebu, refers to Shaka Zebu, a famed african warrior

      Belloq, A Rank 10 Boss in the Waterfront, refers to and looks like René Emile Belloq from Indiana Jones

      **Refers to the Gameshow on Cartoon network, Hole-in-the-wall, which deprived of a same type of gameshow from Japan

      That's sitting on a crate in Belloq's tent, which looks almost exactly like the idol Belloq took from Indiana in the beginning of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
      'Pride In The Name', the dungeon quest of Nemean Rock, may refer to the U2 song 'Pride (In The Name of Love)'

      The Quest, Bulls on Parade, refers to the song Bulls on Parade by Rage against The Machine

      "The Souk" in Zafaria refers to "The Souk" which is the marketplace in an Islamic city

      The sidequest "Professor, Who?" refers to the show, Dr. Who.

      The Quest, Relative Dimensions is what the R and D stand for in TARDIS. And also there's The Professor which is a spoof of The Doctor. The red phone box in MarleyBone is a reference to the TARDIS.

      Quest & quest dialogue for "The Witch Doctor" reference the song Witch Doctor

      ***Hannibal Onetusk refer to Han Solo from Star wars

      In Drum Jungle, Zafaria, the quest "What Is This Burning" in which you have to reclaim the Flameingo's eternal flame, ends with this line of dialogue:

      which is very similar to the lyrics of the song "Eternal Flame"by The Bangles (1988)
      Do you feel my heart beating
      Do you understand
      Do you feel the same
      Am I only dreaming
      Is this burning an eternal flame
      'Helter Skelter', a quest in Zamunda, is a song by the Beatles

      -'Heart of Darkness', a quest just before Mirror Lake, is a book by Joseph Conrad

      The quest, 'Bungle In The Jungle, refers to a song by Jethro Tull

      The boat Hannibal is captain of is called Queen, as in reference to the "African Queen" that Humphrey Bogart played in with Catherine Hepburn. She could almost have been the traveler at the docks in Baobab, because she seemed to be very unorganized and as a "duck out of water so to speak" when it came to keeping up with things! Also, there are several references made to danger on the water and that is what they encountered. The movie took place during WWI and they had to evade all kind of possible attackers and enemies as Catherine and her brother were taken to a Missionary by Humphrey Bogart
      The quest "Welcome to the Jungle" refers to the song Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses

      The quest, "So you think you can Drum?" refers to the show, So you think you can Dance

      Avalon is based off of the King Arthur story***

      Les Paul, a Gibson guitar, guitars also known as axes
      The Jabberwock is a reference to the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland, the book & the film by Tim Burton

      The PenDragon is a reference to Arthur Pendragon

      Sir Malory is a reference to Mordred, a character in Arthurian legend who was a notorious traitor(hint hint), died fighting King Arthur and fatally wounded him. His half-sister was Morgan Le Fay/Morgause.

      Morganthe is a reference to Morgan Le Fay, a powerful sorceress who is enemies with King Arthur.

      Gwendolyn is a reference to Guinevere(Gwenhwyfar in Welsh), the Queen Consort of King Arthur.

      The Table which the Knights of the Silver Rose rally upon is a reference to the Round Table, a table in which Arthur and his knights congregated

      First egg: The NPC Old Green Beard who guards the path into the Weirwood, Avalon, is a lot like Treebeard from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, who is a giant treelike being that the two lost hobbits meet when they try to go into the Forbidden Forest.

      When you meet Old Green Beard, he says, "Hurm. A wizard. Hurm." That reaction was similar to Treebeard's reaction to the hobbits. I'm sorry I can't find the exact quote, but he was surprised to see the hobbits. He also had a habit of saying "hrooom," "hm" and "hum" a lot.

      Second egg: In Abbey Road, Avalon, there is a side quest line that leads to the quest "Needle and Thread," in which you are asked to fetch a needle so that Courtney's teddy bear can be mended. You end up digging in a lot of haystacks to find the needle. This is a reference to the idiom/saying "needle in a haystack."
      Knight of the Sacred Words is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail

      The side quest from Ceara Ashbury called 'Crush Crush Crush' is a reference to Paramore's song, 'CrushCrushCrush'

      Page Jimmy gives the quest In Through the Out Door - which is the name of one of Zep's albums.

      Squire Billy gives a quest that is the name of a Billy Squier album or song***

      The Sword of Kings is based off of The Sword Excalibur that King Arthur wielded

      The Quest "Arrow to the Face" refers to: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's classic line: I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow in the knee.

      The leprechaun in the Wild, Shane MacGobhan (okay, I don't know how they spelled it) is a reference to Shane MacGowan, singer of the Irish band The Pogues. The quest he gives "Weirwood Rover" refers to "The Irish Rover," a Pogues song.

      King Artorious is a reference to King Arthur

      Wyrd to your Mother is a reference to the lyric Word to your mother in the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice

      The Black & White Dragon in the Keep of Ganelon are a reference to Reshiram and Zekrom from the Unova region in Pokemon: Black and Pokemon: White**

      Abbey Road is a Beatles album

      The quest, Dark Night Rises, is a reference to The Dark Knight Rises, the final movie in Nolan's Batman trilogy

      Lady of the Lake is based off the Lady of the Lake

      The Knights of the Silver Roses are based off The Knights of the Round Table

      Sumner fieldgolds quest Theres the Shrub, the dialogue is a spoof on part of Monty python and the holy grail

      Black Annie is a reference to the folkloric bogey-woman "Black Annis"

      Azteca is a reference to the Aztec pyramids because of it's layout

      The quote "Cry for me Azteca!" is a reference to "Dont cry for me Argentina"
      Mak the Knife says Fish are Friends, not food, a reference to Bruce's quote in Finding Nemo
      Mak the Knife sounds like the name of a Boss in Super Mario RPG.

      Philosoraptor is reference to the internet meme Philosoraptor

      Quilla Blood Sky's dialogue "It's the end of the world as w know it and I feel... fine." is a reference to a song by REM

      The quest "Living Dead Girl" (with dialogue saying "Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?" is a reference to Rob Zombie

      The quest "It's the end of the world as we know it" is a reference to the R.E.M. song with the same name.

      Belloq makes an extra appearance in Azteca, who's a reference to Belloq from Indiana Jones.

      **[Discretion advised]
      Azteca's storyline almost refers to an end of the world myth based

      The immortal gods are a reference to the actual greek gods, i.e Zeus Sky father is Zeus.

      The dungeon quest "Under the sea" is a reference to the Disney song "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid

      Mount Olympus, Atlantea, and Tatarus resemble or sound similar to real places from Greek Lore

      The Alpha and Omega Level 90+ ring refers to the First and Last letters in the Greek Alphabet

      The Quest "Zed Dead, Baby" is a reference to a quote from Pulp Fiction

      The Ice Angler's dialogue is a reference to Disney's Frozen; where his dialogue matches Elsa's song "Let it Go"

      "" = Ice Angler
      ~~ = Elsa's Lyric

      "Wizard the Wind is Howling like there's this swirling storm storm inside I can't keep it in the Spiral knows I've tried"
      ~The Wind is Howling like this Swirling Storm Inside, couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried~

      "I don care what you're gonna say. Imma let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway."
      ~I don't care what they're going to say. Let the storm rage on, The cold never bothered me anyway~

      "Y'know, its funny how some distance makes everythin' seem small. This Ice Lens? Yeah, I'm just gonna let it go.~
      ~It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small~
      ~Let it go~

      **Zelonious the Bluemonk's dialogue is a reference to Thelonious Monk, a jazz musician

      Chihuly Glasshaper in kryshalis is a refrence to Dale Chihuly, the renown glass artist

      **Zelda PhantomKnight is a reference to the Zelda character from The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

      The 5 B.O.X.E.S. Event is based upon the stories and series of the Doctor Who TV show

      The Maestro, which in Italian means Master, is a reference to a villain in Doctor Who

      Young Cyrus Drake does painting and have a very interesting hairdo, referencing Bob Ross, a well known Artist

      The Fish, The Cod Father, is a reference to the Godfather

      **The Lord of Winter quest "Winter is coming" is a reference to Game of Thrones

      The quest for Rebirth, Summer is coming is a reference to Sumer is Icumen In (a traditional English round)

      **The quest for Rebirth, Loudly Sing Cookoo, refers to an english folk song, The Cuckoo (song)

      The Ra quest, "Here comes the Sun" came from (Abbey Road, 1969), Beatles tune

      The Scarecrow spell quest called "Rain on the Scarecrow" which is a song by John (Cougar) Mellencamp from the 1985 album Scarecrow

      Couch Potatoes refers to a "Couch Potatoe" a person that sits on the couch and watches TV all day

      Grapes of Wrath refers to the book of the same name by John Steinbeck

      **The arena ring, Ring of the Fearless, is a minor reference to Green Lantern, considering the ring in the Green Lantern is worn and powered by those that are Fearless.

      King Parsley refers to Elvis Presley

      The Celestial Calendar Spell is a reference to the Aztec Calendar
      There is a reference to the science fiction novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert in the quest "Pitter Pattern", the level 48 Storm quest. I actually missed it at the time, and just noticed it now from reviewing the quest dialogue images.
      The phrase Pitter Daybreeze was muttering must have been "The slow knife penetrates the shield."

      The pet talent: The Deer Knight Rises, is a reference off of The Dark Knight Rises (2012 film)

      The pet talent: Everyday I'm Shufflin' is a reference of the infamous line in the Party Rock Anthem song

      The quest Gnome Mercy is a play on the expression no mercy

      The quets Gnome, Sweet Gnome is another play on the Home, Sweet Home.

      The quest Basilisk Instict refers to the movie "Basic Instinct"

      The quest Lights, Chimera, Action refers to the oft-quoted saying of a movie director, "Lights, camera, action!"

      The quest A View to a Kill refers to the James Bond movie of the same name

      The quest Woolly Bully refers to the song "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.

      The quest Gnome and Garden refers to the magazine "Better Homes and Gardens"

      The quest All Your Basilisk... refers to the "All your base are belong to us" internet phenomenon, based on a mis-translation of dialogue text in the European version of the Sega Genesis game "Zero Wing"

      Prickley Bear Cactus refers to a Prickley Pear Cactus

      Dr. Von's Monster refers to Frankenstein's Monster

      Dragon Titan Eye refers to The Eye of Sarum in Lord of the Rings

      The Quest "Shard Trek" is reminiscent of Star Trek (Fire School Quest)

      The "Ivy Leauge" plant refers to the ivy leauge colleges

      The Myth Level 68 spell quest is called "A View to a Kill", name of a James Bond film and a Duran Duran song, which happens to be the theme song of that movie

      Felix Navidad refers to Feliz Navidad, which is spanish for Merry Christmas

      Morgranthe(Morgana) Morgana is a witch that is apart of the legends of Merlin

      Honey Sickle refers to the plant Honeysuckle

      Desparagus refers to the vegetable Asparagus

      Helephant Ears refers to the plant Elephant Ears

      Key Limes refer to the citrus tree Key Lime

      A Boom Shroom refers to the fungus Mushroom

      Bell Peppers refer to the vegetables of the same colors

      Daffodil = Laugh-o-dil

      Snap Dragons, Venus Fly Traps, Tiger Lilies, Trumpet Vines, and Dandelions are created off of the plants by the same name

      The Storm Lord is based on the Greek god, Zeus

      Pat o' Gold is a play on the word Pot o' Gold

      **A pet talent that gives a pixie card, "Heart O' Pixie," referencing the Alabama Motto Heart of Dixie.

      The 'Hallow' part of Jack Hallow comes from the Legend of Sleepy Hallow, the story of the headless horseman

      Most spells refer to mythology, and Greek Myth such as Centaur, Satyr, Chimera, etc

      Fixed, Added, or Removed Easter Egg Credit goes to:
      Borogrove, Samantha Dragongem, Blink Rules, chamender3, Potroast42, Micgamerpro101, Necrowoman, Ramesses II, Phoenix., Adrian D. oafernatil, Birdie, Captain Jake, Jacqu, HooVooLoo, The Piggle Master, giantcrab8888, Hockeygeek, Slummish, Tennant, TWoheadedwiz, Alex., Dark Wolf, Max., Offit1, Icewizard852, ~Warlord~, spiritdreamer, Lunar Knight
      Paperenzo036, Rainbowveins/star, tormentordragon, excalibur20, Megas XLR, Death Lord, Dani, sunsteps88, Blake Bearmancer, FableFauna ,inowhatilik, Dots, ~Frostbite~, Brian StormMender, spiritdreamer, Toa of Light, toddjy, Omnimancer, enrico5768,~The Steampunk Magician~, BlaneSpiritsword, UltimateNinja, Sophia Roseblood, FritzFunBringer, Ronster55, cory377, inceptum, swordlily, The Half Blood Prince, SIRoldharry, KittyWizard, puffy657, Yuri, feralimp, ghostrider1000, tsunamicharly, JoshyWoshy
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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      Nice guide and nice pictures!

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      I think that's really cool! Just wanted to point out, you spelt Holmes wrong, sorry for being such a drag.

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      Quote Originally Posted by tormentordragon View Post
      I think that's really cool! Just wanted to point out, you spelt Holmes wrong, sorry for being such a drag.
      No problem! I want this guide to be as good as possible.

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      Oh I wish I would have seen this earlier! I have noticed references to books, Greek Myth, and other things. I'll go back and look. Good notices though!
      Welcome to my world.

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      More likely than not, the monkeys in Zafaria refers instead to the band The Monkees, and the Lounge Lizards is a jazz band in Austin, where Kings Isle is based.

      edit: and you forgot the Stone Roses, another band, for Dragonspyre.
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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      I went and did the side quest not in kansas anymore and yellow brick road when i made a lvl 1 to train pet
      You have to talk to dorothy, then tin-man and toto and the prize is a ruby slipper,( like the one that dorothy had in the movie i think)
      Attached Images Attached Images     
      Last edited by Chris.; 11-14-11 at 7:17:54 PM.

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      LOL obviously by the final frontier they mean SPACE. THE FINAL FRONTIER. :D

      Who says penguins can't fly?

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      There is a discussion thread about Easter Eggs right here.
      Hope that helps.
      And nice guide.

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      Re: All Easter Eggs in Wizard101!

      Nice BUT their are tons more o=. When you go to the Lunarium, at the beginning you get this quest by Dark Side of the Moon referring to the Dark Side of the Moon, which is the 8th album released by Pink Floyd released in 1973

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